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Chapter 12. Bad Things

After I was raided and kicked in the face, I was pulled from my house. I was in the police station in a separate interrogation room from my parents. They could do that to me now because I was eighteen.

The door swung open. Ademar and Mia walked into the room. Mia looked at me worriedly, but there was a suspicion in her eyes.

I kept my poker face in place. “Wow, you weren’t kidding,” I smirked. “You really raised hell. Tell me, did you find what you were looking for?” I already knew the answer. Arrogance colored my tone. “What do you think of our blueprints for the new hotel?” I teased. “Pretty fucking snazzy if I do say so myself.”

He crossed his arms over his chest. There was a strong anger and hatred in his eyes. “Give it a rest, Angel. Your parents confessed. You’re all part of the Latin Kings.”

I threw my head back and laughed. I bowed my head and shook it as I shook with laughter. My gaze met his again, and my expression became surprised.

“Come on, Ademar. Do you take me for a fool? You can’t honestly believe that I’m that Naïve?” I paused. My gaze met Mia’s, and she was staring at me, confused. “How could my parents admit such a thing, when they’re not associated with such a thing?” I denied.

“You’re lying,” he said sternly. “You little bastard.”

“And you sound like you need another fucking doughnut!” I chuckled. “I think all that sugar is going to your brain.”

Mia’s eyes widened in shock. I imagined she hadn’t heard anyone speak to her father that way.

“What’s wrong, mami?” I purred at Mia. I stared googly-eyed at her just for her father’s benefit. “Didn’t you know? Your dad and I are getting to know each other well. This is how we bond.”

“I found the guns, Angel,” he said. He slammed his hands down on the table across from me.

My gaze locked with his, and my face was full of false shock and nervousness. “Really?” I breathed.

Mia’s jaw dropped. I realized that Ademar told Mia he was going to get me to confess to being part of the Latin King’s. She thought I was about to admit it.

Ademar thought I was about to admit it. Ademar’s eyes filled with hope.

“You mean the ones my parents have permits for?” I chuckled and batted my eyelashes at him. I watched as the hope in his eyes faded. “You know what I think? I think you’re just pissed off because I’m dating your daughter. Or maybe it is because my parents are richer than you,” I teased. “Clearly, you don’t scare me. Why don’t you just give it a rest? You won’t ever find anything because there is nothing to find!”

“You little asshole!” He sneered.

“Dad, this is ridiculous! I’m leaving!” Mia shrieked. Mia now didn’t believe anything her father had told her. She could see I wasn’t budging.

“Mia!” He boomed. Ademar grabbed Mia’s arm and spun her around to face him. “You are not to hang out with this boy!” He stared at her as he spoke but jabbed a finger in my direction.

“Do you understand me? He denies it because he was trained to do so by his parents. I know who they are. They have killed people. You’re not safe around them. People they associate with turn up dead every single day. They sell drugs and illegal weapons. The other businesses are just legitimate money for them to hide behind!” Ademar shouted.

“Damn, Ademar. When is the last time you had your blood pressure taken? Your face is red. Is that smoke coming out of your ears?” I asked. I threw my head back and laughed.

Mia grimaced and looked down at me as if she was waiting for me to answer her.

I pursed my lips and shook my head at her.

That was all the answer she needed. She pulled her arm from her dad and stalked out of the room. She slammed the door behind her.

“You do know my parents are going to sue your ass for not having probable cause, right? You’re harassing us. You suck at being a cop,” I said and chuckled. “Was that even a real warrant you had?”

“You think you are such a hotshot, don’t you?” He challenged.

A chuckle escaped me. “Your daughter seems to think I’m pretty hot. Does it bother you that she likes me more?”

He crossed the room and bounced my head off the table.

It hurt, but I was good at ignoring pain. I raised my head back up and smiled at him.

Other cops bursted into the room and pulled him out. He was going to be in trouble for hurting me for no reason, once again.

I chuckled and smiled at him. I waved at him with my cuffed hands as they pulled him from the room. Blood trickled down my nose. I could taste blood on my tongue.

Several minutes passed, and a different cop came into the room. “Stand up, Angel,” he said.

I stood, and he uncuffed me.

He escorted me out to the front of the police station. One of the other police officers handed me back my cell phone and wallet.

My parents came out with a couple of officers walking behind them. They both looked livid. Mom’s eyes grew angrier when she saw the dried blood from my nose.

“Did Ademar do this to you?” Mom asked as we walked out of the station.

“No, ma, the muffin man did it,” I snorted. Ouch! Bad idea, nose still hurts!

We called for a driver and waited outside the police station. Martin, one of our drivers, pulled up in a Limousine. Mom, Dad, and I got into the vehicle. Mom called one of our lawyers to tell him what had happened.

The rest of the ride home was silent. When we got back to the mansion, we headed for the study.

