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"Even sunflowers didn't love the sun as much as he loved her. " If we had to abbreviate this book, we would say it is about how Noémie Val met Joseph Saint-Clair, an Alpha Heir, when she was four years old. We witness how their solstitial love blooms, in-between the harsh winters of the French mountains. Yet, a story never involves two individuals only - the entanglement of other people's narratives is inevitable. Microscopic at first, their intentions are almost unseeable, except in a few glimpses of what the main characters perceive. Like each flower has a meaning, this first book, modestly called Sunflower, will show you how much the sun blinds you if you are not careful.

Romance / Fantasy
Hajarine Doe
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Writing a lover’s story is not an easy feat. You will tumble along the way, cross your feet, cut your hands and knees. You will bleed as they bleed, cry as they cry. Mostly, you will love when they hate and hate when they love.

Yet, this is necessary. I cannot write my story without telling you theirs.

Noémie Val remembered that beautiful and sunny day, full of magic in the eyes of a four-year-old girl. Few people recalled the adventures of their childhood, but she had never forgotten the slightest detail, the slightest smell that had changed her life that day.

She reminisced Lake Annecy and these impressive bodies of water, like the ocean. Her father had explained it was only a lake, and that like all the others, it could be bypassed. How strange, she had thought. Her four-year-old mind could not grasp this notion.

On the dry grass, her parents had set up a small tent for her grandmother, so she would not burn under the summer sun. She had always been a high-maintenance kind of person, and her mother hated her coquetry. When the tent was set up, she began to complain. Noémie already knew that they didn’t get along.

Whenever an argument was starting between the two women, her father always took care of distracting her. But on that day, he had a migraine and acute sinusitis. He had not approached her since the day before, afraid that he would pass on his illness. That is why he had told her to join a group of children, while he would watch her from afar.

Noémie, born with the blood of an extrovert, immediately obeyed, small feet treading the grass with eagerness. Meeting strangers was not something she despised. She had run towards the young children, joyful, and presented herself with a big smile.

“My name is Noémie! And we’re going to play together.”

They had stared at her for a few seconds, analysing her blonde and curly hair, her white linen vest and her yellow daisy dress. With an easiness peculiar to children, they agreed.

“Okay, you’re the wolf!”

A few minutes later, the small group of children had already begun to run outside the field allowed by their parents. The game was too entertaining. Fortunately, some were quickly rebuffed and scolded, while others continued to run as they wanted until they ventured too deep into the forest and their survival instincts manifested, forcing them to back off.

Noémie did not stop.

Too ill, her father had forgotten to watch her. She had always been a wise, obedient girl when they were at home. But now that she was on holiday, amid nature she saw too rarely, rules no longer existed in her mind.

She ventured deeper into the forest, all alone. Noémie loved the grey of stones and the green of pine needles, shining under the rays of the sun. The light revealed clouds of dust raised by her running steps. The forest now resonated only with laughter and deep breaths.

Driven by adrenaline, the little girl was only running faster. Faster and faster. But then, she stumbled upon a slightly raised root and fell head first, narrowly avoiding breaking her nose thanks to her hands rolling against the gravel on the ground. Birds stopped singing, anticipating the cries of distress of the little girl.

But Noémie got up as if nothing had happened. She dusted off her dress and blew in her hands to unhook the earth that mingled with her raw pink flesh. Her bloody knees didn’t seem to disturb her. Taking a deep breath, she released her sweaty blonde locks glued to her forehead and grimaced when her hands rubbed the dry, curly texture of her hair.

“Mommy” she called softly as if a simple invocation would carry her to her.

She waited a few seconds and tried again.


Still nothing.

The forest had not returned to its usual melody, and a tension perspired between the trunks of hundred-year-old pines. The harmony of nature had given way to the vigilance of the survival instinct. Noémie felt it and her voice became louder.


The little girl began to wander. She didn’t know where to go, but she was convinced that her parents would find her. It wasn’t the first time she lost her way, after all. A month earlier, at the funfair in Paris, she had sneaked through the crowd to beg the candy floss merchant to make her one. The merchant had kept her beside him and ordered her to shout for her father. A few minutes later, he had appeared panicked, with tears in his eyes and trembling hands. Despite the terrible spanking she had suffered, she had not forgotten how he had hugged her for the rest of the outing.

