The Betas' Mates

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Lyndon 4

He followed at the back of their little group as the head porter continued his tour. Don had to admit the place was up to standard. While the artificial scents in the air were a bit much, the place was free of foul odours.

“Please tell the housekeeping staff that we prefer natural cleaning product.” He informed the man when he paused in his speeches.

“Of course sir.” He gave Don a small bow but not in the Were way, still it intrigued Don. He hadn’t known humans bowed to others. “The lady who bought the apartment was very specific on how things should be run.”

Wait, bought? The goddess had bought the duplex?

“Terrifying isn’t she?” Will grinned at the two men.

“Quite.” The head porter agreed then led them up the stairs. “The second floor has the rest of the ensuites. Two of them masters with walk in closets, their own sitting room and kitchenettes.”

Once again Don tuned the man out as they went up the stairs and looked at the rooms there. Aside from the two master suites there was a media room and two small offices.

From the measurements, the bedroom suites were spacious as were the bathrooms and closets. The sitting rooms were a bit smaller than he was used to but Don wasn’t complaining.

After they hadn’t lived up to Jake’s standard he and Will had chosen to live away from the main pack. They’d even eschewed their family homes to much simpler cottages as their parents were travelling with the old Alpha pair.

It’d been a humbling experience for someone who hadn’t thought he needed it, but Don’t was grateful. In his old days he might have found this place wanting just for that. Now he was a bit more mature.

Will took the suite just after the stairs. As a Gamma, his nature drove him to be security conscious. Which meant he took the bedroom most likely to be targeted should there be a break in.

As Will was the better fighter between them, Don didn’t argue the point. After tipping the duo, they didn’t need a tour of their own rooms, he went into his to inspect them without the distraction of the Humans.

They were paneled in dark woods, the bedroom darker than the living, which in turn was a shade darker than the bathroom. The furnishings were a study of soft shades in red and contrasted beautifully with the walling.

There were tasteful splashes of cream to offset the reds and abstract art pieces finished the décor. The minimalistic nature of the furnishings suited Don quite well and he was grateful for that. The last thing he needed was having to rearrange the rooms.

“Looks like the goddess knows us well.” Will stated as he came through the main door. “She nailed your sparce red dungeon look to a T.”

Don gave the Gamma a dry look. “I take it she got your colour meshing correctly?”

“It’s a tasteful heaven.” Will grinned as Don snorted.

Will came in the rest of the way and sat on the sofa. “Comfy.” He commented then looked at Don without the humour that constituted his nature. “We never talked about our recent elevation.”

Don shrugged. “It makes sense, we are a pack of three.”

“Yeah but when has a new pack ever been formed? The alpha bloodlines we have trace back to antiquity. No one remembers when last a spare heir formed a pack and Nia’s not an alpha blood.”

“I think being the goddess’ daughter makes her more than alpha blood.”

“That’s another thing,” Will frowned. “The goddess has been faithful to her mate...”

“Who was betrayed by some Weres.” Don chipped in.

“Who was betrayed by our kind.” Will agreed. “How is Nia her child?”

Again, Don shrugged. “There’re too many possibilities Will. She’s a goddess.”

“Hmm,” Will grinned. “Mitotic division, cloning, she saved her mate’s sperm for a rainy day, planted her seeds.”

Don glared at the grinning Gamma. “Will you be serious?”

“Hey, unlike you I’m curious.”

“Well this is the type of curiosity that will kill the wolf and sorry that’s not how I want to go.”

His friend gave an over dramatic shiver. “She did pull the wolf right out of him didn’t she?”

“Yeah, so I’m gonna stay in my lane. That means no curiosity and staying put until Nia comes for us.”

Will gave him a knowing smile, because really Don was dying to know, but he knew better than to voice it. Not when the goddess who absolutely loathed them, her people, had deigned to favour him and his friend.

“Have it your way oh mighty Beta,” his very annoying friend said as he stood up. “Come on, I’ve ordered room service. I can only take so much of your growling stomach. Then we’ll go for a run.”

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