Princess in Texas

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A princess. A cowboy a inconceivable love Samantha de Vriesch has the perfect life: rich parents, a group of popular girls around her at school and the prettiest boy as a boyfriend. Until her mother throws a spanner in the works. Sam's parents are getting divorced and Mrs. de Vriesch has bought a house in the middle of nowhere in Robstown, Texas to start a bed and breakfast there. And of course Sam has to come, because Mr. de Vriesch is too busy with his new girlfriend... To make a virtue of necessity, Sam decides to become the unbeaten princess of Robstown High in Texas as well. She has her heart set on the best looking jock in the school, but actually the handyman who helps her mother with the renovation of the house makes her heart beat much faster. Scott is a poor boy with a past and, according to Sam, a completely hopeless cowboy. She shouldn't be seen with him... but how can she resist his seductive smile and sweet words? I did not write this book myself, I don't have the rights. I have permission to share this this story with you. The book is written by Debra Eliza Mane and Lizzie van den Ham, in Dutch.

Romance / Drama
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Samantha de Vriesch
17 years old
Princess in the Netherlands and want that status also in Amarica

Scott Wright
19 years old
Helps with remodeling bed and breakfast

Liz de Groot (ex Mrs. de Vriesch)
Mother of Lynn
Owner of a Bed &Breakfast in Robstown

17 years old
Lynn’s friend, later BFF

Alex Davis
Lawyer (will be later in the story)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Side Characters

Hunter Beasley
High School hunk

Lynn White
Current High school princess and bitch

Rick de Vriesch
Father of Lynn

Lynn’s boyfriend in the Netherlands

Lynn’s BFF in the Netherlands
Has a thing for Anton

Other BFF of Lynn in the Netherlands

Josh Wright
Wyatt’s father

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Englisch is not my first language.
The Story is written in dutch Lizzie van den Ham and Debra Eliza Mane.

I don’t own the rights of this book. Have permission to share this story with you

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