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Montana Sky

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Twin sisters traveling across country get stuck in Montana where they meet two cowboys who are brothers, will they stay and fall in love?

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Chapter 1

It was a nice spring day and Bella and her twin sister traveled down the road and arrived in a small town in Montana. They got out and looked around and walked into the small diner called Granny’s Diner and sat down.

“Hello, welcome, what can I start you off with?” Maggie asked.

“Soda,” Bella said.

“Same,” Katie said.

“Okay be right back,” Maggie said. She walked off and they looked at the menu.

“This is a cute place,” Katie said.

“Yes, it is,” Bella said. Maggie came back with their drinks.

“Have you both decided?” Maggie asked.

“Burgers and fries please,” Bella said.

“Patty melt and fries,” Katie said.

“All right, I’ll get these going for you both,” Maggie said. She walked to the window of the kitchen to put their orders in. The door opened and two cowboys came in and sat at the counter.

“Hmmm,” Bella said.

“What’s up?” Katie asked.

“Two cowboys at the counter, hot,” Bella whispered. Katie snuck a look and looked at Bella and smiled.

“You are right about that,” Katie whispered.

“So where shall we head off to?” Bella asked.

“We can head towards South Dakota and see Mount Rushmore,” Katie said.

“Of course, but where are we going to settle at?” Bella asked.

“Not sure yet, when it feels like home,” Katie said.

“Mom and Dad think we are crazy for doing this,” Bella said.

“Yeah but it’s our life not theirs and we decide what we want,” Katie said.

“Yep,” Bella said.

“I ran into Paul before we left town,” Katie said.

“What did that jerk want,” Bella said.

“To get back together, I told him to go screw himself,” Katie said.

“Good,” Bella said.

“Did you see Tom before we left?” Katie asked.

“Nope and good riddance,” Bella said.

“Here you are ladies, enjoy!” Maggie said.

“Thank you,” Bella said.

“Thank you,” Katie said. They ate their food and finished up and paid and left the diner. They didn’t notice the cowboys were watching them.


Quick note from author:

Thank you for reading my stories. Please don’t criticize the way I write by pointing out the ‘he said she said’ parts. I want my style to be different from others and want everyone to know says what in my stories instead of everyone guessing who said what. It’s the way I have always written since I started over 20 years ago. Please only send positive comments and reviews. Keep the negative stuff to yourself. It will not change my way of writing and I won’t change my way of writing so keep those negative stuff to yourself. Have a good day and thanks for reading.
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