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Chapter 3

“Seven.” Neela took a few steps back, but he followed her and grabbed her by her hips again. “Not here.”

“Why not?” he whispered into her ear, licking her earlobe before he began nibbling on it softly. “No one can see us.”

Seven and Neela had spent the rest of the evening strolling through the city centre, doing some window shopping and eating ice cream.

She hadn’t thought he would be the type of guy to like these kinds of things, but he was suggesting them himself. Although he didn’t seem to laugh often or share her excitement over trivial things, he was always patient and stayed by her side no matter how boring it got for him.

His cold gaze had always been there though, his walls as strong as always, and he steadily remained far enough to keep an almost invisible distance to her - despite their joined hands and touches.

Even though it had been his idea to do these activities on their first date, he didn’t seem to enjoy them very much. He looked happy when she was happy, or at least he tried to. However, Neela knew from the beginning that this was absolutely not the kind of date he had imagined. At least this was the impression that he gave her. Why had he brought her there then? It had been his idea after all.

Nevertheless, as soon as they were outside on the panorama terrace this restaurant owned, on the roof-deck when almost everyone had disappeared inside, Neela immediately realized what Seeven really had been wanting the whole day.

He pressed her against the balustrade with her back, only the dimmed light of the restaurant illuminating the place since Seven had chosen the darkest spot to descend on her. And Neela wouldn’t have minded. She really wouldn’t have, had it not been for the chance of getting caught by the waiters or the rest of the visitors who spontaneously decided to go outside again.

“Someone can... come out... side,” Neela gasped with ragged syllables as she felt his hands wandering under her skirt, massaging her inner thighs softly, then her waist, and finally playing with the hem of her panties.

“What? I couldn’t hear you,” he teased.

“I said someone could come outs—,” she inhaled heavily when Seven’s hand grabbed inside her panties like it owned her down there. “Seven!”

He flicked his finger over her sensitive nub right between her upper folds, making her bring her thighs together and hold onto his shoulders as she grew afraid that her knees would give in. Neela’s fingers dug into his t-shirt, scratching his skin underneath while he sucked on her neck. A moan of pleasure finally escaped her mouth.

“Excuse me.”

Neela wanted to let out a girly shriek, ashamed because they had just been caught, but Seven covered her mouth with his hand.

His body was so tall, and being the one that wasn’t half naked, he stood in front of Neela, covering her revealed lower body. Turning his head, he nodded and answered to the waiter that they’d come inside in a minute. Then, the door closed shut and they were left alone again.

“Too bad.”

Seven kissed her mouth and withdrew his hand from her underwear. Neela pulled her skirt down, still panting heavily from the sudden disturbance. If they had been in the wrong angle, the waiter could have seen everything and god knows what would have happened then!

“Were you scared?” Seven asked and raised a brow. “Come on, I like these kinds of things. The thought of being caught is exciting and hot!”

Neela didn’t answer directly, still quite suspicious.

“If you want to stay with me, don’t be shy or anything.” This time, he sounded serious. “You have to match your appearance. You’re hot and desired now, Neela. There is no need to act shy like that. I don’t need those kinds of girls.”

Ouch. Maybe, she was wrong. Maybe, changing outwardly wasn’t enough.

She needed to become stronger, more confident. She needed to become the type of girl Seven liked inwardly and outwardly, otherwise, if her character didn’t match her outward appearance, the makeover would turn out to be a failure. Then he would leave her, she was sure about it.

Neela nodded and they left the panorama restaurant together, walking through the streets, but their hands were not intertwined this time. She was asking herself whether she had ruined everything with her shy act.

Since it was already late and they had classes tomorrow, Neela wasn’t expecting Seven to accompany her to her apartment to finish off what he had started, even though she really wanted him to.

She desperately wanted to prove to him that she could be confident if she wanted to be with him.

“Are you sure, Neela? These aren’t the kind of clothes you actually like.“

Dana looked at her friend worriedly who was examining every dress on the rack in detail.

“Well, I like them now.” Neela smiled and took a skirt and a dress into her hand. “I’ll go try these on.”

