My Brother’s Best Friend

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Bernadette Cohen is a girl that everyone has over looked, due to her brother Mason being so over protected. Now that she is 18, she can do what she wants. She finds that her feelings for her brother's best friend Rip Sullivan just isn't a little a High School crush. She truly wants to be with him. Unfortenally, Rip's reputation isn't as clean cut as Birdie is. He's the bad boy that every girl craves in their life. He's handsome, short temped, mean, funny, over protected, and most of all off limits. She runs into Ian Miller, another one of her brothers's good friends at a club that he owns. Ian is clean cut, sweet, down to earth, caring, and not off limits. Each of these two men come with secrets, lies, and broken hearts. But which one will Birdie fall hard for, the stable Ian Miller, or the not so stable Rip Sullivan. Good vs. Evil

Romance / Drama
Chelsea G
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Girls Night


"Birdie. Seriously you better wear red lipstick with that black dress" Willow scolds at me from the bathroom.

"Yeah yeah." I yell back at her while sitting on her bed.

Saturday nights are for the girls.

Willow and I have had girls night since we were 10. It first started with alternating houses for sleep overs, eating pizza, getting sugar highs, laughing till 12 in the morning, trying our hardest to stay awake, watching movies that our parents didn't want us to watch, prank calling people, and we would gossip about the shitty girls in our grade.

But tonight, we are heading to the club.

This is our first big adventure since graduating high school, which was only a couple of weekend ago. I have been thinking how are two 18 year olds going to get into a night club aimed for 21 year olds, and older. According to Willow, when there's a will there's a way, and that normally isn't a good thing.

Will walks into her bed room wearing a short white loose dress, that has a shimmery glow. The thin spaghetti straps are holding the dress up are tied in a bow on her shoulders, and the back is open, stopping just at her tail bone. Her chestnut brown hair is half up, and half down. The ends of her hair are curled, and she is wearing dusty rose chunky heels. Oh, and did I mention shes letting her DD's go free?

"Okay, you look hot Willy!" I emphasize on the hot, giving her a little wink.

Willow has a face caked with make up. I hate how much make up she puts on sometimes, considering she has natural beauty.

She's making her way over to her ivory vanity, that has a big mirror with at least 15 lights around the perimeter. On the sides of the vanity are about 10 drawers. Each are packed with makeup. She has always been the more girly girl out of the two of us.

She's standing behind her pink furry swirly chair, motioning me with her eyes to come sit down. I sigh and pushing myself off of her bed. I'm currently only wearing cheeky black panties, along with a tee shirt bra. I plop down on the chair.

"Now let's get you equally as hot." Willow says with way to much excitement for my liking.

Will started with my eyes brows. She even got out the weird razor thing, and tweezers. I felt the smooth brush filling in my light brown eye brows.

"Okay. Now we have to prime your whole face." She roots through one of the drawers trying to find something.

"Why do you have to do that?" I crease my forehead in confusion

Right before that question leaves my mouth, she finds exactly what she was looking for.

"B, it's so when you get all hot and sweaty your makeup is less likely to run. Which would make you look like a dirty slut." Will winks at me.

I just roll my eyes at her.

This girl has been trying to get me to lose my v-card since freshman year of high school.

"Wait, are you going to put foundation on me?! You know that stuff makes me break out like crazy Will." I push her hand away from my face.

Now she is the one rolling her eyes at me, "Fine. You do have really good skin, so let's not risk it then."

She coats my eye lids with some creamy consistency, and then uses her ring finger to lightly pat my eye lids.

"You better hope that these IDs aren't going to get looked over twice Will."

They both look like duplicates of our drivers license. However, our birthdays are changed to the year 97', yet she used the pictures of when we were 16.

She grabs the red covered pallet that was sitting on the top of her vanity, and she brings the end of the brush to her lips. It always amazes me how much time and effort she puts into make up. She is truly an artist, and I'm just her canvas.

She dips the brush into a champagne color, and she looks up at me.

"I didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what Willow Ryan Gosh?" My crystal blue eyes are burning into her, grayish blue ones.

She stupidly smiles at me, showing off her shinny white teeth.

"Ryker is getting us in!" She says a little too loud, which makes me jump. She leans in closer to me, and brings the brush close to my eyes.

