What am I?

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Chapter 4

Alpha Leon's pov:

My wolf tyson is driving me fucking crazy he hasn't settled all night I finally cave and go for a run at 6am letting him have full control I shift into my huge black wolf running through the forest our paws pounding into the dirt, I have no idea where Tyson is taking me but I trust him with my life so I sit back and leave him to it hopefully it will tire him out so I can get some peace! Before I know what's happening I'm shifting back at the edge of our territory grabbing some loose grey joggers from behind a tree I throw them on quickly before I take in my surroundings, infront of me is a small cottage, how did I not know this was here?
I slowly walk forward just as I get to the door the most beautiful smell hits me like a truck, lavender and honey, it smells so sweet yet so calming, I'm startled by Tyson roaring mate in my mind, no way my mate?

How can my mate be on my land, in my pack yet I had no idea?
Before I can control what is happening Tyson pushes forward banging on the door eager to see his mate,
I hear soft footsteps coming towards the door but they suddenly stop, what is my mate doing? I continue to bang on the door we need to know who are mate is, who does this amazing smell belong to?
The door opens and their she is slim toned body, nice perky breasts beautiful waist length chocolate brown hair then I hear her beautiful voice its like a melody to my ears i feel Tyson pur at her voice my eyes snap to hers when I realise who the voice belongs to and I'm in utter shock before I know what I'm doing I scream mate at her like seriously dude way to play it cool I scold myself.

Tyson is going crazy to claim our mate, but the next thing I see scares the crap out of me skies eyes are flicking from beautifully brown to blue , then to a deep red, jet black, pure white then settle with all the colours in various rings around each other what the fuck is she? Before I have chance to stare anymore she blinks her eyes returning to her wolf the most beautiful blue iv ever seen but my fear and anxiety are taking hold what in the goddess is she? Who has eyes like that? I hear her say Alpha, worry in her voice before I let out a warning growl tyson whines in my head telling me to accept our mate but my fight or flight senses have kicked in before i know it I'm barrelling through my fathers office door ready to tell him what I just witnessed.

Alpha Stoke pov

What do you mean he just ran off? Wait until I get a hold of the piece of shit!
I'm fuming I just picked skie up to take her for her surprise party my father helped arrange for her at our pack house when she tells me she found her mate none other than her future Alpha Leon and the scum bag ran off after growling at her, what the fuck is wrong with guy? Who does that to their mate? Especially someone as perfect as skie.

I dont see what his problem is she is by far a dream mate for any Alpha he should count himself lucky the moon goddess paired him with someone as perfect as skie, she is beautiful inside and out, she is fun and caring but knows when to be serious, she never looks down on anyone I know she's different but anyone who takes time to get to know her will see she isn't the monster her old Foster parents made her out to be.

"Its ok Alpha Stoke if I'm honest I never expected my mate to accept me when I found him anyway ill be fine, let's just enjoy today I can't wait to see my surprise."

I dont know how she does it her mate more or less just rejected her yet she isn't showing any hurt at all, I have seen some of the most powerful alphas break and fall to their knees from rejection yet here is my princess still smiling and thinking positive through the pain, I envy her self control she really is the strongest person I have ever met.

I will always be here for you princess no matter what I promise I say whole heartedly, I mean every word.
skie might as well be family we know each other like siblings we share every secret, every memory, we bonded from the moment we met and I wouldn't change it for the world.

My birthday was amazing other than my mate running away from me like I'm a plague, I spent the whole weekend at the Stealth pack I was in utter shock to see they threw me a surprise birthday party I broke down crying that's the first party iv ever had I was truly greatful, it amazes me how one of the most feared packs in the world can be so welcoming they all accept me with no questions even knowing I'm from another pack they treat Me like family.

Urgh I hate mornings, I hate Mondays and I hate school I grumble to my best friend who insisted on dropping me off today, I know he's waiting for me to break about what happened with my mate but that's just not going to happen, yes it hurts like hell but I wont show weakness to anyone I don't need a mate to survive its a perk of being me I guess.
We pull up and Alpha Stoke runs round to open my door with a adorable smirk on his face he knows I hate when he does this it makes me feel like an entitled Jerk wich he finds hilarious, he says he's showing me how a guy should treat a lady, he is perfect in every way.

I step out the car giving my friend a playful shove before he brings me into a bone crushing hug, kissing my temple and whispering into my ear to call him if I need anything, I really couldn't of asked for a better friend.
I make my way to my locker ignoring the strange looks everyone is giving me, I'm sure it's because of the incident with fusa last week but who cares, as I head to my first period I'm grabbed roughly and dragged into an empty classroom, what the fuu?

I'm cut off by an angry growl, the angry growl of my mate, brilliant now what have I done? geeze

Alpha is their a problem?

"Yes theirs a fucking problem! What the fuck are you doing with another male?! Not just any male but a unmated Alpha! Have you lost your stupid little mind?!

Ok I know he's an Alpha but who the hell does this idiot think he's screaming at?
I feel my temper rising my whole body is vibrating trying to contain my rage, I grit my teeth seering back at him....

Who the hell do you think you are? Yes you may be my future Alpha and mate but I will not be screamed at by anyone especially not a coward that runs away!!

That felt good I won't lie but the rage in his eyes tells me that was probably a mistake but me and my mouth are not one my mouth tends to run before I know its even happening.


you heard me ALPHA! instead of screaming at me why don't you just reject me and we can both move on!!

Did I really just say that? What is wrong with me no wolf in their right mind tells their mate to reject them what am I doing?

I'm cut from my raging thoughts being roughly pushed against the door, Alpha Leon staring Me dead in the eyes, his jaw tense and looks that would kill, shit this is where I die, peace out world.

Never thought I would die a virgin but hey life is full of surprises, maybe I will find a hot hunk in the after life who knows...

My wondering mind is then took over by his intoxicating scent sending shivers down my body straight to inbetween my legs, shit how can I be aroused right before I die?
Get your head out the gutter skie I silently scold myself.

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