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I am a journalist. And, nothing in my job has ever been interesting. Hoping everyday about getting an interesting story. Maybe, a conspiracy. One day, for a boring, old, story about people not getting treat right at care homes, I reached Sunshine care home. I met Rain, an amnesia patient who could only remember what had happened with her, when it rained. Something did happen, but what?Maybe this was the story I had been searching for.

Romance / Thriller
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She looked outside the window. It was raining heavily. The air around me was already cold but she gave out warmth as she narrated the story. The story was happy till now, and so was I. But a part of my head questioned her.

Why was she like this? What had happened? This feels like a fairy tale, who was the villain?

I didn't want her to reach the sad part of the story, which I knew was creeping towards me. I felt it. I could listen to those faint footsteps, which were heavy. But, the only reason we had started was to end the story.

I was trying to comfort myself with the little silence she had allowed us. I saw her breathing calmly, but her eyes couldn't hide her feelings.

She turned towards me again to continue the story. But before she could open her mouth, her eyes lost focus and she fell sideways on the bed she was sitting.

I got on my feet as fast as I could, and started shouting, "Sister! Sister! Something happened to Rain! Rain!"

I looked at Rain. Her face was crimped with the wrinkles she had. Her breathing was slowing down gradually. I caught her wrist, "Rain! No, you have helped me in so many ways. I can't let you die!"

I got no response from her. Her pulse rate was dropping. Sister dashed in the room with a doctor. While I was pushed aside, the doctor bent over her to check.

I got out of the room, my heart was beating rapidly. I leaned on the wall with my back. Slowly I slid down and sat folding my knees in front of me.

My eyes started to fill up. But before they could leave my eyes, Sister came out and said, "She is in coma. We have to take her to the hospital."
I blinked back my tears.
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