Finding Ace

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Chapter 20. Dysfunctional


Aria sprinted out of the bathroom; panic twisted her features. “We have to get out of here!” she screamed.

“What the fuck are you talking about, bebita?” I asked. I stood up so fast it made my head spin.

“Hey, you!” Aria screeched at the cook and the waiter as they headed back to the kitchen. “Get the fuck out of the building now!”

Aria grabbed my arm and pulled me.

“Aria!” I shouted in confusion. “What—”

“Run!” she screamed.

We made it into the lobby, and Aria yelled at the other workers to get out of the building.

“There is a bomb,” Aria said.

We dashed toward the door hand in hand. Everyone ran after us. We made it out into the street.

I heard the explosion behind us as we ran across the street. I grabbed Aria and pulled her into my chest, and held her protectively.

After a moment, we turned to watch as the hotel started to collapse, and more explosions sounded as it went down. Our workers stood beside us in horror.

“Did everyone get out?” Aria choked in panic.

“Everyone’s out,” Theresa said and nodded. The workers trembled with fear.

“Oh, thank god,” Aria breathed. She held her hand to her chest. “I can’t believe this.”

Sirens grew closer as we stood and watched our new hotel go up in flames.

“How did this happen, bebita?” I asked.

“I’m not sure,” Aria murmured.

The fire department attempted to put the fire out. The entire hotel had collapsed and left a huge mess. Buildings that surrounded it had damage, as well.

Aria turned to me. “Someone is definitely after us. We have to get home now,” she demanded.

“Aria, we can’t just leave. The cops are going to want answers,” I argued as she tugged on my arm.

“We have to go, Ace! We’ll come back later and explain,” Aria hissed. She turned to Theresa and let her know someone planted a bomb and that she should inform the police. Aria told Theresa we needed to go home and check on our family.

Aria and I rushed to the car. Once in the car, I peeled away from the hotel parking lot.

“This is fucking bad,” I muttered. “Has this ever happened before?”

“No, not with a business, but with our house twice,” she said.

“Our house?” I shouted and looked at her frantically.

“Yes. Go faster,” she demanded.

I pushed the gas pedal to the floor, and we sped out of San Diego.


“Angel!” Aria called for him. We went into the living room. Angel and three of his friends sat on the couch. They were watching a movie.

Angel looked up at us in confusion. “Hey, what are you guys doing home?”

“We need to talk in the study,” I said.

Angel’s friends watched us curiously as we left the room.

Aria shut the study door and turned to face Angel. “The hotel exploded,” Aria said.

“What?” Angel breathed in shock.

“We came home to be sure everyone was safe. We’re going to have to go back later to deal with the situation. I think your friends need to go home. It’s safer for them. We’re under attack. I’m going to call Grandma and Grandpa to come to the house,” Aria told Angel.

Angel sighed but nodded. “Okay.” Angel headed out of the study.

Aria and I stared at each other for a long moment. Both of us were too shocked to speak at first.

“Do you think this is the Chinese?” Aria asked.

“Honestly, it’s not impossible. They could have found out,” I said and rubbed my jaw.

“They’re honestly the only ones I can think of. We might have to plan the attack against them sooner than I thought,” Aria muttered.

“I’ll call Dad and the other guys,” Aria said. Aria walked out of the study.

I grabbed a bottle of bourbon and poured some into a glass. I plopped down on the couch. This is a disaster.

Aria came back into the study. “Everyone is coming over. We’re about to have a full house,” Aria said. “Andersen and Rosa are on their way home too.”

“Good,” I said. I stood up and walked over to her. I wrapped my arms around her waist. “This is crazy,” I said and frowned. “At least, everyone is safe. Thanks to you. We would be dead if it hadn’t been for you, bebita,” I said. I lowered my lips to hers. I kissed her softly at first, but like most kisses, it built.

I slipped my fingers beneath her shirt and held her tighter to me. My tongue explored her mouth.

Aria leaned into me and moaned into my mouth. She tangled her fingers into my hair.


We broke the kiss and looked at Angel.

Angel smirked at us. “Glad to see you two are back to your disgusting selves again. I’m going to my room. My friends are gone,” Angel said.

Aria and I laughed as Angel shut the door behind him.

“Well, get out the Bourbon and the cards,” Aria said and chuckled. “A full house with this family means liquor, bad language, and poker.”

“I love this family,” I said and smirked.

We went out to the foyer. The front door opened. It was Aria’s parents.

“Hey,” Aria said and smiled.

My mom walked in after them. The fact that I couldn’t remember my mother was strange, but she seemed like a good person.

Soon the house filled up. It was a good thing we had so many bedrooms in the mansion. Aria and I explained to everyone in better detail what happened. Everyone sat around the large dining room table in complete shock.

“So, this is it then?” Luis asked. “War, but when?”

“Soon,” Aria said and sighed. Aria and I sat at the head of the table. Aria sat in my lap and twirled her fingers around my hair mindlessly. “Probably not tomorrow but maybe the day after,” Aria said.

“We’ve put this off way too long,” I said. “It needs to come to an end.”

“Let’s work on the heavy shit tomorrow. Tonight, let’s just relax, okay?” Aria suggested.

