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Chapter 4

Seven was sitting by the balustrade when Neela opened the door to the rooftop on one of their university’s buildings.

He was sitting there casually, elbows propped up against the compound, head thrown back, and eyes closed. The blond of his hair was glowing in the sun, reflecting almost a white colour, and it gave him such an innocent appearance. If anyone could see him in that position right now, they would have never thought that this boy was so kinky.

Neela closed the door behind her and Seven immediately opened his eyes and brought himself up. As soon as he saw her, he grinned and licked his lips.

She was wearing that purple mini dress she had bought with Dana the day before and high heels of the same color. Her walk was very ladylike when she came closer to him. Far from perfect though, but much better as she had been practicing in front of the mirror. Neela’s facial expression still showed moments of shyness and lacked confidence, but oh well, Seven didn’t really mind at that moment, because she looked hotter than ever before and he got really, really horny.

The last time he had had a woman was not so long ago, but too long for him to hold himself back any longer.

“And?” Neela asked as she stood right in front of him.

She slowly spun around, but before she could finish and face him again, he already grabbed her from behind, his right hand around her waist and his left one close to her breasts. She gasped for air when she felt him pressing his body against her back while his right hand slowly moved down to her mounds.

“Not bad,” he whispered in her ear. “I have to admit… really, really good.” His fingers played with the lower hem of her dress. “Too bad I won’t be looking at it any longer.”

Seven pulled her dress up and grabbed into her panties with his right hand just like he had done two days ago. His full hand was cupping the area between the legs, bringing her closer to his body before he started grinding on her from behind.

“What...” But Neela couldn’t say anything anymore.

His index finger moved up and down her folds, teasing her clit with circled movements at a slow pace.

She could feel his breath on her neck and then his tongue that licked her earlobe before gently nibbling on it. Seven’s left hand had already pulled up the dress to her shoulders, leaving her naked from her breasts till toe. Thank god she wasn’t wearing a bra too, because he wasn’t sure if he would have the patience to unclasp it as well.

Seven took a few steps backwards and sat down on the balustrade, pulling Neela on his lap without stopping his motions between her legs. She was glad that she was able to sit now, because a few seconds longer, and her legs would have given in, letting her fall down on the ground.

Neela grabbed Seven’s thighs, while he was still massaging her clit, causing her to sweat and pant irregularly. One finger then entered her, and Neela let out a light moan, leaning her head back for support on his shoulder. Seven simply grinned when she looked in his eyes, her red lips open and whimpers leaving her mouth every now and then. She was helpless and craving for more.

“Already so wet for me, huh.”

He kissed her lips, while his left hand played with her breasts, twitching her nipples and making them harden before taking one between his index finger and thumb to caress it.

Neela had never thought that she would find herself in such a situation so fast. Sure, sooner or later, it would have come down to this. In Seven’s case, much sooner. But right there and then? Never. She wanted to protest and scream, but not a word from him was needed. His fingers spoke for themselves, making her crave for more unlike her head that told her to stop. Of course she had slept with guys before, but it was more lovey-dovey, tender sex than being revealed from her cleavage to toes in a public place.

Public place! She totally forgot! The door was open and someone could easily come in and the first first thing they’d see would be her naked body, legs widely spread while Seven’s hand was still in her wet panties, bringing her the pleasure she was seeking for so much!

“Seven!” Neela lifted her head and grabbed his hand between her legs. “Someone could co— aaah...”

A second finger was inserted and her upper body fell forward, but Seven’s arm was still wrapped around her body and held her tightly.

“What? I didn’t hear you,” he teased smugly.

“This place, someone...”

He strongly pressed his thumb on the sensitive bundle of nerves, sending shivers up her spine until a short scream escaped her lips and her fingers dug deeper into his skin.

“Well, I don’t mind.”

All of a sudden, he stopped with all of his movements, leaving her unsatisfied and scared.

Was this the end? Would he not continue? But this was what she wanted, right? Not at a public place since it was too dangerous as they could easily get caught! But when he wasn’t touching her anymore, why did she feel so empty then?

“Aren’t you confident enough?” His hot breath hit her neck, and Neela then knew she only had two options.

She could either give in and push through the fear of getting caught together with him or stand up and walk through the door and out of his life.

The tingling feeling between her legs began to slowly vanish, and she grew feeling incomplete. Being confident... Those were the kind of girls Seven preferred and not someone who would stop in the middle of the act because she was too scared.

Neela stood up and turned around to look into his cold eyes. It was indeed embarrassing in the daytime at a place like this, but screw it. There was no way she would get out of here without Seven.

She then unzipped his pants, an act that made him grin in pleasant surprise, and opened it only to reveal a hard erection standing up straight. God, how long had he been hiding that? How was it possible?

“Good girl.”

Normally, he would have asked the girl to suck it, but fuck, she was right that someone could come up there at any moment. But wasn’t that a turn on? Well, for him it was, but hard and rough quickies were his forte anyway.

Seven lifted his hands and dug his fingers in her bum. He then pulled her in between his legs, trailing his tongue through her fold in one languish motion. She whimpered and scratched his head.

He stood up and laid her down on the balustrade with her back, pressing her body against the hard concrete before he trailed a path from her navel up to her breasts with his tongue. Neela held on his shoulders while he twirled his tongue around her nipple, feeling the pleasure within her collecting down there again.

Seven then bit on the upper seam of her panties, revealing her fully down there when he pulled the fabric aside with his tongue.

“So, so wet.” He licked over her clit and massaged her inner thighs before he lost his control altogether. “Fuck this! I’ll go all the way now and just so you know, I won’t be gentle.”

He brought his hands under her body and grabbed her ass tightly, bringing it up to find the right position to push himself into her.

Neela would have said yes to everything he wanted to do to her now, because the feeling of him filling her was just too overwhelming to postpone the act any longer. The moment he entered her for the first time, she let out a scream which was louder than every noise she had made before, and his evil grin acknowledged that.

Nevertheless, the thought of people hearing her came back to her mind and she tried to bear down every sound that could be as loud as the scream before. Neela pressed her hands on her mouth and closed her eyes, whimpering into her own palms.

Whatever it was, the hot foreplay, the possibility of being caught, Seven himself... it was so good. Better than anything she had experienced before. Every thrust got more intense, and Seven knew how to position her hips in an angle that would give her the best pleasure.

His cock hit her right spot almost every time, and it made Neela scream quietly into her hand while the other one was scratching Seven’s back. She moved with him, bringing her hips up every time she felt his pushes coming.

Seven enjoyed himself very much as well. His pants came faster the more he thrusted, the sweat on his forehead wettening his hair, and as he quickened his pace, thrusting into her harder and rougher than before, he knew he couldn’t hold himself back any longer.

Neela was going to shout any moment as she knew that just one more push would send her over the edge. And when it happened a second later, she couldn’t help but really let out a shout while Seven came only moments later.

Neela had her eyes closed as he withdrew from her, but he didn’t lay himself next to her again or even touched her. Instead, she heard a zipper and opened her eyes.

Before Neela had even recovered from the rough act, Seven was already putting his clothes on.

“I have to leave,” he said, and Neela felt disappointed.

Was he not satisfied? She had completely given in to him, even overcoming her fear just to satisfy him, and he decided to leave her like that?

“Meet me tomorrow?” he asked then. “Dress up pretty. I’m going to take you somewhere.”

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