I close my eyes, "You mean, Miller? The dude that was our school's quarterback?"

"Well duh. He was the only Ryker at our school." Willow says as she quickly but efficiently does my lids.

I open my eyes to look at her. "So how is a 19 year old going to get us into a night club?"

She puts down the pallet, and picks up a tube of liquid eye liner. I may not know how to use this stuff, but I do know what they are. She opens the tube, and I close me eyes. She slowly and steadily lines the line right above my lashes on my right lid, and then my left. Willow closes the tube, and tosses it onto the vanity top.

She lightly blows on me to dry the black liquid faster. I open my eyes to look at her.

"Well you see, his brother Ian, he owns the club!" She paws through a cup of mascara, grabbing an orange one.

I hold my hold up my left palm near her face. "Woah, woah, woah. Ian? Miller? Mason and Rip's old best friend?"

She unscrews the wand from the orange tube. "B, I have no idea what planet you're living on, but Rip never liked Ian. Especially since he got his sister knocked up." She states while raising her two perfectly arched eyebrows at me.

I slouch in the pink furry chair, "Oh yeah. I never noticed the tension between Rip and Ian than."

Will swats me playfully in the arm, "Girl, because you were to engrossed into your studies. While you were learning chemistry, I was trying to figure out biology. If you get what I'm saying." She winks at me and giggles.

She comes close to my eyes with a mascara wand. "I want you to blink on to this."

I start blinking fast, and then slower to get some volume on my lashes. Willow pulls the wand away for my face, "Eek! Prefect! Now it's time to line your lips."

She puts the mascara back into the cup with the 15 others that she has. Will crouches down to the last draw to get out a pencil, and two tubes of lip products.

She knees down in front of me, and removes the cap from the pencil. "I'm going to line your lips, so that your lipstick doesn't bleed."

She's really going with red. Awesome.

Will lines my Cupid's bow, and then my bottom lip with the dull red pencil. She grabs the black plastic cylinder, pulls off the top, twists the bottom, and starts applying the creamy lipstick. After she is satisfied with that, she grabs the clear tube, and starts to coat my lips.

Lipgloss. Owh, it smells like butter cream.

She smiles at me as I breathe in the scent. "I'm adding this for that exact reason. In case you make some lucky man's night."

This girl.

Will claps her hands together, "All done!" She spins me around so I can face the mirror full on.

"Willy! It looks so good!" I look up at my best friend who's eyes are beaming at me.

I really did like the look. It wasn't too much, but it definitely made a statement. Normally I would just do my eye brows, mascara, and chapstick, but this is the cherry on the top.

"I am not done with you yet! We still have to get you changed, and do your hair." She turns away and goes into her walkin closet. Will comes out with seems to be a black dress, and lays in on her bed. I get off of the furry pink chair to walk over to her.

"So, you have to lose that bra." Will says as she plops down on the bed.

I shake my head at her, "No. No."

Willow crosses her arms over her chest, "Then I guess doing your make up was a total waste. There is no way you can wear a bra with a strapless dress. And none of my strapless bras are going to fit you. Come on B, the dress is a perfect fit for you. The bust is your size! It'll work. I promise."

I continue to shake my head at her.

Who does she think I am? I haven't even wore a push up bra, and she wants me to go braless on our first big encounter out?

Will's bottom lip starts to pout, and she's giving me the big puppy dog eyes. She clasps her hands together, begging me to agree with her master plan.

"Fine. But you owe me then."

She shrikes, while I lift my arms to remove my bra. I toss it on the floor. Will grabs the dress off the bed, and gets down on her knees in front of me. She holds it open, as I step in, using her shoulders to balance myself. I shimmy it up on my body, and I tuck my breasts in, while she zippers up the back. I put my arms down to my side, and the dress doesn't even come close to my finger tips. The dress has stopped about 5 inches from my wrists.

Willow is facing me now, "Yeah, try not to bend over. You will definitely give everyone a show. One more thing though."

I cock my left eye brow up, "What could it possibly be now?" I have no amusement in this anymore.

She goes back into her closet, and she is throwing shoes. "Where are they?!" I hear her yell.

"Found them!" She cries out.

She exists her closet, and comes toward me with a set of heels.

