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Chapter 11. Caveman

Angel came over and sat down on the couch beside me. He stared at his feet as he spoke. “I love you, Mia. I don’t want you to leave. I want you to be happy and safe. If school means that much to you, I shouldn’t stand in your way. I’m sorry. I just go crazy at the idea of something bad happening to you,” he said.

I leaned over closer to him. He straightened up and looked at me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and curved myself into him. I pressed my cheek against his chest. I could feel his warmth and heartbeat.

“I’m sorry too. You were right; I shouldn’t resort to leaving. I love you, and I don’t want to leave. I came back because I want to be with you. It was hard to be without you for so long. It felt like a long drive that I just couldn’t wait to get over with. Life didn’t mean much without you. I do want to go back to school, though,” I said.

He sighed and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pulled me onto his lap and cradled me.

We headed back out to the foyer, and everyone was gone. I turned back to look at Angel.

“Where is everyone?” I asked.

“They left,” he said.

“I’m sorry, I ruined your get together,” I said, feeling guilty.

He snorted. “They’re used to fighting. That wasn’t why they left. It’s getting late.”

“Oh,” I said.

Angel took my hand in his, and we headed upstairs to our bedroom.

Hopefully, from this night forward, we would work harder to compromise and fight a little less. I didn’t imagine we would ever stop fighting altogether, but what fun would that be? We fought because we cared. If we stopped fighting, it would be because we stopped caring. If we stopped caring, we would stop loving, and I loved that he loved me. I never wanted him to stop.


A couple of weeks rolled by, and school started up. I decided to go to school to become a registered nurse. School in Los Angeles was a lot different, but I was figuring it out.

Angel and I hadn’t fought since the argument we had about school. I finished the training. Angel was sure that I knew just about everything he did or pretty close. Angel started training to become what he is at the age of twelve. I was sure that because of his experience, he still could do all of it better than me.

I met several new people at school. Everyone seemed descent. After my last course, I stuffed my things in my bookbag and headed out of class with the other students.

Angel dropped me off and would be picking me up. I strolled across the schoolyard toward the road.

“Watch out!” A voice called.

I spun around in time to see a football headed straight for my face. Instinctively, I threw my hands up and caught the ball right before it could hit me in the mouth. I lowered the ball and looked to see who it belonged to.

A guy with black hair and brown eyes came running toward me. He was built like a football player.

“I’m so sorry,” he said breathlessly as he closed the distance between us. “Damn, that was a good catch, though. Maybe you should try out for the team.”

I chuckled. “It’s okay, um here,” I said and handed him the ball. I fixed the strap of my bag.

“You’re Mia, right? New here?” He asked. He wasn’t familiar to me.

“Yes, you are?” I asked.

“Xavier,” he said. “I play football, but I’ve seen you around.”

“Oh,” I said and smiled.

“I’m still working with the second-string quarterback, Jordan. Sorry about that. Do you live on campus?”

“No, I don’t. I live just outside of Los Angeles,” I said.

“Oh, maybe we could get–”

“Mia,” A deep voice interrupted.

I spun around to see a furious looking Angel. He was standing right behind me. I had to look up to see his face. His face knocked the wind out of me as it always did.

“Hi,” I said and smiled. I ignored the fact that he looked pissed off.

“Ready?” He asked sharply. He looked past me to glare at Xavier.

“Yes,” I answered quickly. We have to hurry before Angel rips Xavier’s head off.

Angel spun around and headed for the car.

I turned to look at Xavier. I didn’t want to be rude to him. It wasn’t like he knew I had a boyfriend. I would have told him if Angel hadn’t interrupted.

Xavier looked back at me, dumbfounded. He looked worried even, but his eyes held no recognition of Angel.

“It was nice meeting you, Xavier,” I said politely.

“Uh, yeah, you too,” he said and grimaced.

I spun around and quickly followed Angel to the car. We slid into the Ferarri.

Angel peeled away from the curb.

I looked up at him from the corner of my eye to observe his face. I knew Angel well enough to know if he is a little angry or irate.

Angel’s nostrils flared as he gripped tighter onto the steering wheel. He gripped the wheel so tight I was amazed it wasn’t breaking under his grip.

Good thing everything he owns is so sturdy or a lot more of his stuff would be broke on a regular basis. I stayed quiet because I could tell that he was furious.

We pulled into the garage. Angel got out of the car and slammed the door. The entire way home, he didn’t even look at me. Angel managed to get out of the car and into the house before I even moved.

I sighed and climbed out of the car. Why the hell is he mad at me? I didn’t even do anything. I followed after him.

Angel threw the study door open and walked over to the table where the bourbon was. He poured himself a glass and walked back to his desk. He didn’t look up at me as he sat down.

“What the hell is your problem?” I asked.

“Nothing,” he spat.

“Angel, I didn’t do anything wrong,” I said.

“Why the fuck were you talking to him?” Angel growled. His gaze finally met mine.

“I hardly know him. His friend threw a ball, and it nearly hit me in the face. He came over to get the ball and introduced himself. That is all that happened!”

“Really? It sounded like he was about to ask you on a date,” Angel said sharply. He narrowed his eyes at me.

“Ugh! Who cares?” I threw my arms in the air. “I would have told him no. I would have told him I had a boyfriend, but I didn’t have the chance because you went all caveman on him.”

“Whatever, Mia. I have shit to do.” He grabbed a stack of papers and stormed past me and out the door.

I stared after him for a long moment before I headed back out to the foyer. By the time I got out there, I heard a door slam shut. I trudged up the stairs, feeling defeated. It seemed like nothing I did was ever right. I hated making him upset. Maybe school wasn’t a good choice, after all. Especially not with a boyfriend like Angel.


