Fate Intertwined

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Chapter 5: Her


When I heard the sound of my alarm clock going off at 5:00 in the morning, I quickly got up to turn it off.

I put my basketball shorts over my boxers, not bothering to put a shirt on. I grab my phone and earbuds and put on some MCR. I sneak out trying not to wake anyone before I start my run.

When I run it helps me clear my mind. Before I know it the alarm that is set to tell me when it is 5:55 so I know to head home is going off.

I arrive home around 6:00 and walk-in, not bothering to be quiet because they have to get up any minute now. I jump in the shower for about 15 minutes before getting out and wrapping a towel around my hips. I walk back into my room, which is connected to my bathroom.

I head over to my dresser and looked out the window right next to the dresser. I was surprised at what I saw, she was gorgeous. She had long legs and a curvy body, I would guess she was a solid C cup.

She was completely bare and today that she did not turn me on would be a lie. She wrapped a towel around her beautiful body then she looked up. Our eyes met and she turned a dark shade of red, even blushing she looked stunning.

She broke her gaze with my eyes and I looked away just to feel her gaze traveling up and down my body. Only then did I realize that I was in just a towel. I look back at her with a smirk.

She sees me smirking at her and she blushes again before she swiftly closes the blinds to her room.

“Damn, now I wish I had time to take another shower,” I mutter to myself before I get dressed in ripped jeans and a white shirt, and then I grab a random flannel and wrap it around my waist.

I head over to my sister's room to make sure she is up, which she is. After that, I headed downstairs and poured myself some cereal, soon after I saw dad make his way downstairs.

“Hey, Asher,” he says.

“Hey, Dad, what’s up?” I ask.

“Could you see if your sister needs a ride?” he asks.

“Yeah sure,” I say as I pull my phone out of my pocket.

I text Hailey if she needs a ride. A couple of seconds later after I text her she comes down.

“No I don’t need a ride,” she says as she plops down in a seat at the table.

“If you saw my text then why did you not just text me back?”

“Because, dear brother, I would not get the pleasure of annoying you otherwise,” she says in an innocent voice.

I roll my eyes, get up from the table, and I put my bowl in the sink. I grab my leather jacket off the chair that I was sitting on. Then I walk over to my sister and kiss her on her forehead to annoy her.

“Bye dad, see you later, be careful at work.” I say before leaving.

I walked out to my mustang before heading to school, but I could not stop thinking about her.

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