Mom sneered when she saw the mess that the maids were still cleaning. It was an absolute disaster. There were books ripped from the shelves. There was glass broken. Furniture had been flipped over.

“Calm down, bebita,” Dad said softly.

“Calm down?!” Mom shrieked. Mom threw her hands in the air.

I instantly took a step back. Mom was ready to explode, and I knew it was my fault.

Fucking hormones–I cared about Mia so much that I didn’t care what it could do to my family, and that was selfish.

“Ma, I’m so sorry,” I said hesitantly.

Mom spun to face me, and the anger faded to sadness. “No, baby, it’s not your fault. However, Mia’s father will pay for this. He was harassing you just because he doesn’t want you with Mia. It’s ridiculous. He has no proof!” Mom took several breaths to calm herself. She closed her eyes for a moment.

Dad approached her and rubbed her back gently.

“We knew this could happen,” Mom said with her eyes still closed. “This is exactly why we relocated everything when you decided you wanted to go after Mia. We knew they wouldn’t find anything.”

“It’s still bullshit,” I said and shrugged. “I shouldn’t be putting you guys through this.” I didn’t wait for my parents to speak. I dashed out of the study and into the foyer.

I needed to clear my head. When I got into my bedroom, I grabbed a blunt from my drawer. I lit it and laid back on my bed. It felt like I had to choose between Mia and keeping my family’s secret. It was overwhelming. This wasn’t what I had in mind when I started dating her. Ademar may not have found anything this time, but what if one day he did?

Of course, I should have known it would come down to this. From the way she looked at me earlier, I had a feeling she wouldn’t speak to me anytime soon. I pulled my phone out and texted her new phone. I hoped that she would answer, but some part of me didn’t want her to.

I walked downstairs and grabbed a bottle of Bourbon from the liquor cabinet. I darted back upstairs and into my room. I opened the bottle and took a swig of it. I re-lit my blunt and smoked it the rest of the way. By the time it was gone, my head was fuzzy. I continued to drink the Bourbon straight from the bottle even though the room was spinning. I just wanted the thoughts to stop swarming around my head like bees.


There were a few raps on my door. It was nearly eleven o’clock. I was smashed at this point. I stared in the direction of the door. There was dim lighting coming from my TV. I was so far gone I didn’t even want to move. Instead of getting up to answer the door, I continued to lay there.

My bedroom door swung open and shut. I waited to see who it was. I imagined it was Jesse. I assumed wrong.

Mia walked around the corner. My lips parted in surprise.

“Hi,” she murmured as she approached my bed.

“Uh...” I trailed off. “Hi?”

How was her timing always so horrible? I was drunk and high as hell. She wasn’t going to want to see me this way. I was a fucking mess. I watched her as she climbed across my bed.

She was in leggings and a long red off the shoulder sweater. She made it across the large bed to me but didn’t stop there. She crawled on top of me. She straddled me and hovered over me. She pressed her lips to mine but broke the kiss right away.

“Are you drunk?” She asked in surprise.

“And high,” I admitted.


What does she mean, why? “Well, what in the fuck do you think?”

She sat upright. Her eyes widened, and her hands fell to my chest. She was shocked at the hostility in my voice, but she didn’t respond.

I groaned in frustration and rubbed my face fiercely. I dropped my hands and looked up at her. “I was thrown to the floor, raided, kicked in the face, and disrespected in my own damn house, Mia. All because of you!” That did not come out right!

She started to move off me, but I gripped onto her hips to stop her.

“W-wait,” I began.

“Go to hell!” she spat.

She jumped off of me and started to run for the door. I jumped off the bed and chased after her. I managed to grab her just as she threw the door open. I staggered and slammed the door shut. The room spun rapidly.

“Damn it! You choose to come here at the worst possible time! I’m drunk, Mia! It came out wrong!” I shouted. I spun her to face me as she stopped squirming. “I’m sorry, mami. I didn’t mean it that way.”

She stared into my eyes for a long moment, unsure if she wanted to forgive me once again for being an asshole. In one swift movement, she threw her arms around my neck and stood on her toes. Her lips pressed fervently to mine. An undeniable craving for her twisted in my stomach. She molded her body to mine and pushed me back toward the bed.

My brain activity slowly decreased. My pulse quickened and caused a rapid thumping noise in my ear. I couldn’t seem to think straight. I lifted her and crossed my room to my bed. The smell of her flowery perfume seemed to intoxicate me further.

She moaned against my lips.

I crawled up the bed with her and laid her down. I knew it was wrong, but the desire I felt for her was winning over right and wrong. My hand slid up her shirt and traced the curves of her body.

Her fingers untangled from my hair and trailed down my back. She started lifting my shirt. I broke the kiss and let her lift it off of me.

Her eyes were lust-filled. I stopped as I stared back at her. She ran her hand down my chest to the waistband of my jeans. She reached for the button of them, but my hand caught hers. She stared at me in confusion.

