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Chapter 2

Seven’s eyebrow twitched while his face was still expressionless, and Neela doubted for a second if what she had done was right.

He had probably really been joking around, never really wanting her to undergo this makeover in the first place, and any second, he would burst out laughing, making fun of how foolish she had been for thinking he would change his mind.

Never in the past months had he ever agreed on going out with a girl. Why should she be the only exception? Was she that cocky enough to think that he would choose her after rejecting every girl? A lot of them were a hundred times more beautiful, more interesting, and sexier than Neela. At least that was what she thought.

“It really is what I wanted!” The corner of Seven’s lips curled up. “Unexpectedly, I have to admit, it kinda suits you. And it’s still not perfect, but I like it.”

Neela sighed in relief and felt her heart tightening. Did he just compliment her? That was more than she had ever thought she could get from him when he hadn’t said a word until now.

She felt a little uncomfortable though as his eyes were examining her from head to toe, scanning every detailed inch of her new clothes and the revealed parts of her body.

“So, will you go out with me?” She bit her bottom lip, tasting the artificial flavor of the lipstick she had put on.

“Yes, we’re going out,” he responded with a visible grin on his face.

Contrary to his expectations, this Neela girl was really straightforward and more confident than he had thought she would be when he first saw her. But he found it interesting how she had changed in such a short time. She had awakened his interest the moment she had taken off her hoodie.

Seven smirked as he looked up and down her body. He didn’t know why girls needed to hide their bodies, because a lot of them were so sexy underneath their clothes. They just didn’t show it, and Neela was one of them.

So many girls would look so much hotter with the right clothes, the right makeup and the right hairstyle, was what Seven thought. They just lacked confidence to wear said things that men like him adored. He was glad that this girl Neela had changed her mind, because when he removed her clothes with his eyes only, he could already imagine what was hidden underneath the fabric, and it made him go crazy.

Seven hadn’t expected this to happen though, because she wasn’t the first girl he had told to change. He always said that half-heartedly, knowing that most of them would never ask him out again, and the rest would try and fail.

The girls he preferred, he would find them neither in college nor anywhere outside on the streets. Well, not in the daytime at last. Neela was the first who had ever come so far.

“Really?” Neela asked again just to make sure that this wasn’t a dream.

It was that easy, really? She simply needed to change her outward appearance and he agreed?

“Yes.” Seven took her hand into his and dragged her down the hallway. “We’re dating.”

Her heart almost jumped out of her chest when realization hit her. Her lips curled up to a bright smile, and she chuckled quietly. No matter what her friends were saying, she had made the right choice.

“I’m happy!”

They were walking out of the building together, her fingers interlaced with his, and once they stepped outside where several groups of students were sitting on the grass, bathing in the summer sun, Neela felt more than a dozen pairs of eyes suddenly turn to her.

When she lifted her head, her assumption was confirmed. Some people, the majority of them guys, were whispering. They brought their heads up or turned around to take a look at her.

It was only for a second before Neela lowered her head again, eyes glued to the ground in embarrassment. She couldn’t hear what they were saying, but when people were whispering, it was always something bad, wasn’t it? Did she look so strange that everyone needed to look at her and make fun of her afterwards?

“Everybody is looking at me,” Neela whispered quietly, squeezing Seven’s hand as though she was looking for support. “Do I look that strange? Is something wrong with my outfit?”

She wished she could wear that hoodie again to cover herself from the people’s looks. She wasn’t used to being stared at, especially not from guys, and certainly not from so many at once. This was a little too much attention for her liking, and if they were talking bad about her outfit, she just wanted to bury herself right there.

“Absolutely not.” Seven stopped walking and turned around to face her, his fingers still intertwined with hers. “They think you’re hot. And those girls? They’re jealous as hell!”


Neela was still insecure about the situation and not confident enough about her appearance. She felt naked all around her stomach, and from her hips downwards it felt like she wasn’t wearing anything at all as the skirt was so short that she needed to fiddle with the hem to keep it in place whenever she walked.

It was uncomfortable, but since Seven liked it, she wanted to wear such things for him every day.

“You’re making the guys go crazy! Did you see their faces?”

Seven nodded to the right, and when Neela followed his gaze, she could see a group of guys whistling at her. Their facial expressions didn’t show any sign of embarrassment or mockery towards her. On the contrary, they were full of relish and desire.

“And gosh, I have to admit you’re making me go crazy, too. Just be confident!”

Neela nodded and blushed at the compliment. It was the second one he had made that day, and with every minute that passed, she was sure that changing her style had been the right decision. Otherwise Seven wouldn’t have noticed her and he wouldn’t have agreed on going out with her. Neela was content with the outcome.

Suddenly, when Neela was occupied with her thoughts, she felt a pair of strong hands grabbing her by the waist and pressing her body against Seven’s, and before she realized what was going on, his lips were already on hers.

He caught her by surprise, so he waited until she realized what he was doing before he began to open his lips slightly, tasting the sweet flavor of her lipstick. He licked her bottom lip before he brushed over the opening between her lips, making her part them for him and sliding his tongue in. Neela breathed in heavily when she felt him in her mouth.

She had expected it to be a wet and sloppy kiss like the deep kisses she had shared with the boys she dated in the past, but this was not.

His motions were slow, making sure not to go in too deep, yet play with her tongue. His right arm was wrapped around her waist while his left one moved up her side until it rested on the back of her neck. He held onto the space between her neck and jawline, his thumb brushing against the skin on cheek.

No matter how many boys Neela had kissed before, she was absolutely sure that she had never been kissed like that. Seven was obviously very experienced and knew his skills. When they parted, a grin was on his face and he licked over his lips, removing the rest of her lipstick that had left a few stains on his mouth. He seemed to enjoy this very much.

Seven looked at the groups of students again and Neela followed his eyes, only to encounter them judging hard from afar. But they weren’t judging her, they were obviously examining Seven, the girls even more so than the boys as he had clearly awakened their interest with his skills.

“Those peeps are so predictable,” Seven exclaimed proudly.

“Because of me?”

It was still so odd to her that Neela was getting so much attention and if he wouldn’t be by her side, she knew she would have turned around and walked away, putting on her old clothes within seconds.

It was Seven who gave her the strength and self-confidence she needed.

“Of course.” Seven then grabbed her hand tighter and they both began to walk hand in hand. “Don’t let their gazes irritate you. You look hot. There is nothing to be worried about. The boys are craving for you and the girls are just jealous. As I said, be confident, because you’re mine now.”

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