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Chapter 8. Cocaine

“It sounds like fun, but I can’t go,” Mia sighed. She wrapped her hair around a finger and twirled it nervously.

“Why?” I asked and raised my eyebrows.

“I don’t have a swimsuit, and I want to save my money. I really need a car,” she said. I felt like there was something she wasn’t telling me.

“Great, let’s go shopping,” I said and pulled on her arm.

She groaned in irritation, but let me pull her to the white Mustang convertible.

Jesse and Emily were already in the car. We sped away from Mia’s house.

We pulled up to the mall and headed inside.

Mia watched in horror as I grabbed a bunch of swimsuits.

Emily grabbed even more swimsuits than I did, not that I minded.

Jesse was laughing.

Blood rushed into Mia’s cheeks. “I’m not trying all those on,” Mia hissed.

“Come on. You’re wasting daylight,” I said and laughed.

She sighed and stomped toward the changing room. She went in, and I sat down in a chair outside of one of the changing booths. In the changing room were speakers. The song Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello came through the speakers.

I grew tense and gripped the arms of the chair that I was sitting in. I needed something to hold me down. I had a feeling that when she came out of the changing booth, I was going to jump out of my chair, grab her, and take her back in the dressing room.

Mia came out in a blue and black sparkly swimsuit. My gaze swept across her body, and I wiggled my eyebrows. My heart raced against my rib cage. She had a black beach hat on which she threw at me as I licked my lips.

“Deviant,” she muttered.

“Admittedly,” I chuckled. “I like that one, but I think you should try on some more just in case.”

“This is too expensive anyway, Angel. It’s like a hundred dollars,” Mia said and reached for the hat.

I pulled on the hat which she had the other end of. She nearly fell onto my lap. It took all I had to keep my gaze locked on hers. It was hard not to look at her chest, which was practically right in my face.

A devious smirk formed on my face. “I’m paying for it.”

Her lips parted in shock, and she shook her head. “N-no, that is okay. I can,” she started, but I interrupted her.

“Next one,” I said stubbornly.

She sighed and stomped back to the changing room.

I stared at her ass until it disappeared from sight. Damn, that booty, though...

Mia came out in a black two-piece swimsuit that almost had a look of lingerie. It crisscrossed just beneath her belly button and crisscrossed just above her breasts.

My mouth was watering. There was no question I was eyeing her breasts this time. “God damn, that is definitely the one,” I grunted.

“In your dreams,” Mia snorted.

“Are you teasing me?” I chuckled as my gaze flickered to hers.

“For sure.” She swayed her hips as she walked back to the changing booth.

I threw my head back and laughed.

When she came out this time, she was wearing a red and black two-piece.

“Girls like you need to come with a warning label,” I murmured. I rubbed my face fiercely.

“What do you mean?” Mia laughed.

“Like pretty girl means dad will chop your pecker off,” I grumbled and looked away.

A giggle bursted out of her. She went back into the changing booth and came back out again. The next one was a leopard pattern.

“I’m going straight to hell,” I chuckled. I groaned and tilted my head back against the wall behind me. It was difficult not to get hard just by looking at her fully clothed, let alone when she was in a swimsuit.


If I was being honest, I was relieved when she finally picked a swimsuit. To her irritation, I did pay for it. I wound up buying her three extra bikinis that she had tried on.

We got down to the beach. Mia clutched my arm when the water hit our toes. She looked at it nervously. “A-Angel,” She squeaked. “I have a confession.”

“What is it?” I asked, confused.

“I can’t swim,” she breathed.

“What?” My voice was full of disbelief. Ah, that was the thing earlier.

“Don’t laugh,” she growled. She flushed in embarrassment.

The sun danced across her tan body. The water washed up on our feet, and she clutched harder onto my arm. The water was warm. It was eighty degrees today, a perfect day to go swimming.

“Hey,” I spun her into me.

Her gaze locked with mine.

“I’m not laughing. Everyone is afraid of something, Mia.”

“Really? Even you?” She challenged.

“Even me,” I shrugged. “Bullets don’t feel very good,” I chuckled.

There wasn’t anything I could think of that I was afraid of. I knew I was scared of losing loved ones, but not anything other than that.

“The best way to deal with fear is to look it straight in the eye. Come on,” I murmured and pulled her further into the water.

She wrapped her arms around my neck tightly as I pulled her into the deeper part of the water.

“No, Angel.” She shook her head.

“Relax, I’m a good swimmer. I got you,” I promised.

She clutched tighter onto me as I pulled her far enough that she couldn’t reach. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I kept my arms around her waist. Her breasts were pressed against my chest. The waves crashed around us. Both of our breathing became rapid. Her chest rose and fell rapidly against mine.

“Don’t let go of me,” she pleaded as she looked around the water that surrounded us.