She was happy, because she knew Seven would like these.

It had been two days since their first date and they hadn’t seen each other since. Apparently, referring to Seven’s words, he had a meeting or something the days before. Why he wasn’t free even in the evening or nighttime, she didn’t exactly know. However, Neela was all the more excited when he had texted her that morning to ask if they could meet tomorrow after their last class.

Luckily, Dana was free to accompany her to the mall, otherwise she would have worn the clothes from their last date and that was a no go as he would probably think she owned those. That was true, but she was sure he wouldn’t like that at all. If she wanted to be with him, she had to put effort in it. She had to prove that she was worth it.

Neela left the dressing room and shifted around until she made a full circle, wrapped in a purple mini dress.


“It’s cute. But, isn’t it a bit too short?” Dana frowned and looked up and down on her. “Thank god you don’t have a c-cup or anything, otherwise everything would fall out.”

“Very encouraging.”

Neela puckered her lips and turned around again, stopping in front of the mirror and looking at herself from head to toe.

She had never thought that she would wear something like this one day. She would usually see those clothes in the shops’ windows every time she passed by, but would never try them on. It still was an odd feeling, but she couldn’t forget the way Seven had looked at her.

His eyes had reflected something different from the usual pure blankness, even if it was just for a mere second.

If he liked it, she’d gladly wear it for him, and truth be told, Neela had to admit that she felt pretty in it. The guys on the streets were finally acknowledging her. The only thing she had to work on was her confidence. Sure, it couldn’t be fixed in a few days, which was why she wanted to work on her outward appearance first.

“I like it.”

“Yes, I said it’s pretty. But isn’t it too expensive?” Dana pulled out the price tag. “In fact, it is. I mean, we’re just students.”

“How much?” Neela had totally forgotten about the price.

Usually, she wouldn’t buy clothes from a shop like this. So modern, so fashionable, so… exclusive. And thus, overall so expensive. She had known from the moment they entered that this wasn’t a shop she’d normally visit. And when her friend told her the price, Neela couldn’t help but freeze in shock.

“But there are also all those other clothes I need to buy. I planned to renew my closet.”

“Well, you can’t buy anything just here. Just get that purple dress and we’ll go look for other shops that are not that expensive, okay?”

Neela nodded and returned to the dressing room. Life as a student wasn’t easy, especially when you were living by yourself. Her parents would always give her money if she needed some, but she didn’t want to risk it now. They’d promised to help her when money wasn’t enough for food or bills, but buying clothes? Never!

On the other hand, there was no way she could date Seven with the clothes which were already in her closet. They were quite modern and cute, including blouses and pretty dresses, jeans and tight shorts. But he preferred sexy dresses, skirts and tops.

There came a time in every girl’s life where she had to renew her closet, right? With no other choice, she had to use the money she had saved for hard times as this was an emergency for her. Kind of.

“Dana, wait!”

Neela grabbed some of the other clothes she had chosen and went to the cashier where her friend was already waiting.

“Didn’t we say we’d look somewhere else? Why take all these?”

“Yes, but I can’t leave this skirt here and that top. I know I won’t find anything like these elsewhere, so bear with me!” Neela pleaded and put the clothes on the counter, where they got scanned by the shop assistant.

“But that’s really expensive, Neela.” Dana looked suspiciously at the pile of clothes.

“That’s okay. I’ve saved some money. Let’s look somewhere else too, okay? The faster I get to renew everything, the better it is.”

“Don’t you think that Seven guy is a little too influential? Even borderline manipulative? Don’t get me wrong, I like your blonde hair, but combined with those short dresses and skirts… I don’t know. I’m glad that you’re happy with him, because I remember you were crushing on him since your first day of college, but still. There is something fishy about it.”

“Ah, come on,” Neela laughed and pulled her card out of her wallet. “He’s just a normal guy preferring girls who dress like this. Don’t we all have our ideal type?”

“But you are forced to be his ideal type,” Dana stated.

“I like it.”

The cashier pulled Neela’s card through the reading engine and her saved money lessened in its amount just seconds later.

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