What am I?

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Chapter 20

Beta deon pov

It's been days since luna skie unleashed hell on fusa, both of her mates are keeping a distance from her its hard to watch as she slowly falls apart, luna skie won't eat or drink anything all she does is cry and sleep, Alpha Stoke has been staying close but he has his alpha duties to take care of at our pack too he is the future Alpha he has to be prepared, everything is in turmoil all 3 packs can feel the tension and with the war the elders have seen coming we need everyone ready to fight.

Luna skie has been having night terrors she screams and screams but her mates don't come, their is nothing we can do only her mates can calm her but they don't even come to the pack house anymore, Alpha Duke has been trying to contact them to no avail no one has any idea what to do.

Moon goddess pov

We have to do something! It will tear her apart if they can't accept her, she deserves to be happy, she has been through so much already, you wouldn't allow us to intervien before believing it will make her stronger but this time we are going to help! She has suffered enough! She's our daughter for God's sake! Look at her!

L: what do you want me to do seline? What the fuck can I do?! She is strong she will get through it one way or another!

This man infuriates me how we ended up mated I will never know!

Your Satan himself for freak sake! Fix this or I will never forgive you! Our daughter has suffered enough! Your demon is responsible for this!

L:My demon? How the hell is it my demon?! I'm sorry a part of me is inside our daughter you should of thought about that before mating with me! Her demon is her own! It's part of who she is! Fuck! How is it my fault you paired her with weak, pathetic useless mates!



Alpha Blaze pov

I'm not even sure what happened one munite I'm standing watching our mate the next I'm on my knees flooded with fear, seeing our little mate like that so powerful and merciless froze my core, I never imagined her doing something like that yet at the same time I feel proud I have never seen anything like it in my hundreds of years, I didn't know it was possible to love our little mate anymore than I do but witnessing her being so strong and brave when she needed to be made my heart explode, the things she has been through should of ruined her, most would be an empty shell after the torment she endured throughout her life but not our mate as she stands infront of us in all her glory.

I was in aww trapped in a daze, I didn't realise she had left the training grounds, I rush to my feet looking for our mate but instead I find Leon on his knees his face stained with tears as a look of confliction settles on his features.

Leon? You OK man?

"I can't believe she did that blaze, I didn't know she had it in her to be that brutal"

It doesn't change anything Leon she is still our mate, she would never hurt us, I wasn't here when the attack happened but I know for sure our little mate was thinking of your sister and the people that were hurt when she punished the runt, just look at Maria she lost her foot and skie healed her, we all have good and bad inside us our little mate just has more power to make it stand out.

What the fuck?..

I wake up grumbling in a strange room my wolf whimpering in fear, where the hell am I? The stench of death and suffering is suffocating, people whailing and screaming for mercy can be heard in the distance what is this place?
Where is Leon? Where is our mate?
Where am I?

Lucifer pov

Oh stop squirming I'm not going to hurt you wolf boy!

This guy is supposed to be an Alpha? Seriously? I can taste the fear coming from him, seline needs to start and up her criteria for the alphas she selects if this is the shit thats being produced!

I brought you here to talk some sense into your pathetic mind!

"Sssssome sssense?"

Do you know who I am wolf boy?

"Yyyyoour ttthee dddevil"

Fuck stop stuttering! Like I said I'm not going to hurt you your my daughters mate for deaths sake!
You are here because your puny mind was thinking of leaving her! Let me tell you wolf boy as much as I don't think that's a bad idea seeing how pathetic you are! if you do then she will crumble and her demon takes over! As much as it pains my cold black heart to say it but your her light she needs you!

"Bbbut she was so brutal... sssso so evil"

Hahaha ha that's nothing wolf boy! I can show you evil! If her darkness takes over your life will end with you here with me! Along with everyone your beating heart cares about! You saw my daughters demon do what needed to be done, but is that the skie you know and love?

"Nnnoo sir"

Exactly because that isn't my daughter! You know the real skie she is that of her mother, kind, caring and loving, the bad parts are that of me they are their when she truly needs them! Answer me this wolf boy...

If sweet little ada died that day would you of punished that runt the way my daughter did?

"Yyyes but she... she didn't die"

No she didn't and why is that? BECAUSE SKIE SAVED HER! she saved her and now your judging her for delivering justice! Little secret for you wolf boy! Skie felt all of your sisters pain, all of her fear! Skie would of watched your sister die in her mind! That memory will burn into her soul! My daughter is special she sees the death before it happens she practically watched your sister die in her arms, her love for her fueled her power enabling her to save her you should be greatful! My daughters soul is tainted and burned with the images of your sisters death just so she could save her!!



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