Finding Ace

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Epilogue: Five Years Later


Ace came into our bedroom. I stood before him in his favorite lingerie piece. He licked his lips when he saw me. His arms wrapped around my waist. “You’re beautiful.” He pressed his lips to my neck.

When I turned around to face him, I kissed him back. His lips molded to mine. He lifted me and carried me to the bed.

I broke the kiss breathlessly. “Ace, wait. There is something I have to tell you.”

A groan escaped him, and he pressed his lips to my neck. “Can’t it wait, bebita?”

“No, it can’t,” I said in a stern voice.

His gaze met mine.

A small smile spread across my face.

“What did you do?” he asked and chuckled. His brown hair fell over his eyes.

“It’s what we did,” I said and smirked. “I’m pregnant.”

Ace knelt up between my legs in shock and ran his hands through his hair. “Y-you’re w-what?” he stammered. This came as a shock because we weren’t trying. Ace had been pulling out and wearing a condom since birth control didn’t usually work for me.

“I’m pregnant,” I repeated and chuckled at his reaction.

Ace jumped off the bed and ran his fingers through his hair over and over again. He looked as if he were having a panic attack. His chest rose and fell unsteadily. “Pregnant? Like with a baby? How?” he shouted.

“Well, jeez, Ace, I’m not sure. My guess is it has something to do with having sex,” I said, letting sarcasm seep into my voice. A giggle bursted out of me as Ace paced the bedroom. I knelt up on the bed. “Your pullout game is weak, babe,” I said. I threw my head back and laughed.

Ace scoffed. “My pullout game is perfect. Well, there was that time that one condom broke but. . .” he trailed off and shook his head.

“And you’re just now telling me?” I arched a brow.

“Fuck, it was one time!” he hissed. “Damn, bebita,” Ace groaned. He plopped back down onto the bed and laid on it sideways in front of me. His legs dangled off the edge of the bed. “We are too damn old for more babies,” Ace muttered. “You’re thirty-five, and I’m going to be thirty-seven in a few months.”

“Well, like it or not, it’s going to happen, babe,” I huffed. I crossed my arms over my chest.

Ace rubbed his hands over his face fiercely. I climbed on top of him to straddle him.

Ace sighed. He dropped his hands to look at me. “Well, fuck me. It’s no wonder why you end up pregnant so much. Look at what you’re wearing,” Ace scoffed.

A giggle bursted out of me. I lowered my face down to his and kissed him softly. “Come on. It might be fun to have a baby again,” I said and smiled.

Ace’s eyes danced in amusement. “Alright, bebita,” he said and chuckled. “I wonder how the other kids are going to take it.”

“We’ll find out in the morning,” I said and smirked.

Ace sat up and flipped us. The movement was so sudden a gasp escaped me. Ace turned out the light and threw the blanket over us. “You do bad things to me,” Ace murmured.

A giggle escaped me. “You do bad things to me too.”


“You’re what?” the kids screamed and jumped out of their seats.

Ace and I looked at each other and laughed.

“How are you still having sex? You’re old!” Angel shouted.

Ace opened his mouth to answer Angel.

Angel threw his hands over his ears. “Agh! No, I don’t want to hear it!”

“We’re not that old,” Ace said and rolled his eyes.

“Awe, you guys are still in love!” Adelina cooed.

Ace started for the coffee pot.

Austin came in and looked around. “Who is still in love?” Austin asked.

“Mom and Dad,” Alana answered.

Austin rolled his eyes. “Well, duh,” Austin snorted. “Anyone could have told you that.”

“A lot of people fall out of love,” Adelina said.

“Like Kalia and you,” Arianna said.

Austin chuckled and spun around. “That’s because Kalia was a bitch. You kids never have to worry about your parents splitting up, trust me.”

Ace laughed.

Even though the kids were older, they still had no idea what really happened to Kalia except Angel. Angel knew the truth.

“What the hell started this conversation?” Austin asked.

