In Love With My Teacher

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One day a girl named Jazz was kicked out by her mom. Her mom found her a place to live and she went there. She moved all her things and what she doesn't know is that the person she will be living with will be her lover and soulmate. Will they be able to stay together or will they separate?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Jazz POV

"I'm tired Eric, how can you stay up like this?" I asked laying down on the floor.

"I don't know, I'm a night owl, I guess." He said smiling at me as I sigh and continue laying on the floor watching him play his game.

I'm so glad to have a gay best friend like Eric, but he stays up too late. He is very fun to hang out with. We would always look at the hot boys at school. He even called one of them his caramel mocha. I was dying from laughing when he said that. We always laugh and tell each other our problems and our secrets.

"Eric can you take me home, I'm getting really sleepy?" I ask and he just nods.

"We have school right?" He asked pausing his game and looks at me.

"Yeah we do and I don't want to be late anymore." I said standing waiting for him to stand up and take me home. Eric puts on his shoes and grad his keys.



We walk outside and we get in the car. 15 minutes later, he pulls up to my house and I get out waving Eric goodbye and goodnight. I walk to my door and walk inside.

"Hey mom, I'm home." I said walking inside. "I guess she's not here yet." I shrug and walk upstairs to my room.

My dad left us when he found out my mom was pregnant for another chick to fuck. I don't even know what he looks like because my mom took all the pictures of him down.

I change into my pajamas and and I lay down in my bed. I put on my favorite band, Pierce The Veil. I close my eyes and let the darkness take hold of me.


"Jazz wake up, it's time for school, and don't make Eric late because of you." My mom says as I groan and moan. 2 minutes I get out of bed and take a shower. Afterwards, I get dressed and walk downstairs into the dinning room with my mom. I sit down at the table and looks at the food that's on the table.

"Good morning mom. Mmm smells good in here, whatcha make?" I say smiling while my mom sits in front of me.

"Good morning sweetie. It's a omelet with bacon, cheese, and sausage." My mom says as she drinks her coffee. I take a bite of it and my face lights up. My mom sees my face and smiles.

"Is it good?"

"It's really good mom." I continue to eat and I hear Eric honk. I stuff my mouth with food and chug down my apple juice.I grab my bag and kiss my mom on the cheek.

"Bye mom, love you." I say walking out the door waving at her.

"Bye sweetie." My mom says waving back at me.

I get in the car and he drives off. I hook my phone to the car and play Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani. Eric smiles and we both start singing. We stop at a red light as our favorite part was about to come on.

"Let me hear you say, this shit is banna's B-A-N-A-N-A-S This shit is banana's B-A-N-A-N-A-S!" We both started laughing as the light turned green he started to drive again.

Eric pulls up in the parking lot and parks. We both get out and close the doors as he locks his car.

"Jazz come on before we are late because of you." Eric says in a playful tone, 2 feet ahead of me.

Ok ok jeez, controlling much." I say with a smirk on my face. I knew he didn't like being called controlling but it was so funny to see his reaction. He looks at me with this annoyed look and walks up to me. Shit, I shouldn't have said that. He stands in front of me and smirks.

"Eric what are you pla-." Eric stops me and pulls me into a head lock.

"Ahh Eric, stop... please, I don't like....being in a head lock." I said trying to get out of it.

"I know and I don't like being called controlling, so it's only fair." He says smiling and lets me go laughing when he sees my face all red. We both walk to our first class and talk until the bell rang and the teacher starts teaching. Eric over hears some girls talking.

"What did you hear?" I ask whispering to him. He looks at e and smiles.

"A new hot new male teacher is going to transfer into this school next week and he's going to be teaching in your math class." He says with a smile and I smile with him.

The bell rings and the teacher walks into the classroom start the lesson for the day. Everyone stops talking and lets the teacher teach. While the teacher teaches me and Eric pass notes to each other.

1 hour passed and the bell rings. Me and Eric walk to our 2nd period

Eric's POV

Me and Jazz were walking to class talking about the teacher some more the then the bitch Leah comes up and bumps into Jazz causing her to fall.

"WHAT THE HELL LEAH!" I yelled looking at her trying not to punch her.

"Opps, I'm just so clumsy." Leah says sarcastically. I open my mouth to say something but Jazz beats me to it.

"Hey it's ok, help me up and head to class I'll catch up with you later." Jazz says as I help her up. I look at Leah with a dirty look when Jazz pokes me in the arm.

"Ok ok I'm going, jeez."I said smiling at Jazz and I go to class.

Jazz POV

After I was sure Eric had left I turned to Leah.

"What?" I ask as I give her a death stare.

"Aww no need to be mean, we used to be friends remember, I still have dirt on you. You don't want the whole school to know about that do you." Leah says with a smirk on her face and one of her hands on her hip.

"Oh you mean when I had a crush on one of my teachers and fantasied about him. Wow real cheap Leah, just tell me what the hell you what from me?"

It's simple, just stay away from the new hot math teacher when he gets here. I don't want you to have a crush on this one too." She says as she walks up closer to me and gets in my face.

"So you would want to be with the teacher but this so called dirt you have on me is suppose to hurt me in some kind of way. Wow, real cheap. Why would anyone look at me when I look like this huh. I don't care anymore you're in my way and I need to go to class."I say as I try to walk past her but she grabs my arm.

"I'm serious, don't do anything you'll regret."

"Well "friend" if you don't get your hand off me." I say moving closer to her ear getting irritated to the point I wanna beat the shit out of her. "I might even tell the school the little dirt I have on you. You don't want that huh. So you might as well never come at me again or I'll come back ten times harder." I said whispering in her ear and her face looked ghostly white as she let go of me. She rolled her eyes and walked off and I walked to my 2nd period class. I walked into my class and sat next to Eric.

"Sooo.... what happened with you and that bitch Leah?" Eric asks and I tell him what happened.

"That's what happened with me and Leah."

"What's the dirt you have on her, I wanna know?" He whispered so no one could hear.

After school

"Hello sweetie, how was school?" My mom asks me as she sits on the couch looking at me.

"Good, Leah being Leah." I tell her as she pats down beside her for me to sit down I sit by her and looks at her. Something serious? I think so maybe she wants to talk.

"Honey you know how I want you to take care of yourself, right?" She said looking at me as I raise a eyebrow.

"Yeah, what about it mom?" I ask her and she grabs my hands and talks again.

"Your moving and going to live by yourself." She said as my eyes widen and my mouth in hanging open. "Close your mouth sweetie or a bug will fly inside."

"I'm moving where? So I'm going to move and live by myself without you?" I ask as she nods and I sigh. "When do I have to move?"

"In 1 week." My mom get up and cooks dinner as I help her.

1499 Words

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed this chapter. I'm going to be postig chapters every Tuesday. Well see you next chapter. Love ya


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