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7 months later

"Just breath baby almost their one last push you can do it"

"Push darling push!"

I scream out as I push like my life depends on it, all the torture doesn't compare to the pain of child birth!

I pant as I give birth to our first born.

Congratulations you have a healthy baby boy!

"Im a mother... I did it I'm really a mother "

My mates sit either side of me as the packs Doctor hands me our baby, I feel the pride and love radiating from them as they watch our baby sleep in my arms.

"I think we should name him bracken what do you think darling?"

"No he should be called leo"

"Actually I think lucifer sounds best"
My fathers voice booms full of pride

"Oh be quiet honey I think one lucifer is enough of a head ache as it is"
My mother chirps behind him

I cant help giggle at my parents we have become close over the past months, my father still picks on Leon from time to time but they have all bonded really well they even visit to help him torture those who deserve it, they call it father son bonding, I call it men being brutes but thats an argument for another time.

Life has been great since the almost war apart from the morning sickness and the constant need to pee! we completed the luna ceremony and merged the packs they guys even changed the name of our pack, they said a new name is needed for a new start so we are officially the hell-moon pack the largest and strongest pack in the world.

"Actually I believe Stoke Jr sounds perfect!"
My best friend laughs from the door his mate standing beside him giggling at the idiot we both love.

" you know I still can't get my head around you being into dudes... but if we are being honest I'm skies hottest mate aren't I?"

"You have got to be kidding me, we all know I'm the hottest mate!"

And here we go again but hey at least their not arguing over hotdogs this time right?

I sit giggling at my mates as I hold my beautiful little boy in my arms, "we are definitely going to need that popcorn I don't think your daddies are going to stop this debate for a long time to come little one" I say giggling

"I love you my precious baby levi"

Here's to a long happy life.


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