The Betas' Mates

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Olivia 6

Breathing was becoming laborious, Liv was doing her best not to show her mother just how hard it now was. She didn’t want to go back to the hopelessness that had gripped her without her mate. All she wanted was to be in his arms, to reassure herself that he really was with her.

Only she couldn’t hurt her mother even more than she already had. So Liv kept still as that low level of agony shook her bones. As her mother argued with her mate. She could feel his patience slip, feel him holding onto it with all he had.

It was like she was inside him, aware of him at an instinctive level that she didn’t even have to ask. Was he as aware of her, even more so? The thought of him feeling or maybe knowing the pain she was in was painful. As if he was more important to her than herself. It didn’t make sense.

Mum...” Liv pleaded even as her father nodded his head.

Her mother finally allowed him to take her, he sat down on her bed with her secure in his arms. Liv savoured the feel of his arms around her for a moment before looking up to him, he smiled his reassurance. She returned a strained and fearful one. “You’ll be okay.” He promised.

What felt like sparks of flames danced against their skin from where they touched. Even though it was weird, they relaxed her. “Okay.” She whispered.

He closed his eyes, concentrating on the amulet he held in his hand. She felt a soothing heat seeping to her body. Until then, she hadn’t realised how cold she had been. She found herself shivering uncontrollably, her teeth chattering.

A pained sound reached her ears from her mother, so low she shouldn’t have been able to hear it. It was as if her senses came alive, as if she’d existed in a world without colour and for the first time she was aware of it. She took a deep breath and caught the scents that were in the room.

She could scent fear, isolate it to her mother. Apprehension came from her father and her friend Mandy was a mixture of nerves. The most telling though was her friend’s father, he didn’t smell human. How she knew the scent wasn’t human she couldn’t say. It was somehow too clean, like the scent from an old mountain long forgotten.

How could that even be a scent? Yet it was.

She opened her eyes and met his. “I never got your name.” She whispered, her throat feeling dry as if she hadn’t spoken a word in years.

“Lyndon.” Her mate replied. “Everyone calls me Don.”

“Olivia,” she replied. “Everyone calls me Liv.”

“Hie Liv.” He smiled down at her, a small smile but it lit up his face until he looked even more handsome than he already was.

“Is she okay?” Her mother interrupted, anxiety in her voice.

With reluctance Don put her back on her feet before taking a step back from her. Liv wanted nothing more than to be in his arms again but she understood her mother’s need. So she smiled and went to her. With ease she went into her mother’s arms and hugged her. Aware of her new strength, she held back where she might’ve used more of it.

“Oh thank God.” Her mother praised as Liv scented her tears.

Her father brushed a hand through her hair. “Is she going to be fine now?” He asked.

“It’s only temporary until the alpha gets here.” Don answered in his measured tone.

Her mother let go and shifted her until she held her to her side. Liv was now taller than her, even her father but she settled her head on her mother’s shoulder for a moment. A part of her trying to recapture the days when she could easily do that.

Now she knew things would never be the same. She was a werewolf, a mythical being and she had already been kicked out of the only life she knew. Had Don come here because homeland security had called him? It was too much of a stretch that he could just be there just after homeland became interested in them.

“And then what?” Her mother asked her tone even despite the tension that strummed her body. “Are you going to take my daughter away? Is that why you’re here?”

“We’re here because the moon goddess brought us. I guess one of the reasons she chose this place is because Liv was here.” Don replied.

“Really?” Her mother derided. “You expect us to believe that some mythical pagan goddess brought you here? Is that what you’re going to teach my daughter?”

Her friend Mandy’s father held out his hand to stop her mother or anyone who might say something. Liv saw her mother frown before exchanging a puzzled look with her father. Mandy’s dad had never acted like that before.

“Your goddess brought you here?” He asked Don.

“Yes.” He agreed.

“Interesting,” Mandy’s dad mused. “This building has only the elven living in it, aside from the humans of course. I wondered how you were even given the chance to purchase your suite. If your goddess did it, then it makes sense.”

“Matías, you can’t tell me you believe this nonsense?” Her father questioned.

Mandy’s father turned to face her dad. “I’m sure Liv can now tell I’m not human.”

That seemed to blow over in the room. “Daddy?” Mandy questioned.

“Elven females are scarce carina, we brought you here so you would have more normal life.”

“B...b...but you’re the mayor!” She declared.

“Yes,” Mandy’s dad agreed. “And the mayors of Manhattan have always been mythkind form the time when the city was built. This city was built to house the mythkind, to be a resting post while we went about our bussiness. The humans came after but since we built this city our kind are always in charge, the elected members.”