“Never,” I promised.

Her gaze met mine again. A small smile played on her lips. She relaxed slightly against me.

Our bodies were so intertwined it was difficult to ignore the heat that flooded my stomach.

“Tell me why?” I asked. I needed a distraction. I needed her to talk, or I was going to start thinking about things I wanted to do to her.

“My sister,” she started. She saw the recognition in my eyes. She told me she had an identical twin sister that died. “She drowned in a pool when we were young. I jumped in after her to save her, but I couldn’t swim either. They didn’t think I was going to live either. She was pronounced dead at the scene. They took me to the hospital, and I woke up. I still wish she would have made it too. We were only four years old. Sometimes I think that is why my dad acts so crazy over me.”

“I’m sorry,” I murmured. I swallowed hard. “I guess I don’t blame you for being afraid of water. I probably would be after that too. Do you remember it well?” I would do anything to make her pain and sadness go away.

“Yeah,” she sighed and looked past me. “The ocean is beautiful, though.”

I turned us so we could both see the sunset. “I agree,” I murmured. I moved her around the water with me. I got her to lay back and let the water carry her, but I didn’t let go of her.

“It’s kind of relaxing,” she said softly. She looked up into my eyes. That look in her eyes was back. She wanted me to kiss her, and I wanted to, but I was afraid to.

We headed back up to the beach. We laid down on the blanket that we brought, and we talked. She informed me she was from Dallas, Texas. I told her I spent my entire life in California.

We exchanged likes and dislikes. She told me her dad refused to help her with a car, so she had to buy one. She wanted to buy a good car. She had been working since she was thirteen and had a lot saved up. I told her what I could tell her about my family but left out one of the more important details.

Mia told me that the fight at her old school was with her ex-best friend. Mia caught her boyfriend and friend together.

“I better get home,” Mia sighed and sat up.

We both got to our feet. I grabbed the blanket. We walked down the beach to Jesse and Emily. They were ready to leave too.

As we were driving back, Mia was putting her clothes on over her bikini.

I could see her in the rearview mirror. It was making it impossible to watch the road. I wanted to climb in the backseat with her. Maybe Jesse should drive.

“Maybe you should watch the road, Romeo,” Mia teased.

“You make it difficult, Mami.” I bit my lip to hide the smile that threatened to spread across my face.

Jesse and Emily were both laughing at our exchange.

Mia was trying to fight a smile, but she couldn’t. A broad smile played on her lips.

We pulled up a block from Mia’s. Mia was pretty sure her mom was home. Jesse and I got out to let the girls out since the car was a two-door car. Emily was going to be Mia’s alibi. Emily was helping with that often.

“Thanks for talking me into it.” Mia smiled and rolled her eyes.

“Anytime,” I said and chuckled.

She stood up on her toes and wrapped a hand around the back of my neck.

I raised my eyebrows in surprise but lowered my face to hers so she could press her lips to mine.

When our lips met, my stomach exploded into flames. I had kissed enough girls to know it never felt like that. My head spun chaotically. I pressed a hand to the small of her back to bring her closer to me. Her body molded to mine. The flames in my stomach seemed to erupt through my entire body.

The kiss was soft but short. I wanted more. I wasn’t ready for her to pull back, but she did. The kiss left me breathless. I pressed my forehead to her forehead. My eyes were barely open when hers fluttered open and met mine.

“See you,” she murmured. She turned around and walked away.

I stared after her, dumbfounded.

Jesse interrupted my daze with a wolf whistle.

I turned and stuck my middle finger up at him.

Jesse threw his head back and laughed as we climbed back into the car.

A few blocks from Mia’s place, I noticed red and blue lights in the rearview mirror.

“Awesome,” I muttered. I wasn’t speeding, and I even had a seat belt on, which I rarely did.

“What’d you do?” Jesse asked.

“Believe it or not, nothing this time,” I muttered.

We waited silently for the cop to approach the car. When he reached us, I instantly knew who it was.

“Ademar Martinez, isn’t it? To what do I owe the pleasure?” I asked.

Jesse facepalmed.

Ademar shined his flashlight straight in my eyes, blinding me. “I was told that a white Mustang was speeding through town,” he said.

“Hmm, but I wasn’t,” I shrugged. “I guess you got the wrong car.” You fucking douchebag.

“What is that smell?” Ademar asked. His voice sounded suspicious. His eyes narrowed.

What smell? I knew Jesse, and I didn’t have anything on us. “I don’t have any doughnuts if that is what you are getting at,” I said and smirked.

“How about you two step out,” he said.

“Normally, I wouldn’t let you search without a warrant, but since I don’t have anything, go for it,” I muttered. I swung the door open so fast, and hard it got him between the legs, and he groaned. I stepped away from the car and gestured for him to proceed with an innocent smile.

