What am I?

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Chapter 6

Alpha Leon's pov

What just happened?
Skies eyes? The mist surrounding my sister?
What didn't my father tell me?
How did she heal my sister?
Why do I feel proud yet scared?
I have so many questions but where do I get the answers?

I watched skie remove her bracelet and her scent nearly knocked me off my feet, so thats why I can't smell her at least that clears one question I suppose but why does she hide her scent?
Guess that added another question urgh
All these questions give me a head ache but my thoughts are whiped watching skie heal my little sister, seeing my sister standing like nothing happened smiling up at skie like she's a god, it warmed my heart.

I looked at skie as those beautiful wings vanished her eyes pure white before returning to her adorable brown, after speaking to My father the day I found out skie was my mate he explained skie isn't like normal wolfs, he says she's special and has gifts but their is no reason to be afraid of her, it settled my nerves a little and I decided to talk to her when I see her but seeing her pull up at school with another Alpha, wearing his clothes, his scent all around her sent my rage over the top, but seeing her right now I see just how perfect she is, she's beautiful even with her differences, and she just saved my sisters life even after I treat her so badly today she really is an angel.

I couldn't contain myself I ran forward wrapping my arms around her so tight I'm surprised I didn't crush her tiny body, her scent filled my soul and a whispered "what are you?"
I dont care what she is, she is my mate, my sisters saviour, the women ill protect with my life, the one who will carry my pups and raise a family by my side.
I felt skie freeze in my arms when I whispered to her before I could blink she pushed me away with such force for such a little thing, it felt like a knife to my heart, why is she pushing me away? She shifted into a huge mesmerising half black and half white wolf the colours perfectly split down her body with a perfect grey line, on the right side of her white eye was a perfect black half moon, on the left black side was what looked like a white witches pentagram, is she part witch?
She whined then turned around and started to run, I was in a daze her wolf is beautiful and so unique no-one in the pack has ever seen her change, on her hind legs looked like a mural of the tree of life with a bat flying from the branch and a skull surrounded by fire at the roots I have never seen anything like it.
Who is my mate? More importantly what is my mate?
Once again I'm left with more questions than answers.

Alpha duke pov

I was sitting in my office finishing paperwork when my beta rushed into the room, "Alpha we are under attack!"
I release a menacing growl who the hell thinks they can't attack my pack? Who is stupid enough to cross my border!

I storm out the pack house rage fueling my wolf to come forth, everywhere I look my people are fighting some injured others fleeing with their children I instantly spring into action to protect my pack, after what felt like hours the last of the intruders were killed some detained and taken to the cells for questioning, I want to know who dares to attack my pack and what their reasons are!
I'm startled by a loud scream inside the pack house rushing in I see Clara my daughters babysitter cradling my little girl, rocking her back and forth tears seering down her face, my daughter lay in her arms lifeless her tiny body covered in blood, how did this happen? Why wasn't she in the safe room? Someone will pay for this! I storm over and rip my daughter from Clara's arms cradling her tiny body while I mindlink the pack Doctor to get here now! I tell my beta to get all pack back here now we need to regroup and figure out what is going on.

What is taking the doctor so long!! I scream at my beta, my little girl is dieing in my arms letting out small whimpers of pain, her whole body releasing the scent of her fear, who did this and why? She's an innocent pup, who hurts a pup?

I hear my son Leon enter but I can't tear my eyes away from ada her tiny body looks so small in my arms, she looks just like her mother, I cant loose her I already lost part of me the day my soul mate was ripped from me I cant loose my baby too.

"Alpha I can help if you allow me"

I'm shocked to know skie is here especially after finding out she's my sons mate and he acted like a total idiot running away from her, realisation hits me, skie can help I know she can, iv seen her help my beta after an accident in training she can help with this right? I jump to my feet and hand her my daughter I don't know what else to do but I know skie loves ada they spend alot of time together ada seems to have been drawn to skie but I trust she will be safe, skie is different but she has always been honest she explained her differences the best she could and I accepted her into my pack she hasn't given me any reason not to trust her, I see my son rushing out the pack house following skie a look of anger in his eyes I quickly grab him and hold him in place, his body suddenly stiffens in my grip and I look up to see skie with huge wings wrapped around ada, I have never seen anything like it, I knew she could heal people but I had no idea about the wings, guess she didn't tell me everything.

I stand in shock, looking back at skie and ada, my little girl is standing large as life infront of everyone, looking up at skie with a huge smile like nothing happened, does my daughter know more about skie than me?

I see my son rush forward and engulf skie in his arms, is he finally accepting her? I hope so she will be an amazing luna and from what I have seen with her and ada she will be an even better mother.

Just as I'm about to walk over and express my gratitude to the girl who saved my daughter she pushes Leon away with such force it shocks me, then she does something I never expected.... she shifts into a huge wolf, I didnt think she could shift no-one has ever seen her wolf.... her wolf... is... its... is that? But that's impossible I stand in complete shock at the retreating wolf I think I know the answers she keeps asking herself, I know who and what she is.

"What the fuck did I do wrong?"

My head snaps to my son standing looking after his mate he looks so hurt that she ran from him.

I clear my throat gaining his attention
Son I think we need to talk I believe I have the answers you need....
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