What am I?

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Chapter 21

Alpha blaze pov

I glance around the room trying to figure out where the fuck I am I should be with my mate!
I can only imagine how she is feeling right now, I bet she is loosing her mind thinking we hate her!

As my anger builds at the thought of our mate upset the giant door slams open my wolf dallas whimpering and whining to no end I have never felt him so terrified what the fuck is wrong with him?

My eyes dart to the beastly looking man that enters his size enormous, muscles ready to explode, his skin shades of black and red as he stomps towards me I brace myself for a fight I'm surely going to loose but I have to try, skie needs me I will die trying to get back to her!

"Calm down wolf! Your going back to my daughter soon but first we need to have a little chat"

Did he just say daughter? He's skies father? That makes him... your the devil?

"Devil, Satan, spawn of hell, torturer of souls the list goes on you can call me lucifer"

Why am I here where is Leon?

"You mean that snivelling pup? Don't worry he is on his way home however he may be back here before long if he doesnt heed my words! But right now we have more important things to discuss"

I feel relief was over me knowing Leon is safe and on his way to our mate, at least she will have one of us by her side.

All due respect lucifer but why am I here and not by my mates side? I am immortal I can not die.

"Your not here because you are dead Alpha you are here because your immortality is what is going to save my daughter, a war is coming and skie needs all her powers to fight it but the one she needs to defeat her enemies she is afraid to use"

You mean fire? But how is my immortality supposed to save her? Who is coming?

"Fire is the only answer to destroying those who wish her harm this is the only way they can be killed, skie will know who they are when the time comes, your immortality will become my daughters and that snivelling mutts once she marks you both, once her mark is on your skin all 3 of you will become immortal until my daughter decides you have all lived a fulfilled life"

I am speechless only one thought comes to mind, I need to get back to my mate.

"And Alpha... tell skie to kill them quickly I would like some fun with the fools who think they can attack my daughter I have centuries of torture prepared for their pathetic souls!"

Thank you lucifer... for the information and for your daughter she really is amazing

"You are most welcome blaze you have sent me countless souls over your years some have made some fun toys if I do say so myself hahaha but I will warn you... break my daughters heart and your immortality won't save you now be gone"

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