What am I?

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Chapter 7

I ran, and ran and ran, my whole body burning I didnt stop until I reached the Stealth packs boarder, if their is one person I can talk to its my best friend, I let out a pleading howl before I felt the exhaustion taking over my body, I dropped into the dirt my body shifting back to my human form and blacking out.

Just run skie don't stop keep running he is coming every muscle in my body hurts my lungs burn pain sores through my body the lashes on my back bleeding badly my fur coated red and matted I cam barely breath but I need to escape I need to run! He can't get to me just run keep running don't stop I stumble and fall no! Please no! I scream as he grabs me sticking the needle in my neck... darkness...

I shoot up screaming and terrified, eyes darting round the room but wait I know this room, I hear the door slam open and see my best friend run into the room a look of terror on his face, it was just a deam another horrible dream.

"Skie are you ok? It was just a dream your ok I promise I'm here your ok"

My best friends words and warm embrace helps me relax I shiver remembering my dream another memory that will always haunt me, Stoke knows I suffer from night terrors, he's asked me about them but I just can't bring myself to explain, their are some secrets that you just can't speak about even when you want to, belive me I have tried but every time I open my mouth the words get stuck sending me into a panic attack, Stoke knows this and understands he really is the brother I never had, after a few minutes I calm myself taking a deep breath I look to my friend, how did I get here? Confusion swirling in my mind

"I was going to ask you the same thing I found you at the boarder after hearing your howl, you sounded so... so broken... what happened skie?"

Then it hit me the memories flashing through my mind... I healed ada infront of the whole pack... infront of my mate I say in a whisper what will they think of me now?

Alpha Stoke raises my chin to meet his eyes he knows his emerald green eyes always relax me.

you healed her? You used your powers?
I'm proud of you skie but what happened to her? Why did you run here?"

Why is their always so many questions? Look theirs another to add to the list urgh this is frustrating!

After a few deep breathes I explain to my friend what happened I feel so much better having someone to talk to especially someone who listens as well as Alpha Stoke, he says I can stay as long as I like, he says his father even suggested I transfer packs as I spend so much time here but could I do that to Alpha Duke? To my mate? To ada?
Alpha Duke accepted me when I had nowhere else to go, he didn't listen to my Foster parents and judged me by getting to know me, he gave me a home, my own space he even helped me answer questions about myself from the little information I shared, he trusted me I cant break that trust I need to go back, to face my judgement, I bet the pack think I'm a walking abomination just like my Foster parents.

With that thought burnt into my mind I sigh and get off the bed, guess judgement day is here at least I know I have a home in the Stealth pack if my pack doesn't accept me...

Alpha duke pov

Listen son I know your confused I understand, their is alot of questions that are unanswered.

Skie is a mystery, we'll she was until today, I knew skie had healing powers but I didn't know the extent of her powers until she healed your sister,

I pause to make sure my son is listening he raises an eyebrow for me to carry on.

The best way to explain this is to start from the very beginning...

When I was a boy there were stories every mother told their pups, but the most important of all was the story of the ultimate hybrid wolf, this wolf was said to be the vessel between life and death itself, pup of the moon goddess and the devil himself, the legends say this wolf carries the abilities of the wolf her mother, the devil her father, witchcraft her aunt, the demon of her uncle and the purity of her fallen sister the legion.
The story states the hybrid will return to earth to mate and bring protection to those in need, she is believed to be the bringer of the next generation queen, to guide all species and bring peace but alone death to those who wish harm.

"But what does that have to do with my mate? Its just a story"

The story states that the hybrid will have two mates one for the light one for the dark, she is to carry the markings of all her abilities...
Skie carries those markings wich we all witnessed today.

The half moon of the goddess, the witches pentagram, the legion tree of life, the skull of the demon and the fire of the devil, it is clear from skies markings she is the hybrid... your mate is more powerful that we could ever know, more powerful than she even knows.

She believes she was abandoned but if the story is correct the moon goddess sent her here to prepare for the new life she will bring, I'm not sure how she ended up in the Foster system but from the background checks I had run on her she has had a tough time, sent from home to home since she was 3 years old, skie has never had a stable home until she came here, this is the longest she has been in one place, the only place she was accepted, you won't like what I tell you next but you have to stay calm, skie doesn't know I know of her past and what she endured.

From the age of 16 skie shifted into her wolf, her Foster parents at the time were concerned as wolfs don't shift until they are 19 except alphas who shift at 17, once they saw her wolf they became paranoid, they thought skie was cursed, they beat skie ruthlessly until she was shipped to the next home weeks later this repeated until her last home where skie refused to shift all her Foster parents saw were her eyes wich scared them that's when they came to me.

I knew skie was special I just didn't know how special until now, son your mate is the hybrid.

"So why does she wear the bracelet? Why cover her scent if she is so powerful?"

The moon goddess herself gave skie the bracelet to protect her until she is ready, their are people in this world who wish skie harm, those that wish to bring the demon and devil out but banish all that is good, the bracelet protects skie but I don't think she knows that, she thinks it helps to control her powers, in a way it does but the main reason of the bracelt is to keep skie hidden.

"Wait you said she had 2 mates?! If I'm the 1st who is the 2nd? Wolfs don't share mates I won't allow it she is mine!"

Listen to me son and listen carefully!
The hybrid has two mates weather you like it or not! You have to accept it or condem us all!
One of you light, the other dark we have no idea wich one you are! too much dark will bring forth the evil in skie and condem us all! Too much light and she dies herself taking all the good from this wold with her! Do you understand!

You will not condem us all over your selfishness!

"Yes father I understand, its... its just alot to take in right now, I never thought my mate would be anything other than a good luna and great mother, now your telling me she is the hybrid and I have to share her, I guess I just need time for the information to settle in"

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