“W-we can’t,” I said breathlessly. I pulled away from her, which felt nearly impossible. I knelt between her legs. I buried my face in my hands. It was easier to think when I wasn’t looking at her.

“What?” She asked, confused.

I turned away from her and slid down to the edge of my bed. I kept my knees bent and put my head between my knees to stop the spinning. I was unsure if the spinning was from the alcohol and pot, or Mia. Perhaps, it was all three.

She crawled up behind me. “What’s wrong?”

“This is never going to work, Mia. I want it to, but it just can’t. Your dad will never stop. It’s just a matter of time before this shit destroys me. I hate putting my family through this. The closer we get, the harder it is going to be when it ends. Let’s just end it now before it gets that far,” I said. “Trust me.”

“Angel, I don’t care what my dad thinks. He can’t control me forever. I’m going to be eighteen soon,” she growled. She pushed my legs down and straddled me. She grabbed my face between her hands. “I don’t care what he says. He thinks he knows what I want, but he doesn’t. I want you,” she mumbled.

She smashed her lips against mine. She was going to win this argument because I was going to let her. I was helpless when it came to Mia. She had no idea how tightly wrapped I was around her finger. She shoved me back down onto the bed as her lips molded to mine. She was pushing me right over the edge.

It was impossible to stop it. It was like it was meant to be this way. A burning started in my chest and expanded through the rest of my body. She was like my own personal piece of paradise and hell all at the same time. It had me wondering if she was put on the planet just to destroy me. My brain was screaming to push away from her, but my heart just let her pull me closer. She sat up and threw off her shirt.

Game over, I lose! “Damn, Mami,” I grunted. I licked my lips at the sight of her. “You do bad things to me,” I murmured.

One of her hands disappeared behind her, and she unclasped her bra. Her breasts bounced free from the bra as it slid down her arms.

Fuck it, destroy me, please. I wrapped an arm around her waist and flipped us.

She moaned when I pressed my lips to hers. My tongue slipped into her mouth and massaged hers. She arched her back as I rubbed one of her breasts with my hand. I had a strong desire to touch every inch of her.

The rest of our clothes disappeared in a matter of seconds. A moan escaped her as I trailed my lips up her bare thigh. There was a longing to taste every bit of her.

She gasped when my tongue pressed against her clit. Mia somehow tasted better than I expected. As my tongue danced around her clit, she thrashed against me. Her breathing was heavy, and her moans were loud.

Her legs started to shake, and her back arched. She knotted her hands in my hair and pulled it. Her hips raised up slightly as I moved my tongue faster and harder around her clit.

There was no high that was stronger than the high this girl gave me. I’m not sure if I’m in love with her or not, but boy, am I getting close.

“Angel!” She moaned loudly as the orgasm rocked through her.

When she came down from the orgasm, I looked up at her and smirked. She rolled her eyes but grabbed my arm and pulled on it.

I hovered over her and trailed my lips down her neck. My cock was already hard, but I hesitated for a moment. Virginity was not a topic we discussed. I wasn’t a virgin, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t.

Of course, I refused to ask, but I was about to find out. Some part of me was bothered by the thought she might not be. Some part of me was worried that she might be. I slid the condom down my cock as she watched. She eyed it nervously.

She dug her fingernails into my back as I slowly entered her. She gasped and moaned as my cock filled her.

“Fuck,” I hissed.

She was tight but not as tight as a virgin would be. This meant I didn’t have to be careful, and she wasn’t going to be shy. She bit down on my neck and clawed my back as I started diving harder into her.

“Oh god,” she moaned. Her hot breath fanned across my neck. “Harder,” she demanded.

Oh, hell yeah!

She gasped in shock at my reaction at what she had said. I pulled out of her. Her eyes widened, and I gave her a devious grin.

I flipped her over and positioned her into a doggy-style position. “You better hold onto the bed, mami,” I warned.

“Uh-Oh,” she mumbled. She gripped tightly onto the iron bed frame. I slammed back inside of her. She threw her head back and moaned loudly.

The bed banged against the wall. I needed to remember to put a damn pillow between the bedframe and the wall next time.

“You like that?” I grunted.


I slid a hand down to her wet folds and rubbed her clit with my finger. Her moans became louder again, and she started rocking her hips in time with my thrusts. I waited for her to come down from her orgasm before I released into the condom.

“Damn, mami,” I grunted.

Somehow my only thought was that sex would never be the same if it wasn’t with Mia. I somehow felt higher than before we started. I flipped her back over and pulled her down into the tangled sheets with me.

“I hope you aren’t planning to sleep tonight,” I murmured against her ear.

Mia lifted her head, and her eyes pierced mine. “Wasn’t planning on it,” she smirked.

“Fuck yeah,” I growled playfully. I climbed on top of her.

A laugh escaped her. “Wait, let me catch my breath first!” She said through laughter, as I threw the blanket over us.

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