The last time I wore heels was at our graduation, and then the time before that, prom.

"Will." I sternly say.

She points to the bed where she wants me to sit, and stop complaining. I listen. Plopping down on to the bouncy bed. She straps on the red chunky heels.

"They are the same as mine, but red! Cute right?"

I nod my head in a agreement.

Willow gets up from the floor, and starts walking back over to her vanity. "We need to keep the hair simple, so people focus more on your outfit." She plugs in her black curling iron that was laying on the floor next to the vanity.

I go to stand up, but my knees buckle underneath me, causing me to fall back down on the bed again.

"Get your sea legs matey." Willow says with laugher in her voice. I can't help but laugh with her.

I stand up again, but this time my legs are sturdy. I walk over to Will, and sit back down into the chair again. She grabs her phone off of her night stand, checking the time.

"It's 9:15 now, and we need to be there by 10. The car is coming at at 9:30 to pick us up, so we need to hurry!" Willow says as she comes behind me.

"Hand me that brush." I lean forward to grab this big green brush, that looks like you would use it on a horse. I hand it to her. She starts to brush through my dirty blonde hair, getting out all of the little knots.

Willow throws the brush onto the floor, making a thump. "We are going with loose waves."

She starts to section my hair into big chunks, and grabs the curling iron. I can feel the heat practically burning my scalp.

"You better not be frying off my hair." I look at Will through the mirror, but she just ignores me. In a few minutes she is done.


I'm not sure how Willow timed this, but as soon as she was down, there was a honk. She lightly jogged over to the window, and waves at someone.

"Come on! He's here." She grabs her black little purse and crosses it over her body. Like I've said before, I'm not a girly girl, so I won't be carrying a purse.

"Wait! Before we go, we need to freshen our bodies up." Willow says as she starts spraying her Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume all over the both of us.

I start to cough, "Now we smell like $2 hookers."

"That was the plan."

Willow takes my hand and starts to hurrying along down the hall, and onto the stairs. She sets the house alarm, and drags me out of the front door. There stands Ryker leaning against his blackened out Jeep Wrangler.

"Hello ladies." Ryker's voice pierces through my ears. He was always nice to me, but I know the only reason he is doing this is either one, he thinks Willow is going to sleep with him, or two, she's already sleeping with him, and he thinks this will impress her.

I wave at him, while Will wraps her arms around the back of his necks and pecks him on the lips. I just stand there looking up at the star lit sky.

Ryker opens the back seat door, "Your chariot awaits you." I give him a small smile, and slide into the back seat. The cold leather seat sends a shiver down my legs. Will sits in the passenger seat.


The car ride to the night club is filled with Willow's laugh and rap music. She snuggles up against Ryker's arm, sometimes giving him a kisses on the check. I wasn't sure if she was doing that because she liked him, or just showing appreciation of him getting us in. Either way, the boy seemed to enjoy getting attention from a girl like her. Willow was always good at persuading men into the things that she wanted to do.

The ride felt like it took an hour, but it was really only about 10-15 minutes. I can see a huge building with lights that are moving from a few streets over. I assumed that was the night club. As we move closer into view I see a very large neon red signing Flashing "Miller's".

How original.

I also see a yellow sign that says "Live dancers". It's definitely not as big as the night club sign, but it was a decent size.

So not only did Will drag me out to a night club, but it's one that has naked girls dancing on a poles.

Ryker pulls up to the front of the club, where there is a guy standing on the sidewalk wearing a black suit, and glasses. Which made no sense, since there hasn't been any sun since 8pm it's nearly 10. He waves to the big man, and gets out of the car. Willow follows, leaving me alone. She pops her head back in, "Well, are you coming or not?"

I unbuckle my seatbelt, and get out of the Jeep. My heels hit the ground, and I use my hands to smooth out the fabric that I was sitting on. The big guy with the suit and glasses walks up to me, and nods his head in my direction. I give him a slight smile, and he gets into the driver side.

So either he is stealing the car, or he is going to go park it. However, I've never seen valet parking in the city let alone a night club. I guess this is a "high end" facility.

