Hush Darling

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Vladimir: I am a dangerous man. I always have people who want to take my place. I run four-four families. I am Pakhan. I have more than any Bravta family. There is only one way out of the family you want to leave it is seen as a traitor, so in the end, death will be voted for wanting to go even if it's for a good reason. Calista: He is dangerously handsome but he is arrogant asshole I should have ran from him the minute his lips touched mine but now I am standing at the alter and pregnant. Vladimir can't stay away from Calista she is intoxicating he is obsessed with her, can't admit his feelings things get complicated for him when she becomes pregnant, he forces marriage on her it's the way of his life and rules in Maifa. How far will he go for his family? Can he admit his true feeling before it's too late! Their is a war coming and Calista past is catching up with her will her deep secret come out when it dose how will Vladimir handle it? Their is going to be lose, pain, chaos coming their way but one thing they have is unbreakable bond are do they? Join them in their journey lots of suspense, action, drama, thriller, erotic.

Romance / Erotica
Crystal love
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This Is Me

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This book is still ongoing just working on my first book and editing, then editing this book. Thank you 😊

Some call me a monster; most think they want to be my friend, women fight to win me over, hoping I will pick them to be my next wife. I do not want a new wife; I want my wife back. They thought they broke me; they almost did when they killed my wife. Well, guess what? All they did was turn me into a cold monster; it's been Almost sixteen years since my beautiful wife Ella was taking from my daughter and me.

I am a dangerous man. I always have people who want to take my place. I run four-four families. I am Pakhan. I have more power than any Bravta family. There is only one way out of the family; if you want to leave, then you die because you are seen as a traitor, so in the end, death will be voted for wanting to go, even if it's for a good reason. They don't care once you take the oath and you become a made man. It's for life.

My life caused my wife Ella, who was beautiful tall with slight curves, legs for days that I could never get enough of long Carmel hair. Her smell always smelled like flowers; she loved working in the garden. The day I lost her was the first I have ever cried; they did break me for a short time they went underground and hiding. They don't know I am close. I will get my revenge, and then maybe I can move forward.

As I come home with roses, her favorite flowers to surprise her with a date, I dropped Zoya off our little girl with my brother Varick and his wife, Sofia. I want to surprise Ella with date night; we haven't had one in a year since Zoya was born; I want to have my wife exposed, begging me like she uses to.

As I make my way to the door, I put my key in, but the door is unlocked. That does not make sense because she always keeps the door lock even if I have guards here. As I make my way in, something is off. She always has music playing this time of day as she cooks and bakes. Where is the music? I am panicking now.



With the sound of my heart pounding in my chest in my ears, I feel my blood pressure going high.

I head to the kitchen in a fast past as my heart is pounding in my chest. I am becoming worried; maybe it's from the call I had earlier today that has me on edge. She not there. Maybe Sofia said something to her; we all know she is not good at keeping a secret probably wanted Ella to be prepared and dressed sexy and talking her into leaving Zoya for the night. Ella has had a hard time leaving Zoya; she kept saying she needs this time.

I head to the elevator, and it seems like time stops. The doors are taking forever to open. I can't shake this feeling. Something is wrong, very wrong. I was shocked she let Zoya visit her sister for the day while she did errands. Maybe she still out of the house. Right, that is it; she probably still doing things. She did ask me to pick Zoya up.

I make my way to the third floor, finally. We have a secret elevator under the bed that leads to a panic room. I have gone over the plan with her over and over and taught her self-defense.

I make my way down to our room. It feels like my heart is pounding into my damn ears; not like her to be of the house Ella always has the same schedule. She hates when it gets messed up, and she will have anxiety. Maybe she needs a break went for a breather; why hasn't she text or called me?

I open the door. She is not there as the light is on, but I see the light in the bathroom, hear music coming from the bathroom. Hmm... odd, maybe she needed to take a bath for a little with her wine. It has been a lot to adjust to mom- life; she had depression for a few months.

As I make my way into the bathroom, time stops, and I can't move. My wife is in the tub filled with blood all over the floor. I run to her grabbing her out of the tub hope I can save her; there is so much blood. Both her wrist are slit, and I try to stop the blood, but when I grab the towel, there is no more blood. I examine her body bruises all over her, and she is left-handed. This was done with a right-handed person. She is so cold her lips are blue. Her... Eyes...!

She doesn't have a pulse as I check her neck. I-I can't save her because she has been gone for hours now. I-I can't keep her. I...


I can't believe this not my sweet cupcake. This can't be happening. I only had her for two years. She was it for me; I loved her. What if my daughter was here. Fuck! I don't want to let her go, but I have to text my brother. I sit here with her.

I don't know when or how long I have been sitting here with Ella, and I hear my brother's thick Russian accent.

"Vladimir, we need to take care of her; you have to let me take care of this clean-up and work with the detective. Go to your little girl; she needs you, and you need her. I promise we will take care of everything.

"Will you hold her to they get here? I ask with my voice cracking. I feel warm tears run down my face. I can't remember the last time I cried, not even when my father passed away. I never called; I have to be strong; I am in charge of four families since eighteen years old.

