Despertately in Love

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When Yvonne Brandsma starts her last school year, she cannot suspect that she will run into her great love at Thorbecke College... and that that great love will turn out to be her teacher I am not the original writer of this book. Have permission to share this story with you. The book is written by Lizzie van den Ham.

Romance / Drama
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Yvonne Brandsma
Best friend of Lizzy
In senior year
Age: 17

Martin van Vliet
Teacher: Cultural and Artistic Forms
Daughter: Nora van Vliet
Age: 30

Best friend of Yvonne
In senior year
Boyfriend: Paul
Age: 17

Senior year
Girlfriend: Lizzy
Age: 17

Friend / classmate Yvonne
Boyfriend: Marc
Age: 17

Student on Thorbecke College
Girlfriend: Tessa
Age: 18

Friend / classmate Yvonne
Girlfriend: Jessica
Age: 18

Student on Thorbecke College
Boyfriend: Michel
Age: 17

Nora van Vliet
Father: Martin van Vliet
Mother: Femke
Age: 4

Mr. Brandsma
Father of Yvonne
Age: ?

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