“Aria’s pregnant,” Ace said.

“How?” Austin’s mouth hung open in shock.

I laughed as I wound my arms around Ace’s waist. Ace wrapped an arm around my shoulder and leaned against the counter.

“That is what I said,” Ace said and smirked.

“Your pullout game must be weak,” Austin teased Ace.

“That is what I said,” I said and giggled.

Austin laughed and high-fived me.

Ace rolled his eyes. “I think it is time to get fixed after this one, bebita,” Ace muttered.

“We’ll see,” I said and smiled deviously.

The kids left for school. We put all the kids back into public school. They all really wanted to go back to school. In this house, everyone needed some normality, and I think this was the kids’ escape.

Angel turned seventeen and had plenty of friends, but one close friend in particular he had since he was young, Jesse. The school had a wrestling team, and Angel joined up for a couple of years, but he quit this year, something to do with Ricky Rivera. I told Angel that he should have kept going. Angel went to state last year for it and won. Angel got in a lot of trouble at school, mostly for fights. However, he always seemed to have a good reason, so he never got punished at home for it.

Adelina and Arianna turned fifteen years old. They wore clothes that Ace hated, which I found hilarious. Ace was way overprotective of the girls.

Alana turned twelve years old. Alana didn’t have to worry too much about being scolded by her dad. Alana was a bit of a tomboy. She thought makeup, boys, and dresses were disgusting — the fact made Ace happy.

Aiden turned nine years old. Aiden was pretty reserved but also very funny. He reminded me of Angel. Aiden had been really into drawing lately, though. Ace told him he should become a tattoo artist. That actually made me laugh. Ace was only thinking of free tattoos. I wasn’t so sure you could fit another tattoo on his body.

The boys strolled into the study as I sat at my desk doing paperwork. “What are we doing today, boss?” Joey asked.

“We have to deal with the Russians and First Street today. I’m leaving that up to you guys. I have to finish this paperwork and get down to the restaurant that is opening today,” I said.

“I’m going with you, bebita,” Ace said. Ace threw Austin the keys to the van, and the boys headed out of the study.

“There is so much to do in the next couple of months,” I groaned.

“We’ll get through it, bebita. We always do,” Ace said and shrugged.

“I’ll be so glad to turn it over to Angel when he’s eighteen,” I muttered.

“Only if he is ready, of course,” Ace said.

“I did it at eighteen.” I rolled my eyes.

“I know, bebita, but boys don’t mature nearly as fast as girls do,” Ace said and chuckled.

“You did pretty well,” I argued.

“True,” Ace said and shrugged. “You have to admit when we do retire, things are going to be boring.”

“That is true,” I agreed.

It had been busy the past five years but no wars. I prayed like hell that I didn’t see another war as long as I was in this chair. Then again, at least if I do, I have Ace.

We headed out of the mansion, holding hands, but I stopped.

Ace turned to look at me in confusion. “What’s wrong, bebita?”

A small smile spread across my lips, and I shook my head. I stepped forward and kissed him. “Nothing. Everything is perfect,” I paused. “Just like it was written in the stars.”

“Exactly.” He lowered his lips to mine. He breaks the kiss.

“And you kept your promise,” I said. I wasn’t sure if he remembered, but I said that to him a long time ago. I stood on these very steps and told him I didn’t want to do any of this without him. He promised never to leave.

Ace grabbed my face between his hands his eyes pierced mine. “How could I not? You’re my whole world.”

I smashed my lips to his. The kiss was so powerful that it knocked the wind out of me.

Ace broke the kiss and smirked as I pouted. “Don’t look at me like that, bebita, or I’ll take you back inside and do bad things to you,” he said and chuckled.

I threw my head back and laughed. Ace and I lived a happy and successful life. Pretty soon, our smart mouth Angel would take over.

Life had been so unpredictable since I met Ace, but so amazing. Maybe we’re crazy, but a normal life isn’t for everyone. I love the crazy life — the life of a Latin King.

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