I meant Ella right after becoming the boss; she got pregnant, Bam! I was a dad at twenty. She was it, and I loved her. I may have lost my way done wrong, but she understood this life permitted me to be whoever I needed as long as I promised to love her and only her and our daughter. She is older only thirty-three- years old.

I left her behind, soaked in her blood and water. I make my way to the guest room to wash up and change clothes. I can't go to my daughter like this. Varick is good with our police; we have them deep in our pockets. We will find out who did this; she did not do this to herself.

I feel sad but no tears. I drink a lot and fuck a lot of women and toss them when I am done. I can't have another one in my life as it's dangerous. I have to protect my daughter, who is fifteen years old. She is with my brother this weekend; she and my niece are best friends, Zoya and Vera. Sofia is good with all that girly shit.

I need to go to my restaurant and interview for a new waitress as two quit at the same time. I don't blame them; I am a hard man to work for and not a patient man. I may have broke rules and slept with them, they wanted more, and I made it clear it wasn't going to happen. I found a letter my wife wrote saying she would like me to move on to find love again.

She was a hopeless romantic. There is no other love for me ever. They tried to say she killed herself, but I know the truth, and so do my men. When I find the people who did that, they will pay. It won't be quick; it will slow and painful.

I make my way in, greeted by the only woman who shows me no interest. Amanda, my manager, does the first interview, and I do the second. I have certain things I like about my employees, so if you want to work for me, it must be precisely what I want.

The day went on as I interviewed four people; now they were horrible; how did they make it past the first interview? I take a drink of my vodka as I see the next women come; she looks young, fuck she catches my eye.

She is beautifully violet with blue in her eyes with long blonde hair, curves. Her face is so beautiful, and Angelica her skin is porcelain. She makes her way over. I stand up to greet her. I take a quick look at her name.

"Calista Dzik," I say with a smile as I extend my hand out. She grabs my hand, shaking it. Something jolts through my hand, and I hurry and rip it away. She must have felt it too.

"Nice to meet you, sir... you are Vladimir Todorov." She tells me in a sweet, beautiful voice. She is wonderful.

Get a grip. It can't happen, I see her age here. She is eighteen years old; she is young. I am becoming annoyed with Amanda bringing these damn women who have no experience. She is losing her touch; she must be fucking with me.

"Have you ever waitressed before? I ask with a curious voice as I give her a stone-cold face.

"Yes, I have been waitressing since I was fourteen years old." She tells me with confidence as she keeps looking me straight in the eyes. I feel exposed, as she can see through my soul and pain.

"I don't think—"

"No, I need this to help pay for college, help raise my son. I am a single mom." She tells me with pleading eyes, and it does something to me. I hate with people cut me off she is pissing me off.

"I will give you a week if you can't keep up with the paste. When I come in, you serve me in my office. It would help if you moved as fast as you can. I am not a patient man." I snip at her and clench my jaw. How dare she disrespect me. No one interrupts me besides one woman did.

"Calista, how old is your child?" I ask with curiosity. Is she a young teen mother, maybe?

"Two -years- old, her father was killed by a drunk driver. Sorry I-I did not mean to say all of this." She says with pain in her eyes.

I see pain and sadness in her eyes. It was reminded me of Zoe; she was little when she lost her mother in tragedy, same as this poor young girl. I now feel empathy for her. I don't particularly appreciate how I am having a connection with her right now.

"I understand; it's okay. I lost a wife. You have a week; all I can do is a high-end fast-paste restaurant. You start Monday at 11:30 A.M work to 4 P.M. Go see Amanda." As I excuse myself, I said too much to this woman more than I have spoken to any woman.

As I walk out fast, smiling at Amanda, not saying a word as I feel anger boil inside me, what the hell is wrong with me? I have never wanted this feeling with a woman, let alone one her age. She was doing something to me. I have to get away because I don't trust myself with her. I punch the brick causing pain in my knuckles as I walk away fast.

I make my way to my car with my jaw clenching. I need to get to the get the fuck away and find a woman to suck me off. I need to release, or I need a fight right now. I go with texting Varick telling him to get a set up right now. He says okay. He doesn't question me.

I speed out of the parking lot, screeching tires heading to the underground fighting ring someone will feel my wrath; why am I allowing that woman I don't even fucking know affect me this way? Fuck maybe I need to fuck her get her out of my system. I have felt that won't be that simple.

As I make my way to the gym, I see my brother there with a concerned look on his face.

"Vlad, what is going with you, man!" He is in a concerned tone as he slaps my back. I shake my head, heading to the locker room getting ready for my fight.

I run many clubs, escort services that women are here of their own free will, run big loan shark ring, and make sure I laundered dirty money through my legit business. I deal with weapons and drugs. That is where a lot of my money comes in.

"Who am I fighting?" I ask my brother, not bothering to look at him.

"The Dragon is the one willing to fight you. He tells me with a chuckle in his thick accent.
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