What am I?

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Chapter 5

Alpha Leon's pov

I never thought I could be this angry, this possessive or this much in love all at the same time, the mate bond is more powerful than I ever imagined, I cant believe MY mate has spent the weekend with another male, she's even wearing his clothes for goddess sake!
This alone makes me and tyson furious she should be surrounded by my scent not another male especially not another Alpha male!
My anger is fueled remembering Alpha Stoke protecting my mate last week, the whispers around school aren't helping some say they are mates but thats not possible skie is my mate! Mine!
Are they sleeping together?
Is that why I always see him pick her up? Why else would the Stealth pack allow her to stay? If the rumors are true they allow her to come and go as she please what the fuck is that about?! My mate doesn't even have a rank in our pack why is the Stealth pack giving her privileges of the higher ranks? That arse hole must be sleeping with my mate!

I want to murder her for being unfaithful however part of me wants to protect her, keep her safe by my side, my heart hurts just thinking of ever hurting a hair on her head, another part of me was scared but after a long talk with my father that changed to curiousiosity about my little mate, I take a deep breath to calm myself and my wolf but the scent that hits my nose stops me in my tracks, my mate is... aroused?
My heart leaps in my chest her scent going straight to my man hood fuck!
Here I am my mate pinned against the wall screaming at her and shes aroused! That sweet scent makes me want to mark and mate her right here and now, why isn't she afraid of me? Iv acted like a absolute savage towards her yet she shows no fear? All I can smell is her anger and arousal is this normal?

The words she spoke register in my mind, she wants us to reject her? My anger flares up with this thought tyson howling in my head we would never reject our mate why would she say that!!

I look into those beautiful brown eyes to see curiosity and is that lust? Staring back at me while I have her attention I speak calmly, "we would never reject our mate skie" before she has chance to say another word the classroom door slams open as my beta tank runs in.

Alpha I have been trying to mindlink you! The pack was attacked your sister was hurt Alpha Duke wants us all back on pack grounds immediately

Who would attack us? We have no enemies... before I can think anymore I grab my mate dragging her behind me and jump in my car heading home as fast as I can.

I'm not sure what to think of our little encounter at school he says he won't reject me so why is he being so vicious towards me?
I don't have much time to think as we pull up outside the pack house their is blood and fur everywhere everyone is running round helping the injured why would someone attack our pack?
Alpha Duke has no enemies could it it been rouges? But that's impossible the boarders are protected by some of the strongest warriors around, I rush into the pack house to find Alpha duke, he's currently in the kitchen cradling his daughter ada in his arms she is covered in blood the smell burns the back of my nose, Alpha Duke is begging his little girl to hold on for the pack Doctor but it isn't looking good, it breaks my heart to see little ada so badly hurt she is the softest sweetest wolf I have ever met when I first moved here she use to wonder off from her babysitter and I would always find her in the field outside my cottage we became so close her father agreed to let her visit me anytime she liked, I adore the little girl she lost her mother our luna a few years ago to a crazy she wolf claiming she should of been the alphas mate brutally killing the luna, I listen carefully to adas heartbeat I know she doesn't have long her heart has already slowed dramatically, i know I can help her but will the Alpha allow me to?
I have to try I cant watch her die.

Alpha Duke?

Alpha I know your upset but with your permission I can help her, Alpha?
Please Alpha let me help pass her to me.

Everyone in the room including my mate is staring at me, some angry, some confused, Alpha Dukes face shoots up to look at me a look of realisation crosses his face before he stands and hands me his daughter, I quickly run outside realising their isn't enough space in the kitchen for what I need to do everyone running after me I hear my mate try step forward angry I ran with his dying sister but he is held in place by who I presume would be Alpha duke,
I take a deep breath snap off my bracelet and close my eyes calling forth my power to heal the alphas little girl, my mates sister, when I open my eyes again ada is floating infront of me surrounded by a smoky blue mist, I remove my jacket just before beautiful black and white wings emerge from my back I quickly wrap my wings around ada chanting the healing spell I learned when I was studying with Alpha Stoke, when I open my wings again ada is fully healed smiling up at me as i place her on the ground, it warms my heart to know I can do this, I can help the people who truly deserve it.

I look up to a proud and beaming Alpha duke before looking around at my pack to see so much confusion, fear and appreciation on the faces staring back at me, then i realise my mate staring at me with so many emotions in his eyes I'm not sure what he's thinking, before I can speak I'm engulfed by strong arms crushing me into a solid chest with the scent I know its my mate and somehow that removes the anxiety I was feeling moments ago, I look up to be met with the most beautiful blue eyes, a jaw of steel and that beautiful blonde hair that takes my breath away before I can speak he asks the one question I cant answer....

"What are you?"

My whole body turns cold, the blood in my veins frozen with the fear of his question.

He wont want me when he learns the truth, I'm not even sure he wants me anyway, that thought alone hurts my heart, before I know what I'm doing I push him back quickly shifting into my wolf, tink let's out a whine to her mate before we turn and run.

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