Finding Ace

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Chapter 24. Mercy


A deep voice called to me, but I couldn’t find my way out of the darkness. The memory of the plane ride to china was blurry. They used a drug to put us to sleep to shut us up. The deep voice called for me again, finally pulling me from the gloom.

A groan escaped me. My eyes fluttered open, and my vision blurred. “Ace,” I whispered.

“I’m not exactly sure how the fuck we are getting out of this one, bebita,” Ace muttered.

We were in China, but I wasn’t sure for how long. We sat in wooden chairs back to back and tied up.

“We have to get the fuck out of here, Ace,” I murmured. “God only knows what they will do to our family if we don’t.”

“They want to take everything we have and then kill us,” Ace said and sighed. A hint of hopelessness seeped into Ace’s voice, and it caught me off guard. Ace never used to admit to defeat of any kind. I knew it had to do with his lack of memory. Ace didn’t understand or realize how powerful he was because he had forgotten all of the things he had gone through.

“We have gotten out of so much worse, Ace,” I said in a stern voice. “They have to know by now we are missing. It won’t be long, and they’ll know damn well who took us.”

“I just need to somehow get loose,” Ace said and sighed.

“Break the fucking ropes, Ace,” I said. It wouldn’t be the first time he had done it.

“Yeah, right,” Ace muttered. The disbelief in his voice angered me.

“Put some effort into it!” I hissed. “You can do it, Ace. You have done it before.”

The door suddenly swung open. I wasn’t facing the door, so I didn’t see who came into the room.

“Well, so much for you two killing me. I thought I was going to die, begging for mercy? You Latin King’s aren’t shit, that’s what I think. You’re all talk. I think you’re fucking powerless and gutless,” Bohai sneered. I couldn’t see him, but I recognized the voice right away.

“Undo these ropes and fight me like a real man. You are a fucking pussy! We will see who is powerless and gutless!” I shouted.

Bohai laughed at my threat.

“She has a point, and she could probably kick your ass. You’ve been sitting behind a desk for too long. All that power and money made you a coward,” Ace spat. “You’re weak.”

Bohai’s footsteps came closer, and I heard a loud thud. I looked back in time to see Ace’s head whip to the side. Bohai held a metal pipe. Bohai swung the pipe a second time at Ace’s head. Ace slipped into unconsciousness and slumped over in his chair.

“Ace!” I shouted. “You son of a bitch! What the hell did you do to him.”

Bohai stood in front of me and smirked. “From what I understand, Ace’s head was very injured in the plane crash. The doctors told Ace that if he took any more blows to the head, he would probably die.”

“So, help me, god, if you killed my husband, you had better kill me now. I will get out of this chair, Bohai, and when I do. . .” I trailed off. My tone grew more menacing with every word. “You’re dead,” I whispered in a raspy voice.

Bohai’s smirk faded, and he looked away for a moment. Bohai sighed and looked back at me. “We’ll see about that,” Bohai said.

An innocent smile spread across my face, and I batted my eyelashes. “Oh, you will see,” I said and giggled.

Bohai rolled his eyes and walked out of the room. He slammed the door.

“Ace!” I shouted. “Wake the fuck up, baby!”

There was no movement. I bowed my head, and tears filled my eyes. I sniffled and shook my head. He can’t be dead. He just can’t be.

“You’re not dead, Ace,” I murmured. My breathing accelerated, and panic rose in my chest. “Do you hear me?” I screamed. “You’re not dead!” I stopped and took several deep breaths. I stared up at the peaked ceiling above my head. “After everything, we went through. We came all of this way. . .” I trailed off, losing my voice. “You’re not dead,” I repeated in a whisper.

For two hours, I chanted the words, “You’re not dead,” to Ace. I didn’t want to survive this without him. We made it through too much to quit now.

The sun sank lower in the sky and shined brightly through the window. The window had bars on it. I started to doze off when I heard a groan come from behind me.

“Ace?” I breathed. I looked back and saw Ace straighten up in his chair.

“Bebita?” Ace murmured. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, but we really have to get the hell out of here!” I hissed. “If one of us doesn’t break free from these ropes, we’re going to die.”

Ace sighed. “Yeah, yeah, I know. Don’t worry, bebita. I got this. Just give me a second. My vision is still a little blurry.”

I knitted my eyebrows together. Something in the way Ace spoke had changed. Just as I was about to ask him, the door flew open.