I walk over to Willow who is standing on the sidewalk. Her arm is wrapped around Ryker's waist, and his is draped over her shoulders. There's a line at least a mile long, which I hadn't noticed until now. Ryker and Will lead the way, to the front entrance, were two big guys are guarding it. They have on the same attire that the first guy had. We walk passed the people in line, which pisses them off. I hear this one girl say, "I guess that's what happens when you get picked up on the corner."

The girl was wearing skin tight jeans, a black tube top, glittery boots, with her pink hair in a bun. She was just upset that Willow had what she wanted; a free ticket into the club, and a date. I hoped that Will didn't hear this unknown girls comment.

Willow stopped walking, which made Ryker jerk back, and I stopped before I ran into the back of them. Unfortunately for the girl, Willow did hear her.

She slightly turned her body to face the direction where the girl was standing.

"I thought trash went out on Thursday nights? I guess even the trash truck didn't want you." Willows laugh pierces the air. Ryker joins her, and plants a kiss on her cheek. I can't help but giggle, and the rest of the people in line join in. The girl looked mortified, but like what my brother use to tell me, "Mess with the bull, you're going to get the horns." Willow was the bull, and the chick got the horns.

I learned quickly in Willow's and my friendship that she is never afraid to speak her mind. For a girl, she had huge balls. Me on the other hand, not so much.

Ryker hooks his arm around Willow's shoulders, and starts walking toward the doors again. I follow, which makes me look like a lost puppy. I can hear the music getting clearer the closer we get.

"Good evening Mr. Miller." The bald headed big guy says to him. I could see the city lights bouncing off this man's head.

"Good evening it is Mike." Ryker says as he pulls Willow closer to him.

"Is it just the two of you guys tonight?" The buzz cut man says, as he uses his pointer finger to point back and forth at the two of them.

"No," Willow unhooks herself from Ryker, which makes him pout. "She's with us too." Willow says as she links her arm with mine. I smile at her.

Both men nod, "Sorry miss, didn't see you back there." Mike says.

Buzz cut guy unhooks the red velvet rope, and Mike opens the doors. Standing there, I can feel the ground moving with the beat of the music.

I am so out of my comfort zone right now.

Still locked together, Will and I head in first. Ryker is now the one that looks like a lost puppy.

As soon as we step into the club, I could feel my ribcage vibrating. There is just way to much stuff to look at. Lights of all colors are flashing and moving all over the room. Girls are dancing in cages with their naked bodies exposed, and men are just throwing money at them. In the corner to the right is roped off, which seems to be the VIP section. There are multiple men sitting on the red couch, with topless girls giving them lap dances. The unmarried or unfaithful men are just feeding their panties with dollar bills. I can see people leaning over the railings with drinks in their hands on the second, and third floor. Bars on either side of the room. People are grinding on each other only a few feet away from us. I can smell cheap perfume and colon, mixed with some BO.

How the hell do people enjoy this? I really hope we don't stay long.

My own thoughts are pulled away when Ryker steps in front of us. He puts his head in between the empty space next to Will's and my head, "Birdie help yourself too as many drinks as you want tonight. Just tell the bar tender you're with me." I give him a nod.

"Now there's somewhere I want to take you Miss Willow." He says as he winks at her, and softly kisses her neck. Her head dips back in delight, and she seems to of forgotten were she was. Ryker her takes her by the hand, and starts to lead her into the crowds of people. I quickly grab her by her forearm, causing her to have to let go of Ryker again tonight. He turns around as soon as her hand leaves his. I catch him doing an eye roll.

This was girls night. Not girls night plus Ryker.

I get close to her ear so she can hear me over this loud music, "Uh, what the fuck Will? You're really going to leave me in this night club all by myself?" She leans in hovering over my ear lobe, "Relax girl. Enjoy some drinks. Ryker can only do like 10 pumps and he's already busting. I'll come find you when we are done. If I am not with you within an hour, get an Uber to my house, and I'll pay for it." I have never had a poker face, I totally wear my feelings on my face. I knew she could tell that I was mad.

If I would of known she was going to leave me to get screwed, I wouldn't of come out tonight.

"Promise?" I held my pinky out for her to take it. "Promise," she wraps her right pinky in with my left one, and we both kiss our ends of the pinky promise . Neither of us have ever broken a pink promise, so this better not be the first one. Will skips back over the Ryker, and takes his hand. I watch the two of them disappear into the crowd.

So much for a girls night.

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