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Chapter 13. Cheater

Angel and I set the wedding date for June 15th. Today was June 8th. Our wedding was in exactly one week. We asked Jesse to be the best man and Adelina to be the maid of honor. There wasn’t anything else to do except for the final fitting, rehearsal dinner, and the bachelor and bachelorette parties.

I was going to have a couple of bride’s maids, and Angel was going to have a couple of groomsmen. Cecilia was going to be one of my bride’s maids. Arianna was going to be the other.

Arianna wasn’t happy about having to walk with one of Angel’s friends. Cecilia didn’t make a big deal about it. I had a feeling Arianna’s boyfriend was upset that she had to dance with someone else.

Gage and Kenny were the two groomsmen. Angel decided to recruit both of them. According to Angel, out of all of his friends, Gage and Kenny were the only other two that would fit the profile to be Latin Kings. Cecilia was walking with Kenny, and Arianna would walk with Gage.

A bunch of people were staying at the mansion for a week. The workers had been working extra hard to keep everything clean. I was even helping them clean up.

We were having the wedding at the beach. Angel’s grandfather Carlos got ordained so he could marry us. Many of my relatives were going to be staying at the mansion too.

“It’s good this damn place is so big,” I muttered as I poured Angel a glass of bourbon. I handed him the glass.

He pulled me down onto his lap and smirked. “The idea when this place was built was to have a big family and big parties. You better get ready to start pushing out babies to fill the rooms.”

I rolled my eyes. “I think it can wait another year or two.”

He lowered his lips to my neck and hummed. “Really? I think we should start now,” he murmured.

A gasp escaped me, and a shiver rolled down my spine. “Definitely need to wait until after the wedding.”

Angel ran his hand up between my legs. His lips trailed down my jaw.

“Well, maybe some practice couldn’t hurt,” I said breathlessly.

A low growl escaped him. He tangled a hand into my hair and smashed his lips to mine. He stood and lifted me onto the desk.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and tangled my hands into his hair. Our tongues moved in sync.

“Hey! Aren’t you supposed to save that for the honeymoon?”

We broke apart and looked behind us. Benny, Luis, Joey, Abel, Ace, Austin, and Aria walked into the study. I was sure that it was Benny who spoke.

Carlos came into the study. “Practice makes perfect,” Carlos teased.

Tammy smacked Carlos upside the head.

Ace and Austin through their heads back and laughed.

“This arrangement fucking sucks,” Angel muttered and plopped back down into his chair.

My face was tomato red. I jumped off the desk and made a beeline for the door. I could hear them all cackling behind me.

When I reached the foyer, the front door swung open. Cecilia stood in the doorway. She saw me and smiled wickedly at me.

“The bride to be! You’re looking hot today!” She hooted.

I threw my head back and laughed as I approached her.

She set her bags down and hugged me tightly.

“It’s so good to see you!” I told her, hugging her back tightly.

“It’s good to see you too. I’ve missed you!” Cecilia said.

“So, where is Brad?” I asked.

Cecilia pursed her lips. “Allow me to explain over a glass of wine.”

“Uh-oh. Lorenzo!” I called.

“I’m here,” Andersen said.

“Oh, Andersen, do you mind putting Cecilia’s bags in that guest room that is closest to ours?” I asked.

“Of course,” he said. He picked the bags up and headed for the stairs.

“I have to wonder why he hasn’t retired,” I said.

“He must like money,” Cecilia said.

“Nah, they pay Andersen really good. He just likes being here, I think,” I said. “He’s family.” I shrugged. “Let’s go.” I gestured toward the kitchen.

I found a bottle of wine and poured us both a glass. I slid Cecilia’s glass across the kitchen island to her. I stood across from her and gave her an expectant look as I sipped my wine.

“We broke up,” Cecilia said bluntly.

The wine that was in my mouth came back out like a fountain. “W-what?” I choked. “Why?” Brad and Cecilia had been together a while and seemed so good for each other.

“I caught him cheating,” Cecilia said and shrugged. She sipped at her wine.


“About two months ago,” she said.

“And you didn’t tell me? Why didn’t you call me, Cecilia?”

“Eh.” She waved it off. “You were busy with your wedding. I don’t want to talk about Brad. I’m not upset about it anymore, you know? It took me a little bit to wrap my head around it, but it’s over, and I’ve accepted that.”

