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Dreams of Summer

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Summer: I had the best summer ever planned. My moms friend owns a beach house in freaking Malibu and she paid me to stay there ALL SUMMER LONG! The only thoughts in my mind were: is there cocktail service on the beach? That is until I showed up and realized I wasn’t only house sitting... I was practically babysitting a 22 year old, pot smoking, beer drinking, guitar playing manwhore. With ice eyes that could kill but also bring me to my knees in one single glance.

Romance / Erotica
Melissa Nicole
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Summer- December 24th 2017

My decision should’ve been simple. I should’ve went with the person who I knew would be easier on my heart... but no, of course I had to choose the hard road, the painful way, the rip your heart out of your chest and throw it in a paper shredder way...

I know I’m probably not making much sense right now but that’s probably because I am a bottle of red wine deep laying on a hotel room floor alone, sobbing hysterically on Christmas Eve.

A loud pounding on the door spooks me but only for a second because I already know who it is...

“Summer! Open the door!” A desperate voice says through the door. “No! Go away!” I manage to choke out between sobs. “Fuck baby... open the door”

All my gut wrenching sadness turns into blood boiling anger when I hear him call me baby. “Get the fuck out of here!!!” I scream as I pull myself off the floor. I look around the room through tear soaked eyes and when my eyes lock on the assholes expensive gold watch I storm towards it and snag it off the night stand, next I run into the the bathroom and sweep all the boy products into a garbage bag then I gather up the dirty clothes scattered all over the hotel room.

Once I get every fragment of his into the black trash bag I storm towards the door where I know he is still waiting.

I swing open the door planning on throwing his watch beside his head into the wall but the second I lock eyes with the man who stole everything from me I choke up. I freeze. I almost pass out cold.

“Baby” he says softly and that’s all it takes to push me back over the edge. “Ahhh!! Get out of here!! I can’t even fucking look at you anymore!” I scream so loud I’m sure everyone on this floor can hear. I whip his gold watch at the wall and watch it shatter to the floor. “I hate you” I spit out. “No... you love me baby and I love you!” He takes a step closer to me and I feel my knees go weak. I can’t be near him any longer. “No, you blew it. You fucking blew everything!” I scream before I slam the door in his face. I instantly feel my already shattered hurt ache even more in the absence of him, but I need to let him go. I have to try...
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