The hot water did nothing to calm me. I was hoping if I took a shower, it would make me tired. It was already midnight. I tried to lay in bed, but I tossed and turned the entire time. I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair. I heard the shower door slide open.

My eyes fluttered open, and I brushed away the access shampoo on my forehead. My gaze locked with Angel’s.

“Are you still mad at me?” I mumbled. I knew I couldn’t sleep knowing he was upset.

He stepped closer and didn’t leave any space between our bodies. He rested his forehead against mine and wrapped his arms around my waist.

His eyes were clouded with emotion. He swallowed hard before he answered. “I was never angry with you, mami. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have got so worked up over it. I was jealous. It seems like only you can make me that crazy. I was never the type to be so possessive. But there is something about that guy... I don’t trust him. Of course, I don’t trust any guy with you,” he confessed.

I could tell from the look in his eyes that it was difficult for him to confess all of that to me. “Angel–”

“I just can’t stand the thought of other guys thinking about you that way. I can’t stand the thought of another guy kissing you, touching you, or anything like that. I know how guys think when they first see you, Mia. You don’t see yourself as clearly as other people do. You’re so fucking gorgeous.”

“You’re bias,” I rolled my eyes. “How would you know what a guy thinks when he sees me?”

Angel rolled his eyes. “Because, mami, once upon a time... I was one of those guys. You blew me away. You had my full attention, and no other girl compared. That’s how that guy saw you, and I fucking hate it.”

I combed my fingers through his hair and stood on my toes to press my lips to his.

“It doesn’t matter,” I murmured. My eyes fluttered opened and locked with his. “All they can do is look.”

“I don’t want them to fucking look,” he growled. He smashed his lips to mine and backed me against the tile wall.

I felt his cock grow hard against my lower abdomen. The kiss was hungry and possessive, and I liked it. I could understand where he was coming from because I hated when other girls looked at him too. I matched the possessiveness and molded my body to his.

He gripped onto my thighs and lifted me. He groaned as he slowly entered me. His lips traveled down to my neck.

“Angel,” I moaned.

He pulled away from me and stared into my eyes. His thrusts quickened as his breathing did.

As I stared into his eyes, I realized that it was foolish for him to be jealous. No guy compared to him. Nobody would ever make me feel the way he did. Angel was my heaven. He did bad things to me, and he did it so well.


When the school day ended, I grabbed my things and headed down the hallway. When I was nearly to my car, I heard someone call my name.


I spun around and saw Xavier. I waited for him to catch up to me. “Hey,” I said, confused.

“Hey, I tried to catch you earlier. I just wanted to say I’m sorry about yesterday. I hope I didn’t cause you any problems,” he said. He looked sincere.

“You didn’t. I’m sorry too. My boyfriend can be a little...” I trailed off.

“Controlling?” He arched a brow.

“Well, that is a bit of a strong word. More like jealous.” I grimaced.

“I can’t say I blame him either way,” he said and chuckled. “If you were mine, I probably would be too.” He gave me a crooked smile before he turned and strode away.

I knitted my eyebrows together and stared after him. Did he really have to say that? It’s not like I would ever be his–I thought to myself and rolled my eyes.

I spun around and stopped mid-stride. How does he do that? How much did he hear? Hopefully, not very much. I sighed.

Angel was leaning casually against my driver’s side door. He didn’t look angry, so that was good.

“What are you doing here?” I asked when I reached him.

“I came to give you your house key. You left it on the counter. The doors are locked up because nobody is there, and I have some things to do. I probably won’t be home until nine,” he said. He dangled the key on his finger.

I took it from him. “Thanks,” I said.

“No problem,” he said. He looked up, and his eyes narrowed.

I turned back to see what he was looking at, though I had a pretty good guess. My guess was right.

Xavier was about twenty feet away with his friend. They were all talking and messing around, but Xavier was staring at me.

Xavier’s eyes left mine and went to Angel’s. Xavier gave Angel a challenging look. I felt Angel step closer. His chest was pushed against my back. I could feel how tense he was.

I quickly spun around to face Angel. “Don’t,” I pleaded. I grabbed his face and forced him to look at me. “I love you.”

He let go of a breath he had been holding. “I love you too, mami.” He lowered his lips to mine.

He kissed me with the same amount of possessiveness as he did the night before. Angel wasn’t the type to get to heated in public, but this kiss was heated. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and knotted his hand in my hair. He kept the other around my waist.

The kiss had me thinking he should skip whatever he had to do and come home with me. I molded my body to his. I couldn’t blame Angel for how he reacted this time. It seemed like Xavier was taunting him.

Angel broke the kiss. “I better get out of here,” he said. He chuckled and stepped away.

I stepped closer to him and wrapped my arms around his waist. “Are you sure you don’t want to skip whatever it is you have to do and come home with me instead?”

“If I could, I definitely would, mami.”

I pouted. “You’re the boss. You can,” I argued.

He laughed and shook his head. “Maybe in some cases but not this one. I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you later.” He lowered his lips to mine and kissed me softly.

“That’s fine, babe. I’ll just go home and take care of myself,” I said and smirked.

“Fuck, mami. Why you got to say shit like that? I’m going to be hard the entire meeting now,” he muttered.

I could feel his cock growing, and I giggled. “Love you,” I said and pecked his cheek. I turned to get into my car.

“Fucking tease,” Angel muttered as he walked back to his car.

I laughed.

Angel looked back at me and gave me a naughty smile before he got into his car.

As I started the car, I looked out the windshield. I noticed Xavier still standing there. He didn’t look as cocky as he did before. As a matter of fact, he looked angry.

GoodI thought to myself.

He was never sorry about causing problems. He enjoyed it, and that was going to piss me off.

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