Fate Intertwined

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Chapter 4: Family and baby project!

I walk into my sixth-period class and sit down next to Ivy. The bell rang, and I watched as the rest of the students walked into the room. Then the teacher, Mr. Smith, walks in and stands at the front of the class.

"Okay class, today we are st-" Mr. Smith began to say only to be interrupted by ‘the one and only’ Asher, walking into the classroom, “Do you have a note, Mr. Wolfe?”

“No,” He said, rolling his eyes as if to say why would I need a note. He then walks to the back taking a seat near one of his friends.

“As I was saying, today we will be starting the Family and Baby project. I will be partnering you up for this project so don't get too excited.” I heard some grones from around the class as he said that last part.

“You will get engaged and married then you will have to figure out how to budget having a baby with the information that you will get in your packets you get today,” I saw a few hands go up around the classroom but he then said wait till the end to ask questions.

“Anyway, each of you will get a packet that you have to fill out, in each packet, it will tell you your job, your salary, and your age but you will have to figure out how you met.”

“This project will take the rest of the year, so about 7 months or so. Anyway, this project will be separated into two parts, the first part starts today, the second part starts in around 3 months from now, so in January. I will tell you more about the second part of this project in January. Any questions?”

No one raised their hands so he said, “Okay when I call your name go to your partner;

Rose & Kaden

Finnly & Sebastian

Paige & Ethan

Ivy & Tyler

Elaina & Brady

Lilly & Conner

Alex & Brice

Hunter & Asher…”

All I could think was … OH SHIT!!

I got up and headed towards the back of the classroom where Asher and his friends were sitting and I sat down next to him.

“Well, it looks like we will be seeing a lot more of each other, although, I don't know how much more of each other we can really see after this morning,” he said with a smirk.

Once again I blush, letting my hair fall in front of my face in an attempt to hide the blush that had spread across my face.

He leaned forward and whispered into my ear, “ you look cute when you blush.” which only made me blush harder.

Just then Mr. Smith says “okay class, one person from each group get up and come get a packet, from on top of my desk, that will contain the information about each other.”

I quickly get up and make my way towards the front of the classroom where he gives me the packet with our names written on it. I skim over the paper and see that I am a student fresh out of med school and asher is a police officer.

I walk back to asher and ask “can we work on this after school?”

“Sure, how long do you have to work on this?”

“Until 5:30” I state.

“Okay, I will come over right after school.”

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