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The Betas' Mates

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After being banished for trying to save their luna, Lyndon and his friend William are left to the mercy of the rogues that roam the no man's land between packs. Considered rogues themselves, they know it's only a matter of time before enforcers try to put them out of their misery, to save them from the fate that await all packless. Their one chance comes with the intervention of the moon goddess, but what she demands might be even worse than slowly descending into madness. The Human world. Adelyn found her mate on the day Umbran's Alpha attacked her alpha but he had to leave before they could be confirmed. With her luna kidnapped by the dark god, Aide has to stand by her alpha as he travels their world in search for a way to get her back. Just when they find the luna, Aide gets the message that her mate is missing in the Human world.

Romance / Other
T.J. Kash
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Lyndon 1

There was no longer any trace of humanity in the Were’s eyes. Only wild animalistic madness backed by human cunning. The whites of the male’s eyes had long since become bloodshot, confirming the mental breakdown between his dual identity.

Were it not for his bond with his Luna, Don knew this would’ve been his eventual fate. To be driven by an insatiable murderous hunger that left nothing resembling the noble creature he’d been. He wondered if the male before him had been an unfortunate victim of his Alpha or if he’d committed a crime worthy of banishment.

Wondered if maybe he was from his own former pack, maybe his own brother, long banished for opposing their sadistic Alpha. There was no telling what the male had looked like before.

The break between identity meant the male had features frozen between the wolf and man. Creatures like him were the reason Humans believed the half man half wolf Were version.

The male stood a foot taller than Don’s six feet four height, his breathing more of a growl than anything. His knees turned the wrong way as his arms dangled lower as if he were a monkey.

Don had never seen a rouge who’d deteriorated to such an extent but he’d heard stories of them. They were faster, stronger. It’d take all his beta strength and that of his gamma to kill the abomination that even now stalked their immobile forms.

‘You take the right and I’ll take the left.’ He mindsent to his friend. ‘We’re going to have to be quick, otherwise we’re dead.’

‘It’s been nice knowing you.’ His friend sent back and Don glared back at him. Will shot him an imprudent smile in return.

Trying to be subtle, Don shifted his left foot out, knowing Will was doing the same thing to his right. The rouge’s head whipped to him, his gaze filled with hatred as it met Don’s and his nostrils flared. He knew what they planned.

In the time it took Don to blink, the abomination was a breath away from him, his claws slashing for his neck. Only the providence of a fallen twig rolling under his foot and tripping him saved his life. The goddess had to be with him, he realized, as he was as surefooted as any Were.

His wolf surged to the fore even as they remained in Human form. He rolled to his right, barely missing the sharp nails that dug into the ground he’d been on. The Werebeing let out a pained cry filled with rage as Don got to his feet then kicked out with its right leg.

Will’s wolf form sailed through the air, taking a chunk of leg with him. Knowing the gamma would twist his form to land on his feet Don slashed at the beast with the dirk he’d brought for just these instances. Longer than a knife but shorter than a sword it was coated in wolfsbane.

He caught the thing a slash on the stomach only to be rewarded with a backhand that came close to dislocating his jaw. He stumbled back then went with the motion as the thing came after him.

With commendable speed it turned its claws to his friend who’d been about to hamstring its other leg. Will dodged back then went in for another attack as Don sliced at the thing’s back. It howled and Don moved back as it turned towards him only for it to whip back and land a punch at an attacking Will.

As Don went to stab the beast it twisted to him, swatted at the dirk with its arm even as it was slashed and punched him in the stomach. He was lifted off his feet by the force to land a few feet back. It felt like a hole had been punched through him and bile rose up his throat.

Swallowing, Don forced himself to his feet and was about to attack again when the thing sprouted an arrow to its forehead. It raged out a piercing growl, took one step towards his friend then another arrow shot through its eye. For a moment it staggered, then fell dead with all the grace of a falling tree.

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