Jesse and I stood up on the curb and waited for him to finish his search.

When he came back toward us, his devious smile made my stomach turn. I knew there wasn’t anything in that car. If I were remotely worried, I wouldn’t have agreed to the search.

“Nothing?” He asked and held up a small baggie.

I didn’t do drugs apart from smoke pot, but I knew cocaine when I saw it. It had to of been at least a couple of grams of cocaine. Not a lot, but plenty enough to put Jesse and me in handcuffs.

“Mother fucker,” I spat. “You planted that shit! I am not a god damn cokehead!”

“Woah,” Jesse breathed. “That isn’t ours!”

“It was in your car. Put your hands on your head,” Ademar said.

Jesse and I remained frozen in shock.

“Now!” Ademar commanded and pulled out his gun. He sat the cocaine down on the back of my car.

“This is fucking bullshit,” I said. I put my hands on my head, and he put the cuffs on me first.


“So, Angel.” Ademar smirked as he walked back and forth in front of me.

I was shackled to a table in an interrogation room. Some part of me was afraid Jesse would break, but I focused on keeping my expression light.

“Let’s talk about your parents, shall we?” Ademar asked.

I chuckled. “At least buy me dinner first, man. I’m not that easy.” I rolled my eyes as I leaned back in the chair. My cocky smirk was in place.

“You are in no position to get smart with me, boy,” he sneered.

“Does your daughter know you are a dirty cop?” I arched a brow. “Mia, isn’t it? Pretty little thing,” I purred. My hands were cuffed in front of me. I tucked my hands under my chin as I watched anger flood his eyes.

“You stupid little asshole,” he growled. “You will stay away from my daughter. I’ll be sure of it.”

“Asshole?” I tilted my head from side to side and then nodded. “I’ll give you that, but stupid?” I snorted. “You have another thing coming.” I wiggled my eyebrows. “You know I was thinking about asking Mia to the prom...” I trailed off. “But what shall I wear? See, the only thing I can seem to think that would look good on me is... her.” I grinned widely, showing all my teeth.

That did it. A low growl escaped him. He leaped across the table and punched me in the nose. He wrapped his hands around my throat, and I was smiling the entire time.

“I know what you are! I will prove it!” Ademar shouted.

Other cops came rushing into the room and pulled Ademar off of me. Ademar tried to fight them off.

“That is enough, Ademar!” One of the cops shouted.

“It will take you longer to do the paperwork for bringing me in here than it’s going to take for me to get out of here,” I laughed. “Now, who is stupid?” I cupped my hand around my ear.

Ademar glowered at me but didn’t speak.

I left the stupid prick speechless for once. As a wicked smile spread across my lips and my eyes locked with Ademar’s, he realized he fucked up by attacking me, which is what I wanted.

The cops pulled Ademar from the room.

I continued to sit with a wicked smile on my face. Blood was trickling out of my nose. “Hey! What about my phone call? When my mama gets here, she is going to be pissed at all of you, fuckers!” I laughed like a mad man.

The cops let me call my parents, and they were on the way.


I heard my mom suddenly screaming.

I looked at the door and chuckled. “Oh, they are going to get it!”

My mother laid into the cops, and I caught a majority of it. She was shrieking in Spanish. She and Dad came storming through the door, and I smiled at them.

“Who has a tissue?” I teased.

The cops had no choice but to drop the cocaine charges because of what Ademar did to me. My mom has some of the best lawyers in the world on her payroll, so I would have gotten out regardless. Jesse and I had to ride back with my parents since my Mustang was impounded. Jesse and I sat silently in the backseat of mom’s BMW.

“What happened?” Mom growled.

“Are you doing cocaine?” Dad asked. He looked back at me with a livid expression.

I scoffed. “Of course not! Jesse and I smoke pot. That is it. You can test us!” The fact that they even thought that I did cocaine pissed me off.

“Well, there was that one time we ate a couple of shrooms,” Jesse shrugged.

Dad glared at me.

“It was one time,” I scoffed. “And I learned my lesson. Shrooms suck.”

Jesse guffawed. “We tripped so bad,” Jesse said.

“Not helping, Jesse,” I muttered.

My parents turned to glare at us. My parents have never looked so angry with me.

“Chill out. Ademar planted that shit,” I said.

“Why?” Mom asked, confused.

“Because...” I trailed off. “His daughter has the hots for me.” I wiggled my eyebrows.

“That’s Mia’s dad?” My dad asked in shock.

“Mhm,” I hummed.

“A cop’s daughter? Really, Angel?” Dad sneered.

“Wonderful,” Mom muttered.

I knew it wasn’t a good idea to see Mia, but it gets harder to stay away from her. Maybe I should try harder. It would almost make it easier if my parents told me to stay away from her, and now that they know the truth, they damn well might.

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