“You loved him,” I said. I knew she was tough, but this couldn’t be easy.

“It wasn’t easy. The first week I barely ate, slept, or even got out of bed. I believe things happen for a reason. We didn’t work out because we don’t belong together. That just means there is someone else out there for me,” she said and smiled.

“Hell yeah,” I said and smiled. I raised my glass to hers. The glasses clanked together, and we slammed our wine.

“It’s a bit early for that ladies.”

We turned to see who interrupted us. It was Kenny. He smirked at us.

“It’s five o’clock somewhere,” I said and chuckled.

“Where is the boss?” Kenny asked.

“Study,” I said.

“Thank you,” Kenny said and bowed out of the kitchen.

I laughed. Kenny was funny. Gage was more of the serious type. I heard a wolf whistle. My eyes widened, and I turned to look at Cecilia.

“Who was that hottie?” Cecilia asked. She reminded me of a dog in heat.

I giggled at her reaction; she was practically drooling. “That’s Kenny,” I said.

Her jaw dropped. “The Kenny that I’m walking with?”

“The very one,” I said.

“Oh, lucky me,” she said and wiggled her eyebrows. “Is he single?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Great! So am I!” Cecilia giggled.

I threw my head back and laughed. This would be an interesting week.

Adelina came into the kitchen. She looked like she was in a hurry. “Have you seen my phone?” Adelina asked as she looked around.

“Um, no? Is everything okay?”

“Arianna just called my mom balling. That asshole from San Diego was screwing around on her. He left her somewhere in San Diego, and I have to go get her. I’m going to kill that stupid bastard!” Adelina growled.

“I’m driving,” I said as I placed my cup in the sink.

“Ope, I’m coming too,” Cecilia said.

“Adelina,” Angel called. “You left your phone on my desk.”

We stepped out into the foyer. I had my purse on my shoulder and phone in hand.

Adelina swiped the phone from Angel and stormed past him.

“Woah, what the fuck? What’s going on?” Angel asked, confused.

I stood on my toes and pecked his lips. “We’re going to get Arianna.”


I started to walk past him to grab the keys, but he was right behind me. “Her boyfriend ditched her somewhere in San Diego, and he was cheating on her, I guess.”

“I knew I didn’t like that little fucker, but you girls don’t ever listen to me,” Ace growled. He came storming through the foyer.

Aria sighed, following after him.

“Whatever, you like my boyfriend,” Adelina argued.

“Yeah, this one. None of them before,” Ace said.

“That’s because they were losers,” Jesse said and smirked.

“Maybe we should go get her,” Aria said. “My poor baby.”

“Mom, just let us go,” Adelina argued. “You know Dad is going to scold her, and it’s going to upset her worse.”

“I would not,” Ace argued.

“Dad, just let the girls go,” Angel said. “We have some shit to do today.”

“Fine, but that little prick better hope I don’t see his ass again,” Ace said. Ace turned and stormed back down the hall.

Angel sighed and rubbed his forehead. He leaned in to kiss me again. “Be careful, mami. Call if you need me.”

“I will, I love you,” I said.

“I love you,” he said and turned to head down the hall.

We headed out to the garage. I grabbed the keys for Angel’s Challenger. We climbed inside, and the car roared to life.


We picked Arianna up on Garnet Avenue. It was nearly dark by the time we reached her. Arianna climbed into the car. She climbed into the back with Adelina.

Arianna’s face was tear-streaked, and her eyes were puffy and red. “Thanks for coming to get me, Mia,” Arianna said.

“It’s no problem, honey.”

“I can’t believe that bastard left you in the middle of San Diego. Who the fuck does he think he is?” Adelina growled.

“Just let it go, Adelina,” Arianna sighed and leaned back against the seat. “It doesn’t matter. I never want to see the jerk again. You guys were right about him. I feel so stupid.”

“Arianna, it’s okay. Everyone has at least one person they regret being with or feel stupid for dating in the first place,” I said.

“She’s right,” Cecilia agreed.

Adelina wrapped an arm around her sister. Arianna leaned her head onto Adelina’s shoulder. Adelina held her tightly. Arianna sobbed silently.

The drive back was quicker because there was less traffic. Angel called me on the way back. I told him that I was nearly home.