Liv looked at the man she grew up around like he’d grown another head. As she studied him, it was like her sight had gained a depth she hadn’t even known was possible. Though the mayor’s face had a few lines like a man in his fifties should Liv now saw a smoother youthful face beneath.

She turned to meet her friend’s wide gaze and for the first time she saw something in the brown depths that was otherworldly. What the heck was going on? How had her life turned into such a train wreck? Could she trust all people she’d known her whole life?

At that point a knock sounded at the main door. Since her mother had dismissed the staff when they came back from homeland Liv got up to open it. “Liv, maybe you should rest.” Her mother stated with worry.

“It’s...uh.” she frowned trying to figure out what she was feeling.

There seemed to be a pull towards the door, a need to connect with whoever was beyond it. The power inside her, her wolf she supposed, shifted her attention to the source of power oming from there. Her heart was beating in excitement and all she wanted was to open the door. Somehow she knew it was the alpha caloing out to her.

“I’m fine.” She finally said as she left the living room and walked to the main door.

She hadn’t expected the alpha to be female. All the book Liv had ever read had had males as alphas and the females in a supporting role. The female before her could never be a subordinate. She resonated with power, an aura that seemed to demand everyone give way.

Her beautiful face was devoid of wrinkles but Liv could tell she was older than the twenty-five she looked. The alpha was regal, her brown eyes piercing as she met Liv’s gaze. It took all she could not to look away from that incisive gaze, instinctively her head tilted to her right without her knowing why. “Alpha.” She acknowledged.

The female before her smiled. “Child, for someone who doesn’t know of our kind you have remarkable instincts.”

The complement went to her head. Liv had been complimented all her life, better ones really, but she found herself overwhelmed by the alpha’s. “P..please come in.” She stammered.

“Thank you child.” The female said as she swept into the foyer followed by her entourage.

Closing the door behind them, Liv led the way back into the sitting room. She’d never been so aware before. It was like she could sense each of their movements, aware of their power.

“Alpha.” Don bowed in the same way Liv had, his voice filled with reverence.

“Beta.” She acknowledged. “It’ll be interested to know how that came about.”

“Of course alpha.”

There was a sense of age and reverence in the title, something Liv sensed in the way Don said it. She looked at her parents and saw they appeared intimidated by the forceful yet regal woman. Her very presence seemed to fill them with awe.

The alpha turned to them and gave them a dazzling smile. “Thank you so much for allowing us into your home. This must all be unsettling for you.”

“Just a bit.” Liv’s mother agreed.

“We don’t understand what’s going on.” Her father stated as he held her mother to his side.

“I can understand that, but first off we have to ensure your daughter’s life.” The alpha replied before turning back to Liv. Her heart pounded. “No need to be afraid child. All you have to do is accept me as your alpha.”

“Why?” Her mother finally broke. “Why does she have to have an alpha? Can’t she just continue as she was and not be taken away from us?”

The alpha turned to her mother with a sad smile. “No. Now that she marked him as her mate, partially shifting to do that, she has to embrace her wolf or die.”

Her mother glared at Don at that. “Why did you have to come here?” She demanded of him.

“Would you rather have her die young?” The alpha asked.

“What?” Both her parents demanded.

“Our youth find their mates within their twenties, even domant her wolf would never have accepted any male in her life except her mate. Her wolf would’ve come to a point where she’d give up the hope of finding her soulmate and given up on life. Since she’s away from our lands and the magic that sustains our kind it’s unlikely your daughter would’ve reached the age of twenty-five.

That is provided she didn’t come across another race that recognized her and killed het for being a werewolf. There’re more than one race that’d use the blood of even one like her for blood rites.”

Her mother’s legs gave way and her dad held her up and helped her to a chair. Liv rushed to her side, taking her hand in hers. “I’m sorry mum.” She apologized.

“It’s okay love.” Her mum tried to comfort her and Liv felt terrible. She should be comforting her mother. This was all her fault.

Would she really have to leave her life now? All because she had sone messed up DNA. If werewolves being away from their little camp caused them to die young why was she left here?

Live had never wondered about her birth family, not even to call them that, now she wanted to know why they’d abandoned her. Had they wanted to get rid of her, hoped she’d die? Only she’d been found and taken to an orphanage and been adopted.

She looked up and met Don’s gaze. His eyes were calm and for some reason that calm seemed to pass onto her and settle the turmoil that was boiling inside her. She took a deep breath and turned back to the alpha.

“I just have to accept you?” She questioned.

“Yes.” The alpha replied.

“Okay,” Liv squeezed her mother’s hand before letting go. “I’m ready.”

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