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Olivia 2

“This way miss Wainwright.” One of the agents said, directing her away from the office her parents were being led to.

Her father paused. “Where are you taking my daughter?” He demanded.

“We just need to get a few answers from her sir.” The lead agent said, trying for a soothing tone.

“Not without our presence,” her mom stated, speaking for the first time. Her voice was adamant. “Whatever this’ about, I’m her lawyer and its her constitutional right to have representation. And you’re not questioning my daughter alone.”

The man who’d been about to lead her away turned to the lead, who nodded. Liv followed after her parents and another agent came in after them with an extra chair.

The lead agent waited for them all to take their seats before taking the one behind the desk. Even though her heart was pounding and her palms sweaty, Liv put on her most serene expression. She was a Wainwright, and they didn’t intimidate easily.

The desk was clear, not even a pen holder or photo marred its polished surface. The walls had generic pictures, with one of the president gracing the wall behind the agent. Liv realised the man hadn’t said his name but her father probably knew it.

The same agent who’d come in with the chair came back with a heavy folder and handed it to agent numero uno. He nodded his thanks and dismissal, something Liv herself was a master at.

“Now, miss Wainwright you were adopted at two months old?” The man asked, his eyes on the he open file.

“Yes.” Liv answered, her tone projecting confidence.

He looked up to meet Liv’s eyes. “Have you made any attempts to find your birth parents?”

“No.” She answered simply. Liv knew never to volunteer more than asked.

“May I ask why?”

“Whatever their reasons for giving me up, they gave me a chance to have wonderful parents. I don’t feel the need to know more about them or those reasons.”

The agent’s expression became shrewd. “Even as your senses proved sharper than others?”

Liv reigned in any outward appearance of the shock that hit her. She knew her parents were masterful at hiding theirs so she remained unfazed. “Well sir, it’s human nature to believe we’re more exceptional than others. My exemplary intelligence makes any other exceptional abilities I might have unremarkable. Since intelligence isn’t necessarily heredital, I have no reason to wonder about them.”

Liv put all her speech and articulation lessons to good use. One thing she knew, people responded well to well presented people. Even against their will.

“So you aren’t aware of your enhanced sense of smell?”

She frowned, looking to her parents to see if they knew anything about that. “I’m sorry.” She told the man. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I see.” He turned back to the file and flopped over some pages. “Your tests when you were a baby and all the subsequent ones don’t snow any biological differences. But the tests your professor did on you show enhanced abilities. Do you have any idea why?”

“Why would her biology be different?” Her mom asked.

“It’s a matter of national security that only a handful of people are aware of. But since we’re positive your daughter is one of them, you’ll be trusted with it. She though, will have to go back.”

“One of them? Go back where?” Her father demanded as her mother gasped and clutched at her dad’s arm.

The agent’s eyes lazered on their faces, obviously he’d thrown that in just to see how they’d react. Liv was paralyzed with fear, wondering if she was some government experiment that they wanted to claim back.

“The mythkind.” The man stated, his eyes still taking in all their reactions. “Vampires, Faeries, Berserkers, Werewolves, Elves and all those humans believe are mythological.”

Liv stared at the man as if he were insane. He had to be. No sane person believed is such creatures, they were the subjects of fairy tales. To think people’s tax dollars were funding such nonsense!

“I see you don’t believe me. We monitor certain university experiments for signs of abnormal abilities specifically to find any of their kind amoung us.”

“So you can experiment on them?” Her dad demanded.

“No, so we can send them to their own people.” He leaned closer. “These people are powerful, live in alternate dimensions that we cannot access and we have no idea of their populations. Should we experiment on any of them, it’s entirely posible their own kind would feel it. Which would result in a war humanity cannot win.”

He paused to see the effect of his words on them. “They don’t get along between races and that’s the only reason they haven’t turned against humanity. We know some races want to take over us, the vampires in particular, but there are some who prefer for humans not to know their existence.

Should even one of the mythkind races choose to come against us, we won’t survive.”

Liv doubted the government would sit back and lament over the fact, if the mythkind were real. They’d have experimental weapons at the ready, even if they were untested.

“Agent Barnes, you expect us to believe in such childish monsters?” Her dad derided.

“We are positive your daughter is one of them and we don’t consider the mythkind to be monsters.”

“What would make you believe Olivia is one of these people?” Her mother asked.

“There is no record of your daughter ever being sick, not even of childhood illnesses. Her features are perfect, symmetrical and humans don’t have symmetry of features. Her beauty is near hypnotic and her voice more so.”

“That doesn’t prove anything.” Her mom framed.

“And how fast does she heal?”

They didn’t look at each other, nor did they answer the agent. Liv got the sense they’d been studying her for a while, maybe since the first day she’d entered the biostat program.

As if he’d heard her thoughts, the agent continued. “We first took note of you when you were thirteen and the media dubbed you the most beautiful teen in the world.”

While her heart missed a beat, Liv kept her gaze calm and glued to the agent. “We waited to see what changes your sixteenth birthday would bring.” He continued. “Since that’s when the mythkind really come into their powers. From the little we know, they call it their first maturity.”

“Nothing happened when I turned sixteen.” Liv stated, only because she was sure they already knew.

“Nothing as significant as we expected.” The man agreed, his face still impassive. “But we suspect that has to do with you being away from your kind.”

“Which kind would that be?” Her father demanded. “Our daughter doesn’t crave blood, doesn’t have pointy ears, no anger problems nor does the moon affect her. And if you think you can take her away from us you’re mistaken.”

The agent seemed unfazed by the threat inherent in her father’s tone. “We believe she’s a Werewolf. They rely heavily on their Alphas which would explain why she hasn’t shifted.”

Her father stood up. “Okay, we’re done.”

Liv and her mother also stood up, turning to the door to follow her father. “Your daughter’s the biggest threat our nation has ever faced.” Her father opened the door, not bothering to acknowledge the man. “I hope you know enough not to leave the city miss Wainwright.” Was the man’s last shot.

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