The Brothers Mate

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Misha was a young girl. She had just turned 20 and had the saddest pair of eyes you'd ever seen, they were a brilliant blue but they could make the happiest person question the reason for life. For such a young girl she had obviously been through an unfair amount of troubles. Far too worldly wise for her own good. She doesn't trust anyone, what will happen when she goes on the run again ending up in the UK this time, only to trust someone she just met? How far will that trust go? Will she ever trust again if it’s broken? Jackson on the other hand was a young wolf. He just turned 22 and always had the cheekiest glint in his hazel eyes that told you he was always in trouble! He was the next in line to be Alpha of his pack but his dad wanted him to find his destined mate before he was 25 or he would have to choose a mate so he could rule with a Luna by his side. He thinks he has plenty of time but does he? Then there's Finn, the sensible brother, with his deep emerald eyes that could make you melt without a single word leaving his mouth. At 21 he was one year younger then Jackson but so much wiser, his dad sometimes wished the pack could go to him as he was far more sensible and pack orientated. That didn't mean he didn't have fun, he did, but he would have liked the responsibility of the pack whereas his brother just saw it as a chore. Would he manage in his brothers shoes?

Romance / Fantasy
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1. Misha

Great, just great. I had finally settled down here in France, as much as I could settle while always looking over my shoulder anyway. But she found me again, my fucking mother was here, I spotted her two days ago and I've now packed all my belongings and I'm looking up a new place to go and hide.

She had found where I was now so I decided to call my Aunt, not like she could use it to find my location when she's already so close. I loved my Aunt and it hurt to keep her so shut out of my life but my mother would hurt her if I tried to keep her in my life.


"Hi Auntie May, it's Misha."

"Misha honey how are you? Why are you calling? Are you safe my darling?"

"Mum turned up in France near where I am. I need somewhere else I can go."

"Omg, yes you need to get out of there if she's nearby, she told us she was looking for you in Italy so I'm shocked she's there! Where were you thinking?"

"I'm not sure, I'm so sick of having to flee every time she gets nearby. Do you have any ideas?"

"Now that you ask, I was sorting paperwork out at the family home a few weeks ago and I saw she has a warrant for her arrest in England. I don't think she would risk the amount of time in prison she will get if she turns up there. Maybe that's where you should go?"

"That's perfect, she won't be allowed into the country without being arrested! I had no idea she had warrants out on her, if only I'd known! I'll head there."

"Ok my darling, I'm glad to hear from you, but don't tell me where you end up, I just want you safe and to start living your life!"

"I know Auntie May, I'm just sorry I can't be with you. I love you!"

"I love you too darling, one day I'll see you I'm sure! You stay safe please, I miss you."

"I miss you too, I have to go now but thank you for the help!"

"You're welcome, I'm glad I could help. Get there soon safely. Goodbye darling."

"Goodbye" and with that I hung up. I now knew where I could go. I just hoped I'd finally be safe and could stop running.b
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