The Betas' Mates

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Lyndon 3

The city the Moon had led them to was dirty, smelly. Crammed with thousands of humans and his wolf didn’t like it one bit. Worst of all, was the noise. Shrill voices talking on countless phones, people shouting at each other, whistling for cabs. Cars honking at everything.

He wanted to leave. An itch that burned deep within his bones. Yet the goddess had decreed that they stay here until her daughter needed them.

Her daughter! Don still couldn’t believe it. Nia was the moon goddess’ daughter and they hadn’t known.

’Maybe the woman we thought was Nia’s mother was a nursemaid or something.′ Will mindsent, as if he’d read Don’s thoughts, or more likely he couldn’t think of anything else.

After the confrontation, the goddess had translocated them to an airport where first class tickets to New York had awaited them. Once they’d landed, a limo had picked them up and they were enroute to the condo where they’d await their Luna.

Only the traffic was so bad they barely moved. Was this how humans lived? He’d muted his hearing significantly and yet he could still hear the clutter that was humanity outside what should’ve been a soundproofed car.

’She looked too much like Nia to be a nursemaid.′ He answered his Gamma.

‘You’re right.’ He agreed. ’Then how is Nia the Moon’s daughter?′

‘I don’t know, I’m sure we’ll find out at some point.’

Will huffed at the answer and looked out his window. “When do you suppose we’ll get there?” He asked the driver since the partition wasn’t up.

“Thirty minutes sir, it’s rush hour so everyone’s on the road.” The driver answered.

‘Sir?’ Will questioned. ‘We’re college aged, unless humans have a different school system.’

‘It’s the money he’s respecting.’ Don reasoned. ‘Humans are obsessed with it and treat those with money as if they’re kings.’

‘I’d forgotten some humans hoard wealth for themselves. I wonder how their society survives.’

‘We’ll find out soon enough.’

’I already hate the human world. Will stated.

‘We won’t be here long.’

‘We hope.’

Soon enough they pulled up in front of an apartment high rise. It was built in some classic style Don couldn’t care enough to recall. A red portico with a golden sigil stretched from the main door to the curb. The sun didn’t even touch them as they got out.

Porters came to take their backpacks from the trunk, as if they were incapable of carrying them. And why would they need two porters? Don wondered.

Will, who was the more personable, struck up a conversation with one of the porters whilst Don tipped their driver. One thing he knew about the human world, New York in particular, was that everyone expected a tip for doing their job.

Maybe it was a result of the unequal money distribution, Don reasoned. “What?” He asked the driver as he stared at the money Don had just given him.

“Uh. . . the lady who hired me, she’s paying me a lot of money and normally I wouldn’t say this, but this is a lot for a tip.”

“What?” Don’s frown deepened.

“She told me that if I cheated you or allowed you to be cheated, no place on earth would be safe for me, I believed her. There’s something really scary about that lady.” He shook his head as if to wake himself up from a bad dream.”

Don raised a questioning brow as the man handed back more than half the money Don had given him. “Now this, is a generous tip.” He said of what he still held then he gave Don his card. ” She also told me to make myself available only to you two no matter the time, so call me anytime sir, I’m at your beck and call.”

“Of course.” He agreed. It made sense to have a human to ask about all the confusing things in their world. Not that Don intended to let the man know he and Will weren’t human.

He caught up to his Gamma at the elevators and one of the porters gave him a key card. “This elevator is keyed in only for your condominium and can only be accessed with these key cards.” He indicated another that Will held, his accent clipped and sure.

While the man had the same uniform as the other porter, he stood straighter, his head held higher. He stood at attention, had an air of importance about him that even the other porter deferred to him.

“Thank you.” Don said.

“There is a service elevator for emergencies and housekeeping.” He went on as they stepped into the elevator.

“The housing staff will have access only at my discretion and I will obviously confer with you beforehand.” The man continued to expand on the services the staff offered, giving Don the impression he wasn’t just a porter.

The doors opened into a spacious foyer. Done up in a cream marble so pale it might have been white, it opened up to the rest of the apartment. Another elevator stood besides the one they’d used, most likely the service one. The other side of their elevator held a door through which Don could see stair leading down.

In front of them were another set of stairs leading to a second floor. “The apartment totals 6,000 sq feet, is a duplex and has a total of seven bedrooms.” The porter continued.

Don blocked out whatever else the man said. He liked to assess things for himself. Plus humans were good at misrepresenting things.

The ceilings were quite high, coming up to about twelve feet and the windows just two feet shy of that. The common rooms were set up in an open plan with a bar, half walls and alcoves distinguishing the rooms.

The view from the common rooms’ windows showed a mass of greenery interspaced with water bodies, something Don hadn’t expected of a human city. Though it wasn’t as vibrant as the forest in the Were territories, it was quite soothing to his wolven nature.

He hadn’t realized how much being in the human concrete jungle had messed with him. He’d run in the treed area as soon as the talkative man left. Even if the humans forbade it.

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