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Rose truman loves her best Friend Lily but there is a bit of problem. Rose well she is actually a guy. She had felt that way for many years and she had never expressed it to anyone. Not until one stormy night in the park with the love of her life, or who she thought was the love of her life. When the night ends in a horrible car accident and the only on of her friends that is there when she wakes up is Michael she starts to realize that love isn't as easy as she once thought. Its a story of love, loss, and acceptance that all lead up to Rose becoming who HE truly is.

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Chapter 1

The sound of his bedroom door opening woke Rose up. He turned over and looked at his dad who was peeking inside “mornin’ dad”

Rose said with a tired smile. “Morning Rosey” His dad smiled “just wanted to say breakfast is ready.” Rose just buried his head back in the pillows. “Also Lily called and said she is coming over and that was 5 minutes ago so she should be here pretty soon”

That got Rose up and out of bed he quickly pushed his dad out of the room and went to his closet to find the perfect outfit. Rose had a crush on Lily, he had since first grade when they met for the first time. He grabbed a large hoodie and pair of sweatpants, the most masculine outfit he had in his closet, as well as a sports bra that even though was too small was perfect in Rose’s mind. He put it on and looked at himself in the mirror. His chest was flatter but not as flat as he would like it to be but it was better than nothing. He grabbed his favorite beanie off his desk and put it on tucking his long hair inside so that he seemed more masculine. Rose looked at himself in the mirror as he slipped his circular framed glasses on his face and sighed, all he ever wanted was to be seen for who he really was. Rose was 7 when he realized he didn’t feel like a girl; he was 16 now and he still hadn’t told anyone how he was feeling. Everytime he tried to bring it up he would get all tongue tied or lose the confidence he had to do it in the first place. He is broken out of his thoughts at the sound of the doorbell being rung, giving himself one last look over in the mirror he books it down stairs. He skidded to a stop in the kitchen at the sight of Lily talking to his father. Rose couldn’t help but break out into a smile at the sight of her long blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she was perfect in every way to Rose.

Lily looked over at Rose and smiled making her way over to him before wrapping him in a hug “morning Rose” she giggled and released him “so I was thinking that today we could maybe meet up with Chad and Michael and go see a movie and after maybe go to the mall.” She looked at him with puppy dog eyes that always made him give in to things.

“Fine Lil I will tag along with you” he smiled even though his teeth were clenched. Chad. The idiot jock that Lily had been crushing on for a while now. Everytime she brought him up his gut would churn.

Lily grinned at that “great!” she looked over at Rose’s father “Well Mr.T I will make sure she is back before curfew don’t you worry.” she laughed and grabbed Rose’s hand pulling her to the door. “We can pick you up some food on the way to pick up the guys.” she said, pulling Rose out the door and towards her car. Rose had forgotten about eating from his excitement of seeing Lily so he was grateful that they were going to stop for something.
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