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Chapter 6

Neela was a little confused. Getting introduced to friends usually came later. Weren’t they supposed to get to know each other more first? To talk and find out things they didn’t know about each other yet? Well, sex too, of course.

But Neela simply shrugged and gave in. What other options did she have anyway? She would make the best out of the situation and present herself as best as she could.

Then, with full confidence that came out of nowhere, she nodded assertively. When she had left her apartment an hour ago, she felt pretty, sexy, hot - just like Seven wanted her. And if Seven liked it, she was sure she was doing everything right. Others would find her hot too, so there was nothing for her to worry about, she thought.

“There’s no need to be scared or anything, okay?” he whispered in her ear, his lips brushing her earlobe. “They’re just a bunch of idiots like me.”

Neela felt him chuckling, his hair tickling her cheek. He pressed a passionate kiss on her lips before wrapping his arms around her waist, and they walked together over to his friends.

The heels of Neela’s black peep-toe pumps clacked on the floor, luckily inaudible because of the music’s volume. No matter how much she tried to hide it, the closer they got, the more nervous she felt.

Five people were sitting on a couch and others on cushions. They held bottles in their hands and drank from them, smoking cigarettes or what looked to be cigarettes. She didn’t want to know what was inside them.

“Hey, Seven. Who did you bring?” one of them asked.

Neela didn’t know who of them it was exactly since it was not bright enough, but it was a low, husky voice.

“My girlfriend,” Seven answered.

Was there something like a pride undertone hidden in his voice?

Neela’s body was flooded with an amazing feeling, with warmth and excitement. It was the first time he had introduced her as his girlfriend to someone, to anyone at all. No one could deny the fact that she was his girlfriend now. It was official.

“Girlfriend?” A dark blond guy who was shorter than Seven jumped up and walked towards Neela with a bright smile. “I didn’t know you had one.”

“Well, now you do.”

“I’m Lucas,” he said and directly went in for a hug.

Neela was startled, but she returned this gesture anyway as she felt very welcomed.

None of the other four intended to stand up as well, but they smiled at her, introducing themselves as Benjamin, Christopher, Kaden, and Oliver.

“Do you want to sit?” Benjamin, who wanted to be called Ben, asked and moved a little to the side. “We should get to know you since you’re going to hang out with us more often, right?”

She would? In a place like this? It was fascinating, but still odd and new to Neela.

She would have to get used to it first though since Seven was obviously spending a lot of time with his friends here. If it was that way, she’d gladly share this experience and spend as much of her free time with him here as she could. All she wanted was just to be by his side.

Neela was about to sit down when someone raised their voice behind her.

“Your new girlfriend, Sev?”

Neela spun around and faced a blonde, tall girl who was a lot taller than her, even on heels. Her full lips were painted in a bright shade of pink while her straight hair was falling down her back like a golden waterfall. Her body was wrapped in a black mini dress that complimented her curves perfectly, matching with her dark, glittering high heels.

Her amused eyes, covered with black eyeshadow and fake lashes, were fixating on Neela, almost mocking her with her gaze.

She remembered Seven’s words.

“I don’t like good girls. I prefer tall girls with curves, with hips and breasts.” Seven lifted his fingers and formed lines in the air which resembled a woman’s body. A well-formed body. “Mature girls, not childish ones. I like mini skirts and belly tops on women that show skin. Dark hair? No. Blonde and long it should be. Their face should always be covered with make-up. I like dark eyes, red lips, and girls walking on high heels like they own the street they’re walking on. Sexy and mature women, those are my type. Sexbombs.”

So, this was the kind of girl Seven liked.

“I’m Stella,” the tall, blonde girl introduced herself.

This time there was no hidden message behind her facial expression. She seemed nice and smiled at Neela who was still taken aback by her appearance. How in the world could she think that she, herself, was hot when someone like Stella stood in front of her?

Stella was the embodiment of the words hot and sexy.

Her movements were natural as she looked as though she had been born to be sexy. Everything she was wearing fit her like a second skin as one could see that she felt comfortable in her clothes. Neela was sure that she hadn’t needed a makeover to look like that. While Neela was still shy and self-conscious in everything she was doing with her new appearance, Stella had a high self-esteem and confidence. When she walked, the people around her would automatically make room for her to pass.

In Neela’s eyes, she was like a queen.

“I’m Neela.”

And she was the maid.

Neela’s self-confidence sank more and more. She sat down beside Ben who had already offered her a seat, and Seven seated himself next to her.

Stella walked over to one of the other boys, she remembered his name as Kaden, and passionately kissed him on the lips. And what a kiss it was! Neela could only watch from the corner of her eyes as to not be mistaken as a voyeur. Yet, she saw enough.

Kaden’s hands were all over her body, even under her mini dress, revealing her underwear at times. Weren’t they afraid? There were so many people around and walking past the group constantly, yet no one seemed to be bothered by their make out session. Stella sat on his lap, rocking her hips like she was grinding on him. No, she actually was grinding on him while they were still clothed, and seconds later, her hands were in his pants.

Neela gulped and took a sip from the drink Ben had offered her. The beverage was so strong that it made her throat burn, flooding through her body like fire. She placed it down and coughed loudly.

“You don’t drink vodka very often, do you?” Ben laughed and Seven joined in.

“Not really,” she admitted and shook her head. “Not pure.”

She drank once a month at the most when she went clubbing with her friends, and it was always just a mixture of vodka and something else. How would she be able to drink a whole glass of pure vodka?

“She’ll learn,” Seven said assertively and looked her seriously in the eyes. He took the cup filled with liquor and held it under her nose. “Drink up. This is a mix, not as strong.”

Neela took the cup in her hands and examined it. She didn’t know what made her drink it, whether it was Seven’s grin, which she admired so much, or his assertive words, or the fact that at that moment, Stella took a few sips from her own cup.

Neela just did as Seven had told her, one sip after another.

“Wow!” the boys said in awe as she took the last sip and put the empty cup on the table.

“I don’t know where you found her, but I like her,” Christopher laughed and made a ‘thumbs up’ sign.

“Me too,” a few agreed and someone gave her another cup.

Neela was happy that the night had begun in such a good way. Apparently, Seven’s friends didn’t find her boring or dull at all despite it being their first encounter.

The first meeting was the most important one, because Neela wanted to leave a good impression on this group that was so different from her own friend group, and that was quite a challenge. No matter what, she would try her best to prove to Seven that she, in fact, could be his type and the type of girl his friends liked. The one who fitted in such a group, because she wanted to stay with him.

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