“Well, Ace, you’re awake,” Bohai said and chuckled. “I suppose that doctor was wrong. He said if you had any more head injuries, you weren’t likely to survive them. Anyway, glad you could join us. See, I’ve got some guys tearing your place up. They found all of your money and guns. Now all I have to do is find your family. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?”

Ace laughed like a mad man. It was a laugh I was familiar with but one I hadn’t heard in a long time. “I think you’re going to find it much harder than you think. Man, you should have made sure that I was dead,” Ace said between fits of laughter.

I raised my eyebrows and looked back at Ace. I hadn’t heard him this angry in ages.

“Oh really?” Bohai said and chuckled. “Do you honestly think that you scare me? You’re the one that is a little tied up, Ace.”

The room fell silent for a moment. It was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. My heart pounded against my ribs. I was just as curious as Bohai to hear Ace’s response.

“You should be scared. You don’t even know just how fucked you are, and I find that amusing,” Ace said and chuckled darkly.

“Hm,” Bohai hummed. “And why should I be afraid?” Bohai challenged.

From the sound of Ace’s voice, I had a feeling they should all be afraid. I wasn’t sure what the hell got into Ace, but he suddenly knew how we would escape.

“Because. . .” Ace trailed off.

I didn’t need to see his face to know he was smirking. I looked back at Ace. Ace leaned forward toward Bohai.

“I remember everything,” Ace spat. There was a sudden snapping sound. Ace busted the ropes that were tied around his wrists to hold him in the chair.

Ace’s movements were practically a blur. Bohai didn’t even have a chance to move. Bohai’s eyes widened in shock. Ace spun around and grabbed the chair he had been sitting in. Ace growled and spun around with the chair in his hands. Ace smashed Bohai over the face with the chair.

Is he serious? What does he mean he remembers? He couldn’t possibly mean. . .

Ace grabbed something from Bohai’s pocket, and he cut me loose. He turned me into him and smashed his lips to mine. The kiss ended as quickly as it started. “We have to get the fuck out of here,” Ace said.

My eyes widened in shock. “Do you really remember?” I squealed in excitement.

“Yes, but let’s celebrate when we get our asses home,” Ace said impatiently.

“Oh, well, right,” I said and shrugged. I tried to contain my excitement, but a smile crept across my face.

Ace grabbed whatever weapons he could off of Bohai. Bohai only had two knives and two guns. Ace handed me one knife and one gun. “Go, bebita!” Ace hissed under his breath.

We sprinted down the hallway. There was nobody in sight. We threw a door open and dashed into the main entrance of the house. We were suddenly surrounded.

A large group of Chinese men stood in a circle. Bohai came rushing out of the door. “Shoot them!” Bohai shouted

All of the men pointed guns at us. Shot fired but not in the direction Ace and I expected. Ace and I made our run for the front door as Bohai’s men started to drop. One of the Chinese men got in front of us, cutting off our path. I whipped my knife out and screamed as I stabbed him in the throat. Blood spilled from the wound and covered my hand.

The man dropped, and I pulled my knife out.

Austin appeared in the doorway. “Go!” he shouted.

We got outside of the house, and my dad stood there. Dad threw Ace and me a gun. We both turned around and stormed back into the house. Abel came out of his hiding spot, aiming his gun and firing.

Ace and I fired rounds off at some of the men who were firing at us and the others. They were all here — Joey, Luis, Abel, Benny, Miguel, Diego, Dad, and Austin, all of them joining in to kill the Chinese men.

It was all over in just a matter of minutes — the Chinese men laid on the ground. The gun smoke settled as we lowered our guns.

It’s really over. We won.

Ace looked down at me and smiled. “I’m ready to retire,” he said and laughed.

“Me too,” I said and smiled.

Ace and I looked at Bohai. Luis had Bohai knelt on the ground. I slowly walked up to him and kicked him in the chest. He fell to the floor.

“P-please!” Bohai begged. “Please don’t! I’ll do anything!”

A devious smirk formed on my face. “Bohai, is that mercy I hear you begging for?” I asked, pretending to sound shocked. “Who would have guessed? Oh, right. . . I did,” I said and laughed. I raised my gun and aimed it at Bohai’s head.

Ace stood beside me and stared intently at Bohai. “Sweet dreams,” Ace whispered.

As soon as the words escaped Ace, I pulled the trigger.

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