When we pulled up to the mansion, there were more vehicles than when I left. We didn’t have room in our huge garage for everyone else’s cars because Angel thought we had to have a hundred or more cars. I wasn’t sure if that was how many we had, but it was around that. That didn’t include the limos or the vans.

Most of everyone was in the dining room. My grandmother on my dad’s side saw me and smiled. She rose to her feet and met me near the door.

“Hey, Grams,” I said and hugged her tightly.

“Hey, sweetheart,” she said. “Wow, you weren’t kidding about the size of this place.”

I laughed and shook my head.

A couple of my aunts and their husbands on my mother’s side made it too. We all sat down for dinner. It was the fullest I had seen the dining room since I moved in. It was a good thing that our dining room was the size of a restaurant.

When dinner was over, Angel informed me he had some things to do in the study, and he would be up in a bit. The others headed for bed.

I trudged up the stairs; I was exhausted. I changed into a satin nightgown. I pulled the rubber band from my hair and let my long hair fall down my back. I started brushing through my hair.

Before I was finished, Angel came into the room. He stood behind me and moved my hair over to my right shoulder. He placed his lips on the left side of my neck.

“I’m happy we are getting married, mami, but I can’t wait to get this shit over with. I want you to myself,” he mumbled against my skin as he planted kisses on my neck.

“Me too, babe,” I said and turned around. I threw my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his. I couldn’t wait to be married to him, but I couldn’t wait to get everyone out of my house too. I wanted him to myself.


I counted the days over and over again in my head. “Fuck!” I growled and threw my phone down.

Cecilia came into my bedroom and looked at me, confused. “I thought you were getting ready? Angel is downstairs waiting.”

“Damn, tell him that I’m going to be a minute,” I said and grabbed the white dress off the bed. Tonight was our rehearsal dinner. I was supposed to be getting ready an hour ago, but I got busy and then frustrated.

I decided to leave my hair down because I knew Angel liked my hair down. I put in a pair of earrings that Angel had bought me. I slipped the dress on and the white pumps.

The dress was white and off the shoulder sleeves. The sleeves were white lace. The dress came up mid-thigh, and it showed off some cleavage but not too much.

When I came out, Cecilia whistled at me. “What was wrong?” Cecilia asked.

“I just realized that my period is due two days after the wedding, but sometimes it comes early or late. So much for a honeymoon. Knowing my luck, it is going to come early,” I growled.

“Awe, hon, I’m sorry,” she said.

“It’s fine,” I grumbled.

We headed downstairs. Everyone else was already gone. Jesse, Adelina, Gage, Arianna, Kenny, Cecilia, Angel, and I were riding together in a limo. The driver opened the limousine door for us. Cecilia slid in beside Kenny. I slid in beside Angel.

“Everything okay?” Angel asked.

“Yes, sorry for the holdup.”

“It’s fine,” Angel said and shrugged.

“Cold feet!” Kenny accused, pointing at me with his pointer finger.

I raised both my eyebrows and then bursted into giggles. I shook my head. “Um, no, that is definitely not it.”

Angel rolled his eyes at Kenny’s accusation and let out a low chuckle.

“It’s bound to happen to one of you.”

“No, you idiot. If we weren’t sure we wouldn’t be doing it,” Angel said.

I intertwined my fingers with Angel’s. Angel leaned down and pecked my cheek.

The rehearsal dinner was at one of the many fancy restaurants that Angel owned. He closed it down to the public for the occasion. Angel opened it up a few months ago and named it after Carlos. It was his favorite restaurant. He worked hard to put it together.

We pulled up to the restaurant and headed inside. Everyone was already inside and drinking. We made our way to the table that was for the wedding party.

The ones at our table were the ones who rode with us here. The waitresses came over and poured us a glass of wine after this was the bachelor and bachelorette party.

Jesse and Adelina both put speeches together, and they were terrific. I was a bit intimidated to do mine, and I went last. I went on about how happy I was to be a part of the Perez and Garcia family. I tried to explain how much I cared for all of them and how much I loved Angel.

Love wasn’t something easy to put into words. Angel seemed better at it. Though most of the things my husband-to-be usually says aren’t appropriate, and he doesn’t care who hears it.

When the dinner was over, we headed out to the two limos.

Angel kissed me goodbye and headed for the limo the boys were taking. The driver for my limo opened up the door for me.

“Thank you,” I said.

“Of course, miss,” he said.

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