Daddy will find me, she said to herself, avoiding tripping a second time on a huge stone anchored in the ground. “Daddy!” she screamed now, her voice fluttering between the trees. She was about to scream a second time, when a movement drew her attention to the right, just where the mountain began its slope.

She froze. Fear accelerated her pulse. Her eyes automatically sought to distinguish where the strange movement came from. Maybe it was a ghost, a giant spider or worse, a wolf.

Her heart was drumming in her ears, and she suddenly realized the situation she was in. Tears rose, and a groan was blocked in her throat. She wanted to cry out for help, but her mind required her to shut up and listen.


The little girl burst into tears and ran in the opposite direction, jumping over branches and roots and stones, convinced that a big bad wolf was going to pounce on her to devour her raw. Her grandmother, Marguerite, had told her the story of little red riding hood. She had also told her the story of Henriette Desmonts, found devoured in the middle of a forest a long time ago.

Noémie had nightmares for a whole week. Now it was her turn to end up in the wolf’s belly.

“Mommy!” she cried desperately, before stumbling again on the same branch as before.

This time, she remained on the ground, crying and wetting her panties. Her already coagulated hands grabbed dust and pebbles, trying to find some comfort in the dirt. Tears blurred her vision and snot flowed into her mouth. She had never been so afraid in her short life, and she promised herself that she would never leave her parents again. Even as an adult, she would continue to live with them and drink the chocolate milk her mother made her every morning.

Another sob began to rise when she heard footsteps behind her. Thinking it was her mother, she turned her head.

The forest was still silent. But the air began to lighten, and a pile of clouds extinguished the sun rays piercing through the pines. Strangely, the absence of light soothed her. Nature had suddenly lost its magic, its mystery. Instead, a tranquillity set in, and her heart began to slow down. Her gaze was on a pine trunk a few meters from her.

A small hand slipped timidly on the bark of the pine. Then, she saw a nose and a piece of cheek. Finally, she saw eyes… Light blue eyes.

Noémie stopped crying. The birds began to sing again, the butterflies to fly and the squirrels to dance. The whole forest was revived. With the back of her hand, she wiped away her tears and straightened herself on her small legs, her knees bloodied and her hands dirty. The blue gaze dwelt on her wounds, the glow diminishing to give way to a heavier black.

“Hello?” whispered Noémie.

There was a child behind this tree. Not a giant spider, not a monster. It made her forget the terrible fear that had gripped her stomach a few minutes earlier. She was no longer alone, now she had a friend.

Silently, the hidden form revealed itself. Noémie could not detach her gaze from these eyes, and these eyes did not detach themselves from her own. When the child moved far enough away from the tree, a big smile appeared on the little girl’s lips.

Immediately, she knew he was a boy because of his naked and chubby body. However, no shame was apparent on his face; he didn’t seem to care for his nudity. Rather, he seemed joyful, while uncertain. He suddenly brought his fingers to his mouth and chewed them with a force that made Noémie cringe.

The blue eyes were focused on the little girl’s wounds. When a drop of blood slipped down her leg to soak her socks, she leaned over and wiped the trail as if it were mere water. A groan resonated in her ears and she straightened up immediately.

The little boy had bitten his hand severely and blood began to flow along his wrist. Tears of distress rose in Noémie’s eyes.

“Stop!” she said, running towards him, prudence forgotten.

At the sound of her voice, the little boy froze.

She pulled his hand out of his mouth and blew on the wounds. The eyes of the stranger were no longer blue, but Noémie was too worried to pay attention to his irises. She waved his hand in the air to dry the blood.

When she looked him in the eye again, she flicked him on his forehead.

“You must not bite yourself like that,” she explained in a disapproving tone while waving his wounded hand once more. “Look, you’re full of owies–“.

Her sentence suddenly stopped. Noémie noticed something was different.

The little boy’s eyes were no longer blue.

They were black.

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