The Betas' Mates

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Lyndon 5

Don couldn’t get her eyes out of his mind. Those liquid brown pools seemed to have etched themselves so deep into his psyche, claiming a part of him he hadn’t known existed.

He ached, somewhere so deep inside he couldn’t even name what part it was. A throbbing ache full of despair and loss that seemed to want to bury him under its weight.
He felt restless, a need to act riding him but he had no idea what to do. Something was missing, unfinished. It was all he could do not to scream.

It made no sense, unless he’d found his mate. But could that Human be his mate? Werewolves and Humans were not compatible. It made no sense that he couldn’t stop thinking about her eyes. Made no sense that he wanted to seek her out. He wouldn’t though.

What was the point?

Yet all he wanted was to see her again, to touch her porcelain skin, feel its softness. He wanted to taste her cupid lips, feel their soft heat rushing against his own. To run his hand through her auburn hair.

Bloody goddess! What was wrong with him? Were males periodically visited the small Human towns around their territories to sate their needs on Human girls. None of the girls he’d been with though, had ever drawn him as much as she did.

Still, there was no way a Human could be his mate. Her soul wouldn’t have the same ability to reach out to his, to bond on a spiritual level as the Mythkind did. So why couldn’t he keep her out of his head? Why did the idea of not seeking her out rend his heart.

“Okay, what’s wrong with you?” Will asked.

“What?” Don started.

“You’ve been spaced out ever since we got back. What gives?”

He couldn’t lie, Weres could smell a lie a mile away and evasion wasn’t part of Don’s character. He wasn’t sure he wanted his friend to know though. Something in him wanted to keep the girl secret, just for himself.

Which was reason enough to tell his friend, he reasoned. He met Will’s questioning gaze. “That girl,” he started. “The one who was coughing in the lobby.” His friend nodded. “She calls to me.”

Will’s eyes widened until they resembled saucers. “The Human?”




“She can’t be...?”

“I don’t know.”

“But Humans and Weres can’t mate.”

“I know.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know.” Don said once again. “What can I do?”

“Find out for sure.” Will suggested.

Don got up and paced to the bar, hating the fact that human alcohol wouldn’t even come close to giving him a buzz. He wasn’t much of a drinker but this was the kind of situation that called for it.

“That would mean getting close to her and I can’t do that.” He told his friend keeping his back to Will so he wouldn’t see the anguish he was sure was on his face.

“Why not?” The softness in his friend’s query was so unlike what he knew of Will that Don found himself smiling bitterly.

“Because it’ll only make things worse.” Deciding ‘what the hell’, Don poured himself a fifth of whisky and tossed it back in one gulp before pouring another. “Humans can’t form a matebond. Being close to her will strengthen the pull she has for me and without that bond my wolf will go crazy. You know that.”

“Maybe she’s not human.”

Don sighed at that bit of unfounded optimism. “We smelled only Humans in that lobby.” He replied wearily. “It’s been a long day,” he stated unwilling to hear more of Will’s attempts to comfort him. “I think I’ll go to bed.”

“Sure thing man.” Will agreed though it was barely seven and they’d planned to tour the Human city’s nightlife.

What could he do? The idea of going to some night club and possibly hooking up with some random girl turned his stomach. Much as he wanted to do just that and forget the girl he’d seen, he couldn’t.

Anymore than he could forget the soul deep touch her eyes had enacted. Could a Human touch a Were to the matebond level? It’d never happened before. The history books had accounts of Weres who’d tried to bond with a Human and in all they’d ended up killing the Human.

Don wondered what he’d ever done to deserve all life had thrown him. Sure he was a beta, now a Beta, but his former Alphas had taken his parents away from the pack when he’d still needed them. Then Jake had taken his brother away and denied him his birthright. Now he had a Human for a mate.

It was tempting to curse the goddess but his recent encounter with her sealed his lips. Better to keep her somewhat happy with him than be on her bad side.

He went into the shower, making sure to fold his clothes onto a chair before entering the shower stall. As he allowed the too hot water to beat into him, he lay his forehead against the tiles and allowed despair to take over.

Wasn’t it enough to be exiled to the Human world? Did the goddess have to add a Human mate to the pain of being away from his home, his people? Away from the magic that saturated the air he breathed and everything he lived that he’d taken it for granted.

How was he ever going to survive this barren place? How long was he expected to survive? How much was he supposed to survive?

A mate was a sacred thing, something all his people longed for. She was supposed to hold the other half of his soul, to enhance the abilities he’d been born with. How was a Human to do that?

A mated pair was an almost unbeatable force, so attuned and able to infiltrate their enemy ground without being caught. That was the main reason the Moon had strengthened something the Almighty had already in place.

Every person, even Humans had a soulmate but for the mythkind the gods that had chosen and magic altered them had made the need for them paramount. So Don couldn’t even face his mate and reject her.

Jake Estaungffe was the first Were he’d ever heard to reject a mate but that bastard was one for too many firsts. And Don had been helpless to prevent most of those.

Was that why he had a Human mate? As much as he wanted to deny the coughing girl as his, the persistent hole inside him belied the denial. It was a need that he knew could only be sated with her presence, with her touch.

He hadn’t realised when he’d seen her that she was his, in fact he couldn’t recall her scent. It should’ve been all he’d been able to smell but he was sure he hadn’t scented her. Maybe she wasn’t even his mate. Maybe being away from his people was messing with his head.

He could just be missing being around them, around the magic and having a purpose and was just fixating on her. The loss of a pack had to affect a guy in some way right? It didn’t mean he had a mate, their kind found a mate way later in life. Never mind that Nia had found hers at seventeen.

Goddess! He was too young for all this drama.

‘Don.’ His Gamma bespoke him. ‘You need to come back down.’

Don frowned. He had no idea how long he’d been in the shower but Will’s tone spelled trouble. What could his friend have done already? ‘What is it?’ He asked as he closed the water valve and took up the drying towel.

‘We’re needed.’ Was all his Gamma said.

Don’s frown deepened, whilst Weres did frequent this Human city they never stayed long enough to get into trouble and they came prepared. Who could possibly need them? Don though was a Beta and if his Gamma saw a need then he’d meet it as needed.

‘Okay, give me five.’

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