The Closet

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chapter 10

After therapy Michael and Elliot went to the cafeteria and got a snack before heading up to the room again. They needed to finish up their school work so Michael would be able to turn it in tomorrow.

Once back in the room the two got to work on their English work, which was done quite quickly since one of their favorite subjects was english. “Now we have to do geometry, uuuuhhhh I hate geometry plus we have like 24 questions on the homework, honestly I wonder if Mrs. Johnson is trying to kill us with all this work.” Elliot complained and flopped back on the bed. One of his worst subjects was math so it always stressed him out quite a bit.

Michael was quite good with it though so he wasn’t worried about it and he had always helped tutor Elliot in math since they were in middle school. He started explaining the lesson in a way he knew Elliot would understand but kept forgetting what he was saying because he got caught up looking at the other. He shook it off everytime and tried to keep his focus on the work, eventually they finished the lesson and moved onto the homework. Each of them had their problems and had one of the nurses check them. When they got their work back Michael fixed anything he had wrong and helped explain any wrong problems on Elliots to him till he fixed them and got the answer correct.

With Geometry finished they went to art, another one of their favorites. Their work for today was to make something that featured something abstract. Michael decided to do a collage and Elliot did a drawing. There was complete silence except for the quiet sound of pencil scratching on the paper and soft creaks of the bed when either of them would move too much in a certain direction.

It took them a few hours to complete all their school work and by the time they were finished they were exhausted. They laid down in bed together and each put in one of Elliots ear buds and turned on a playlist they had made together before relaxing. Their plan was to take a nap till Elliot’s dad got back from work. It didn’t take either of them long to fall asleep, Elliot falling asleep first. His head came to rest on Michaels chest and Michaels chin rested on Elliot’s head. Elliot was the perfect size to be able to press against Michael and still have both of them be comfortable.

As Elliot slept the accident played, over and over again in his head. It was horrible and extremely painful even if it wasn’t currently happening right now. He pressed closer to Michael wanting to feel safe and have the nightmare go away. In response to Elliots movements Michael held him tighter and stirred awake. He blinked a bit and looked at Elliot with tired eyes and rested his forehead against his. “Shh it’s alright...i’ve got you...don’t worry...” the words he was whispering may have seemed like random forms of comfort but they held a deeper meaning.

Michael continued to whisper softly to the other as his own mind remembered the night.

Michael went running after Elliot wanting to help him and take him home. He sucked in the cold air of the night, his eyes scanning the dark. His lungs were on fire as he panted heavily. That’s when he heard the screech of tires and the ear piercing scream that followed, and there he went sprinting in the direction of the sound, a new found strength course through him. Michael froze when he saw the scene laying out in front of him, the only light illuminating the area was from the headlights of the car that sits with its engine running inches from Elliots limp body. The driver was out of the car on their phone talking frantically to the 911 operator. It would be at least 10 minutes or more before help arrived.

Michael was frozen in place no matter how much he wanted to move. His friend. The person he cared so much about, was currently laying in a pool of their own blood only a few feet away from him. He stayed there staring for a moment longer before he was finally able to get himself to move. He hurriedly made his way dropping to his knees beside Elliot, pulling him to his chest he held him tightly not worrying about the blood that was soaking his clothes and coating his skin. “Shh it’s alright...I’ve got you...Don’t worry...” he whispered softly as he resisted the urge to cry. Everything around them disappeared; he could no longer hear the frantic words of the driver or the car’s engine. All he could hear was his heart pounding in his ears. Fear coursed washed over him in waves and made him feel as though he was drowning. He wasn’t sure how much time had passed but eventually someone pulled Elliot from his arms, he got up and tried to get back to him but someone held him back. He yelled and fought not wanting to leave Elliots side. The sound of voices fade in out as the tears he had been fighting stream down his face and he falls to his knees again in defeat. His vision grew blotchy and he felt himself fall, the pavement was cool on his face and he welcomed it. He felt himself lifted from the ground as he was put into the ambulance as well. There was enough blood on him to make it seem as though he had been involved in the accident. He didn’t remember much of the ride to the hospital, but he remembered the first responders’ worried whispers to each other.

Michael shook himself from his thoughts and steadied his shaky breathing as he went back to comforting the male curled up in his arms. His forehead still rested against the others and eventually Elliot relaxed and his body eased. His breathing calmed and Michael smiled softly glad that the nightmare had ended for now. Ever so gently Michael pressed a kiss to Elliots forehead and sighed softly “if only I could tell you how much I really love you...” he murmured softly.

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