What am I?

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Chapter 3

I finally get home at 11.30pm ready for bed, my whole body hurts but it's worth it to train with my best friend its rare anyone gets to train with a future Alpha but Stoke knows i can't train with my pack and he's one of the few people I wouldn't hurt if I ever lost control, he helps with all my abilities with no judgement at all wich I am truly greatful for, its nice having a friend I can confide in without being labelled a freak of nature.

After a quick shower I head to bed, removing my bracelet and placing it on the night stand, I have had this bracelet for as long as I can remember it's the only thing my birth mother left me when she abandoned me, as much as I hate her for leaving I cant bring myself to part with the bracelet, when I turned 16 i realised just how much I need it and believe me its been a big help.

Just as my eyes close my phone chimes next to me

"Happy 18th birthday princess may all your dreams come true"

My face lights up at my friend's text he truly is one in a million his mate will honestly be the luckiest person alive, I shoot a quick reply saying thank you and goodnight before relaxing into the darkness.

I'm awoken by loud banging on my door, seriously no-one ever bothers me what the hell?

Grumbling I stumble to the door to be hit by the most amazing smell of vanilla and honey, I stop in my tracks my wolf tink going crazy in my head what is going on?
I jump in my spot when the banging starts again I quickly open the door to my future Alpha breathing heavy, his fists clenched and eyes as black as night staring at me like he's going to eat me.

Seriously it's too early for this shit.

Alpha is everything OK?

MATE! he practically screams at me, my wolf tink is chanting mate over and over again.... well shit, Alpha Leon is my mate definitely didn't see that one coming I don't think we have ever spoken to each other, honestly I didn't even know he knew I existed, before I could say another word a deep growl comes from his chest,
now I'm no expert on mates but that didn't sound at all friendly to me.

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