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Chapter 5

Neela stood in front of her mirror and let the lipstick glide over her bottom lip, painting it in the brightest color of red she owned. She then pressed her lips against each other and examined her reflection.

Her blonde hair laid in soft curls over her shoulders and the eye shadow she wore was a dark shade of metallic blue which matched perfectly with her cobalt blue blouse. The bottom brim of her blouse was tucked into a short, black mini skirt which hugged her hips tightly.

All things considered, she looked like how Seven wanted her to look like, and although she still felt a little odd, she liked it - because she knew Seven would like it.

The moment she put the lipstick away, the doorbell rang and Neela excitedly ran to the entry door of her apartment with a smile on her lips, because she was so happy to see him again. The teenager-like behavior and the fluttering butterflies in her stomach didn’t match her mature outward appearance at all.

When it came down to Seven, her love was still so new and fresh that she couldn’t help but get excited whenever she saw him. That was how she reacted when a dream had become true.

“You look hot,” was the first sentence he said, and before Neela could answer anything, he had already pinned her against the wall, fixing her arms on either side of her head with his hands gripping them tightly.

His body was pressed against hers and she couldn’t make a move, his lips brushing against her neck. Seven trailed hot kisses from her jaw line to her cleavage, making her body twitch. Neela playfully wanted to escape with whiny complaints, but he knew she was enjoying it, so he wouldn’t let her.

Seven’s hands let her go and he unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her bra. Neela buried her fingers in his hair, scratching his head while his wet tongue licked around the upper area of her breasts. She let out a quiet moan as his hands moved up and down her sides, stopping right at her bum to squeeze it roughly.

Seven lifted his head, grinning evilly before he crushed his lips onto hers again, his tongue languishly sliding into her mouth. Neela felt his length harden against her, and she was wondering if they would do it now or...


Seven licked his lips and smirked again, raising a hand to touch Neela’s chin.

He brushed with his thumb over the area right beneath her bottom lip, wiping the smudged lipstick away. Meanwhile, she stared at him with her mouth slightly agape, his motions sending shivers down her spine.

It was a very gentle touch, the gentlest he had ever shown towards her so far.

“There. Now you’re presentable again.

She nodded, disappointed because as brief as the moment was, it was ruined within a second.

“Come, I want to take you somewhere.”

“But where?”

Neela closed the door behind them and Seven took her hand, dragging her along with him down the stairs to his car.

“It’s a surprise,” he smiled.

When the car was parked, Neela didn’t know where they were.

They had driven for almost half an hour to a part of the city she had never been to before. She didn’t even remember the streets nor was the neighbourhood familia. Most of the buildings seemed more like factories anyway. They were box-shaped, dark buildings with just a few windows. All of them were black, and there were no lights except the ones on the street.

“Where are we?” she asked, looking out of the window, searching for some other people, but there were none.

“It doesn’t matter where we are, because most of the time we are somewhere else.”

Neela frowned, not understanding anything he said. “What do you mean?”

“You’ll see. Come on, get out.”

When both were out of the car, she could hear something, a sound like...


Seven nodded and intertwined their fingers again, leading her into the direction of the music.

She was always one step behind him, looking around and studying the environment. More and more cars came into view, every single one of them parked elsewhere.

The closer they got to the music, the more people they saw. Some of them crept around in the dark, whispering among themselves and laughing. Some of them were drinking and making loud noises. Just in the middle, she and Seven walked past them.

Had Seven not been there, Neela would surely have gotten so scared that she’d turn around and run away. This was a place she would never visit alone. No one could have gotten her here, especially not in the middle of the night with strange people creeping around.

But Seven’s hand was there to reassure her. He was leading her, and she felt safe with him by her side.

Taking a turn at a corner after walking for a few minutes, they finally found the building where the music was coming from. A lot of people were standing in front of the building with bottles of alcohol in their hands, talking and laughing. It was bright inside and the music got more intense, people entering and leaving the building in a minute cycle.

“Is this something like a club? A party?” she questioned.

“Yeah, kind of.”

Seven led her through the huge door and together, they walked along the hallway. In the dim corners, there were couples making out, some of them heavier than others, but who really knew if they were couples or even knew each other.

Neela squeezed Seven’s hand, looking as scared as a newborn fawn which got to explore the world for the first time. In fact, this really was a new world for her. She had gone out partying with her friends in clubs before where people dressed prettily and there were restrictions on who was allowed to get inside, but this was nothing like her former experiences.

Everyone could get in and out of the building whenever they wanted to since there was no security and nobody controlled the entrance to make sure nobody was underaged. It was more of a dark atmosphere, different from the happy one she knew from other clubs. Even the music matched the atmosphere as heavy electro was played.

When they reached the end of the hallway, Seven and Neela stood in a huge hall where someone was deeyaing on a platform, dozens of people dancing right in front of him like they were in a trance. There was a bar and a few seats on the sides as well as colorful lightning on the ceiling to create a certain atmosphere while the bright lights were dim. It was not too crowded with plenty of space to walk around and the music was not too loud, so that people could still talk.

Neela was mesmerized by the scenery, her eyes wandering from one spot to another, trying to capture everything she witnessed, but there was so much to explore that she didn’t know where to look first.

Seven stood beside her, fully aware of her curiosity as he observed her while she was studying the scenery.

He had known from the beginning that someone as naïve as Neela would be fascinated by things like these. Her appearance might have changed, but her character hadn’t a bit, and he was glad about that, because other girls wouldn’t have easily undergone such a makeover like she had and directly cut the cords with him by the time he had ordered her how to dress - at the latest.

Someone with a strong will and their own mind wasn’t as useful as Neela for him.

Seven turned around, focusing on a group of people sitting in a corner. He faced Neela and then spoke,

“I want to introduce you to some people.”

“Who?” she asked curiously.

“Some friends. The guys I usually hang out with.”

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