The Betas' Mates

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Olivia 3

‘The biggest threat our nation has ever faced!’ How could she be the biggest threat to ever assault the great U.S of A? She was just an ordinary girl.

Liv took another look at herself in the mirror of her dressing table. She was just herself, nothing remarkable. Sure, she’d been called stunning, breathtaking, mesmerizing and all that. But it didn’t mean she was an otherworldly being who belonged in another dimension.

For the thousandth time, she checked her ears, then her teeth. Surely a Werewolf would have pointed teeth and ears? She didn’t have either and her nails were normal. Not claw like at all. They didn’t grow at a fast rate either.

She didn’t like to run, liked her meat well done and had no stomach for hunting. She was an indulged heiress who loved her luxurious life and had no intention of living a primitive life in some remote inaccessible otherplace.

There had to be something some higher up in the government had to gain by coming after her family. Maybe even one of the high profile people her mother had won cases against. They must want to hurt them by taking her away.

Though Liv trusted her family would find a way to fight this, she was still worried. What if the agent had been telling the truth? What if her existence really was a threat to the nation? Could she live with it?

Though how could her existence be a threat to the nation? If supernaturals were real, there had to be some who masqueraded as humans.

With a last brush of her hair Liv decided to brave her parents’ company. Fear tried to rise from the depths of her being but she forced it down. Just because she might be a monster did not mean her parents would stop loving her. She was still their daughter.

This might not be Teen Wolf, but Scott’s mother hadn’t disowned him just because he was a Werewolf. If TV moms were that cool real life ones had to be better. She knew her mom was and her dad was a sweetheart.

As if to prove that, they smiled at her as she entered the living room. Their scent held none of the fear she had been afraid of.

And just because she could smell emotions did not mean she was supernatural. Lots of people could tell emotions in ways most couldn’t.

“What if I’m really a monster?” Her mind bypassed her brain to ask.

“Oh honey,” her mom came to hug her. “You’re the furthest thing from a monster.”

“What if I really am a Werewolf?” She asked again, unable to just be content with her mother’s answer.

“Then we’ll deal with it.” Her dad stated, coming to stand behind her mom so he could meet her eyes.

Her mom let go of her and stepped back into her dad’s arms. “We’re not letting you go honey.” She comforted.

“I don’t want anything to happen to you guys.” Liv pleaded.

“Our family is powerful,” her dad said. “We might not have ever had a presidency but we hold more clout than any political family in Washington or any other state. Even if Werewolves existed and were powerful they can’t afford to come against us.”

Liv nodded, a forced smile on her face good enough to fool her parents, maybe. She wanted to be convinced, to go back to what she knew best. Being the Wainwright princess. The one everyone wanted to be or at least be seen with.

“Thanks dad,” She rushed to give her him a spontaneous hug, acting like the carefree person she usually was. Then she gave her mother a kiss on her cheek. “I’ll go hang with Mandy, I promised to help her choose an outfit for her thing with the Cromwells.”

“Oh, don’t tell me they’re still pushing that odious son on her?”

Liv flashed her mother a genuine smile. “We have a plan.” She stage whispered. “We’ll got out to lunch.” She tossed the last as she headed to the door.

She needed to escape. Her parents might believe they had enough power to stand against the supernatural she doubted they did.


“Your parents are too smart to believe that power spiel they fed you.” Mandy stated with all the confidence of her privilege. “How about this?” She asked of her headdress as she gave the floor length mirror a pouting pose.

“I’m pretty sure that’s culturally inappropriate.”

She tossed the headdress onto the discard pile. “Hey it’s my culture I can appropriate it all I want.”

“Did you earn any of the feathers on that headdress?”


“It’s inappropriate.” Liv finalized.

Her friend flopped herself onto her bed where Liv was lying across on her stomach. “You know, these people always complaining about cultural appropriation are going to make it hard to be stylish.”

“You’re a Native American, Caucasian, Chicana so you can wear anything. Plus your dad thinks you hung the moon, and he’s the mayor of Manhattan.”

“True. It’s so hard being me.”

Liv laughed along with her at something most people would curse them for if they ever heard them say. But then most people hated them for having the life they had, even a few in their own circle. Why worry about what they thought?

“Hey, did you hear about the two super gorge guys who moved into penthouse 13B?”

“No, when?” Liv propped herself on her elbows to get a better view of her seated friend.

“Today, like two hours ago. Anyway, this really scary lady apparently bought the suite for them, had it redecorated in like an hour and they showed up.”

Liv’s heart squeezed a beat through a sudden constriction as a wave of foreboding washed over her. “How hot are they?” She asked in a small voice.

“Well, Dana, the maid who told me, said they were hotter than the sun. Unlike anyone she’s ever seen.”

Liv paled at that. “Like maybe Werewolf hot?”

Mandy’s eyes widened, her reddish caramel skin paling too. Then in her usual fashion, Amanda Fuentes rallied. “Dana said she heard them ask about running in the park. Let’s go wait for them in the lobby.”



“Mandy no!”

“Please! It’ll be fun.” Her friend begged.

“And then what?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you’ll Werewolf sense them. Isn’t that what happens on Werewolf shows?”

“I’m pretty sure if they’re Werewolves they’re here to take me to their tree lined huts where I’ll spend my days skinning Bambi and her kin. I like meat, but I hate working on it. And I’m definitely not cooking.”

Her friend’s brow furrowed. “Scent blockers!” She snapped her fingers.

Liv raised a brow, following her friend’s logic only because of knowing her for so long. “Do you have any?”

“Well if they’re as sensitive to smell as everyone says then the next best thing is to have something soaked in bleach with us.”

Liv sighed at her friend. “You’re not going to listen to reason are you?” Not that she wasn’t eager to see the two new guys.

Even the idea that they were here for her made it all the more exciting. She grinned her agreement to her friend’s harebrained idea.

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