What am I?

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Chapter 2

In my rush out of school I accidentally bump shoulders with the queen bitch herself... this should be fun she literally hates everyone apart from our future Alpha Leon we all know she thinks she will be his luna one day therefore believes she is above us all oh how screwed she will be if the future Alpha finds and chooses his true Mate, bracing myself for the screech of her irritating voice I look up just as she swings her hand to slap me across the face, is this bitch for real right now? On instinct I reach and grab her wrist before she connects with my face, shocked gasps can be heard from her sheep behind her, guess they expected me to let her slap me? I hear a deep growl from her chest as her claws extend but before she even moves another extremely ferocious growl is heard behind me, I know I should be terrified like everyone else around me but I'd recognise that growl anywhere, a small smirk graces my lips as I drop her hand and turn to see my best friend Alpha Stoke and his beta deon staring menacingly at the Queen bitch herself, they stalk over, Alpha Stoke placing a protective arm around me before turning to the bitch infont of me.
"name?!" He growls clearly angry the power radiating off him should be intimidating but to me it's soothing ordinary wolfs quiver while I stand tall with my head held high.
"I.i.itss f.fff.Fusa Alpha she says bowing her head in submission, soo that's the bitches name huh I expected something to match her dull personality but hey lifes full of surprises I guess.
"Well runt if you dare lay a hand on my princess here again I won't be responsible for mine nor my wolfs actions! Understood?!" He belts in his alpha voice, I won't lie it's sexy as hell, "ii.im I I am sorry alpha It won't happen again" ok so the satisfaction I'm getting from watching her squirm is amazing its about time she was put in her place, always going round making people feel below her, my first day here I saw her tip someone's drink over their head because she didn't like how they style their hair like seriously who does that? Who is she to judge anyone? I took an instant dislike to her.

In all the commotion I didnt notice my future Alpha Leon arrive to see the commotion, he clears his throat infront of us before casting me a quick glance grabbing Fusa and walking away.

I turn to my best friend with a huge grin and eyebrow raised, princess aye? I say with humor.
Come on skie you know your my princess your like the baby sister I never had he adds with a chuckle,
To most girls that would of been a knife to the heart, officially friend zoned, however I know his biggest secret just as he knows mine, we confide in each other and both vowed that if we don't find our true mates by the time we are 21 we will choose each other and guide each other through life.
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