The Moon Curse

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He had watched her die over a hundred times in a hundred different ways. Any time he had laid eyes on her, she had met a gruesome end while he lived on - alone. After over three hundred years, he'd given up on breaking the witches' curse. Until the unexpected happened: she lived when she should have died. Could he risk getting attached after all this? Could she still be the woman he fell in love with all those centuries ago?

Romance / Fantasy
Megan Blake
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Blood was shed and a price would be paid.

From enemies to allies.

From two to one.

From death to rebirth.

Pure obedience was the price for their betrayal.

As long as the wolf within reigned, their shackles prevailed, forcing them into servitude.

The full moon enslaving them until their dying breaths.


Author’s Note:

This story is very dear to my heart. I have a full-size whiteboard filled to the brim with notes and about three notebooks that are running out of blank pages.

I can only hope that you, dear readers, will love this story as much as I do.

I will post the first real chapter this upcoming saturday, and from then on, I will update every Saturday.

Megan xoxo

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