Everyone agreed to what Aria said. The girls watched the guys play poker. After a couple of rounds, Aria and I excused ourselves.

We had to go back to San Diego to deal with the problems at the hotel.


The police expected our arrival. Aria called them on the way. Theresa had filled them in on most of the situation. I let Aria do all the talking because she knew more about the situation than I did. The police promised to try and figure out what happened to the hotel. Of course, she lied and said we had no idea who did it. It wasn’t a complete lie, but she couldn’t admit to having affiliation with the Chinese gang.

The cop told us to be safe.

We walked back out to the GTO. “We should still try to take them by surprise,” Aria murmured.

“We’ll have to go to China. We need to attempt to do the same to them as we had done to the other Chinese members.”

“I know,” Aria said and sighed.

We were silent most of the drive back.

Back at the house, the others were still up playing poker and drinking. Aria and I grabbed a couple of drinks.

Benny stood up and stumbled toward us. “No worries, guys. We are going to fuck these Chinese up!” Benny shouted. Benny grabbed Aria’s hand and high-fived it.

A giggle escaped Aria. “Go to bed, Benny. You’re drunk.”

“I may be drunk, but I’m smart,” he said and laughs.

Everyone went into the living room. Loud music blared through the speakers. Benny jumped onto the coffee table and took his shirt off. He started swinging it around his head.

Bailey and Aria threw dollar bills at Benny.

“Yes, I’m rich! I knew I would make a good stripper!” Benny shouted. Benny started picking up the money the girls threw at him.

We all laughed at Benny and laughed harder when he tripped and fell off the coffee table. Austin and I decided to do an arm-wrestling match.

“Baby, if you win, I’ll give you a blowjob!” Aria shouted.

Everyone bursted into laughter.

Damn, a blowjob? I want one. I grunted and slammed Austin’s hand down on the table.

“Hey, that’s cheating!” Austin yelled at Aria.

I chuckled and nodded in agreement.

“Wow, he must have really wanted that blowjob,” Kelsey said and giggled.

Yes, I did.

“Hope you’re planning to stay true to that,” Carley teased Aria.

She better be.

“Oh my god, I didn’t even think he would win,” Aria said and laughed.

I smirked at Aria and wiggled my eyebrows.

Sadie grabbed Miguel’s hand and pulled him off the chair. “Goodnight,” Sadie said.

“Woohoo, Miguel, is going to get some!” Benny yelled and threw his money in the air.

“And me too,” I said. There’s no way she is bowing out of this. I won. I stalked over to Aria, and her eyes widened. I threw her over my shoulder. “I believe I won a blowjob.”

Austin threw popcorn at us. “Hey, where the fuck do you think you’re going? We haven’t even done body shots yet!” Austin shouted. Austin stumbled over the coffee table and fell on his ass.

I laughed at his drunken state.

“The most dysfunctional family in America award goes to. . .” Aria trailed off and giggled.

Everyone laughed as I exited the living room with Aria slung over my shoulder.

When we got into our bedroom, I sat Aria down and shut the door. I turned back around and smashed my lips to hers. Aria bit down on my bottom lip, and I groaned.

Aria pushed me back to the bed. She broke the kiss and pushed me down onto the bed, and smiled wickedly at me.

“Damn,” I grunted.

She knelt onto the bed as I scooted further up. Her lips pressed to mine for a moment before she trailed her lips down my neck. I threw my shirt off, and she trailed her soft wet lips down my chest.

She stopped at the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down. My hard cock sprung free of my shorts.

I licked my lips as she put my cock in her mouth. A loud groan escaped me. My fingers tangled into her hair. She used her tongue to massage my tip.

“Damn, that feels so good,” I grunted.

I moved my hips as she went faster. I had no recollection of doing this before, so it was a new feeling to me, and it was overwhelming. She had me awestruck. Her wet mouth did unbelievable things to me. I wasn’t going to last much longer.

Aria drove me to the edge. I fisted the sheets and bit down hard on my lip. “Damn,” I grunted as I released.

A smirk formed on her face when my gaze met hers. “You taste good,” she murmured as she licked her lips.

I pulled her to me and smashed my lips to hers. I had the rest of our clothes off in no time.

“I’m going to fuck you so good,” I murmured. I flipped her around into a doggy-style position and slammed my hard-throbbing cock inside of her.

Aria face planted into the pillow. The pillow muffled her moan. Just as I promised, I fucked her mercilessly.

It had been three weeks since the hotel exploded. We hadn’t gone to war with the Chinese yet. Benny and I learned that the Chinese were still clueless. We had no idea who was after us, but we ruled out the Chinese. However, we hadn’t had any incidents since the hotel.

I searched the entire mansion to find Aria and called her three times but didn’t get an answer. For the fourth time, I dialed her number.

“Hello?” Aria answered.

“Where the hell are you, bebita?” I shouted. “You shouldn’t be out this late by yourself!”

“I’m fine,” Aria said and chuckled. “I just went out to grab some doughnuts. I was craving them so badly.”

“Hurry up and get home,” I said sternly. I couldn’t stand the thought of anything happening to her, so I hadn’t been letting her go anywhere without me.

“I’ll be there soon,” she murmured.

“Okay, I love you,” I told her.

“I love you too,” she said.

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