Boys Can Love Boys Too

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Oliver has a crush, but it's not that simple. Oliver is gay, and he has a crush on his best friend. Of course, he can't tell Nathan (His best friend) that. Or can he? Once the secret is spilled, Oliver's whole world has changed. Will Nathan and Oliver make it, or will life get in the way for them? *This is a work in progress and I am still editing*

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

"Mmm," he moaned in my ear, "just like that." My hands were all over him, my mouth sucking and biting on his neck. His moans were filling my ears.
He grabbed my lower member, stroking it. A loud moan escaped my lips. I could feel the release coming.
And just like that. My eyes popped open at the sound of my alarm.
I rolled on my side and picked up my phone. I had a text message.
Nathan: Hey, get your ass up.
I smiled.
Me: Whatchu want?
Nathan: We have to go to school, dumb ass. You keep me sane so get tf up!
I chuckled and got out of bed, getting lightheaded because I stood up too fast. Once I recovered, I picked out an outfit for the day.
I grabbed a white t-shirt and dark jeans with holes in the knees and my favorite jacket. It's black with a faded skull design on the back.
I threw my black beanie over my mess of blonde hair and take a good look in my mirror. I smiled, approving of my appearance and grabbed my phone, wallet and keys.
As I'm running downstairs, I'm engulfed in the sweet smell of waffles.
"Smells amazing, mom." I say as I grab her in a side hug and kiss her temple. She smiled and patted my arm.
"Thanks honey, it'll be ready in a minute."
As I ate, my mom held her hands to her temples and furrowed her brows.
"Another headache?" I asked with a mouthful of waffles.
"Yeah." She said quietly. I frowned and finished my food.
I left to go to school, but not before I was attacked with hugs.
"Be safe today, okay?" Mom said as I open the front door.
"I will. Get some rest and take something for your headache." I say, hugging my mom.
"Okay, I will. And remember your curfew!"
As I'm closing the door, I holler back, "Eleven o'clock sharp!"
I drove to Nathan's house and honked three times as I pull up to his house. In less than 5 seconds, he's walking out of the door with his backpack slung lazily across his left shoulder. He smirked when he saw me and my heart sped up. It feels like he takes forever to finally reach my truck. I can't take my eyes off him as he struts his hot stuff to the passenger door. God dammit, why does he have to look so effortlessly good?
He pulls open the door and plops himself in my passenger seat.
"Hey Blondie." He greets me with my nickname.
"Hey dip shit." I respond, making us both laugh.
We blast the radio all the way to school and when I turn it off, my ears start ringing.
"So, you know Rebecca Smith, right?" Nathan asks as we walk through the front doors of the school.
"Yeah, why?" I ask, hoping he doesn't say what I think he's about to say.
"She's totally into me." He pauses and looks at me for a second.
"I think I'm gonna ask her out." He side eyes me as if I don't notice.
Of course I'm disappointed that he's starting to date. I'm in love with him, but I've been able to hide it so far. I try my hardest not to express my disappointment
"Nice dude." My response sounds fake and forced, but Nathan doesn't say anything.
"I know. She's pretty cool, you know?" I nod and keep walking.
Later that day, Nathan meets up with me for lunch, per-usual.
"You ask out Rebecca?" I ask.
He looks at me and smiles.
"Yeah, I'm taking her for coffee at 5." He says as he takes a bite from his sandwich.
I nod and continue to eat my food.
I've known I was gay since 6th grade when I had my first kiss with Jacob Millar. I had a crush on him and he was exploring his own sexuality. I've had my fair share of activities with females, but I guess I just don't swing that way. Then I met Nathan. His beautiful, messy, jet black hair, his amazing green eyes that hold so much behind them, his contagious smile... all of him made me fall for him almost instantly.
"You okay?" Nathan rips me from my thoughts. Like usual, those thoughts are about him.
"Yeah, I'm fine." I try to sounds convincing but fail.
Nathan gives me a knowing look but doesn't pry.
I drop Nathan off at his house after school, but he hesitates before getting out.
"What is it?" I ask quietly.
He turns to me and says, "I don't have to date Rebecca, dude." I'm surprised at his statement and I know I show it.
"W-why would..." I don't find my words and thankfully Nathan steps in.
"I saw how you tensed up when I talked about her. You're worried she's gonna steal our bro-time," I let out a silent, relieved sigh, thankful he didn't catch on to my actual concern.
"Oh, yeah," I chuckle, "Don't let me stop you from love." I said that last word weird, even I was a little confused from the meaning behind it.
We awkwardly laugh and Nathan playfully punches me in the arm.
"Get outta here." I laugh and he gets out of my truck.
As soon as I get home, my mom greets me at the door.
"Hey Hun, you're home early."
"Yeah, Nate had a date to get ready for." I say, "I'm gonna be in my room." I run up stairs to my room and as soon as I shut my door I sigh and face plant onto my pillows.
Honestly, for years I've wanted Nathan to notice my interest in him, and all I've ever wanted was for him to see me the same way. I have dreams about him every night. I fantasize about him all of the time. I am always checking him out (unintentionally) and he just doesn't seem to understand. Damn, he's slow.
I sigh again and try to get myself under control.
Just face it, Oliver. Nathan will never see you the same way. Accept it already. Better late than never. I tell myself this every night. Yet, I still wake up rock hard from a dream about him, I still go to school and can hardly contain myself from just kissing him.
I wake up groggy and unrested yet again. This is really starting to take a toll on my life. I've never been so intensely into someone that it fucks up my sleep, school and my thought process. I've got it bad.
The same routine; wake up, pick up Nathan, school, go home to be in complete and udder misery, repeat.
I need to do something to get this off of my chest.
I pick up my pencil and an old sketch book from middle school. I haven't drawn in so long, the cover has dust. I blow it off and open it, cringing and the old "art". Unfinished dragons that blow heart shaped smoke clouds, two boys holding hands, and other cringy stuff. I find a blank page and start scribbling my thoughts out. At first, the shape starts out as an oval, and I turn it into a head shaped circle.
I draw the nose, mouth and eyes. When I'm satisfied with that, I move on the the hair. It's dark and messy, matching perfectly with the facial expression, which is smiling and laid back.
I let the shoulders fade into the page and I look at the finished sketch.
I drew Nathan, and it actually looks surprisingly good. The lips are off, and the eyes aren't perfectly in line, but overall, if anyone were to see this, they would know who it is. At first, I'm proud of this sketch, I haven't picked up a pencil in years and I'm actually better than I thought, but then I realize that distracting myself from Nathan by drawing doesn't work.
I got up for school today and tried to prepare myself for the same routine, still though, I can't get over Nathan.

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