The Betas' Mates

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Olivia 4

“You’re showing more patience that usual.” Mandy commented about forty minutes later as Liv continued to pretend she was reading the magazine she held up.

Liv gave her friend a side look. “I’m freaking out.” She confided.

“Oh come on, no one is going to force you to leave, you’re a Wainwright, no one would dare take you away.”

Liv chewed on her lower lip, a nervous gesture she just couldn’t shake. “That’s what dad said, but if Homeland thinks I’m a threat wouldn’t they do their best to have me gone?”

Her friend scoffed at that. “Even they can’t disappear someone from a wealthy family.”

“Do you think Werewolves are really real?” She asked the question that’d been eating at her all day. She hadn’t had the courage to ask her parents, but this was Mandy.

Her friend got serious, her amber eyes meeting Liv’s worried gaze. “I can’t imagine Homeland lying about that.”

Liv nodded her agreement. There was nothing to say she knew. What could she say? She turned to look out the window at the setting sun, its rays hallowed around the park outline. Their apartment building was just across from the park on the east side with a great view of it.

“Hey,” Mandy’s hand reached for her. “You know I’m here for you right?”

Liv blinked back her tears and tried for a smile, she head nodded. “Yeah,” her voice sounded harsh, unused. “But now I’ve endangered you by telling you about it.”

“Please!” Her friend once again scoffed. “Nothing wrong with telling your bff, and if I ever hear you had a secret and didn’t tell me? You’re so dead.”

With a laugh Liv held out her pinky and Mandy entwined hers around it. They’d known each other since they were too young to remember and the pinky promise had held true. As they giggled at the childish act Liv’s eyes rose to the front doors as if drawn by something beyond her.

Everything in her came alive at the same time as the world became insignificant. Her sense of smell became more pronounced to the point where it seemed she could taste the scents. Which wasn’t a good thing as she was sitting with a chlorine soaked cloth.

She coughed, a hacking cough as the bleach seemed to coat her throat. Tears ran down her cheeks, ruining her make up. She imagined she looked worse than a raccoon but she couldn’t seem to stop.

He turned to where they were and their eyes met. It was as if the moment had been preordained from the beginning of time. She couldn’t look away, even as her body tried to purge the scent out of her.

What was he thinking? Did he like her? She wasn’t at her best what with sweat now coating her skin and her fighting not to throw up. And she knew her skin would be blotched.

All that crossed her mind and she felt embarrassed but only for a moment. This meeting felt more important than anything she’d ever experienced and not even her not so put together appearance mattered.

His eyes were beautiful, Liv was a little freaked out that she could see everything about him from so far. They were a greyish green, ringed with a dark corona around the pupil with another outlining the iris. Which gave him such an intense gaze.

She was swept away by it, mesmerized. For that moment, she forgot she was hacking for all she was worth. His draw for her was absolute.

Her eyes took in his high cheekbones, the smooth mahogany red of the skin that stretched over their cutting edges. His jaw was well defined, square, with a designer beard caressing its contours. It outlined sensual full lips that Liv suddenly couldn’t take her eyes off.

She shivered, her eyes retraced the path to collide with his shrouded gaze. He was like a predator who’d sighted his prey and she was that prey. Instead of being scared of that intensity, a thrill raced through her spine.

Then he looked away and Liv felt like the sun had suddenly been taken from her. She couldn’t breathe, her soul at once crushed under a cloud of inadequacy unlike any she’d ever experienced.

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