The Closet

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chapter 11

Elliot’s father arrived back at the hospital around 7 and Michael and Elliot were just watching a movie while they ate their dinner. They had convinced Wilbur to let them order pizza and they had gotten some for the nurses so there was a nice buzz on the hospital floor along with the smell of pizza.

Elliot looked at his father and smiled, chewing and swallowing the rest of the bite he had in mouth before speaking “Hi dad” he said and waved a bit. “You’re welcome to have some pizza if you’d like, there’s plenty enough.” he motioned towards the pizza box that was sitting open on the end of the bed.

He smiled and nodded “thanks Rosey” he took a slice of pizza not noticing the grimace that came from his child at the mention of his dead name.

“No problem dad..” Elliot wished his father would see and just ask why, he wasn’t sure if the method of using his prosthetic would work or not and so he was nervous. He didn’t voice his worry of course because he wanted to figure it out himself. He shook it from his mind and relaxed and looked back at his computer screen he focused on the movie and leaned more against Michaels shoulder, resting his head on it.

He felt safe and relaxed and it helped more when Michael shifted so his arm was around Elliot. He let out a soft sigh and let all his worries and panic fade into oblivion.

Elliot didn’t remember when he fell asleep but he knew it had to have been late, they had been in the middle of their third movie and Michael had been starting to nod off as well. His dad had already left after wishing him a goodnight and telling Michael that he should head home soon.

When he woke up the next morning he was still tucked under Michael’s arm and pressed into his chest. The sleeping boy’s hair had fallen down into his eyes, it was getting a bit long but it gave Michael a certain childish look and it made Elliot smile. As he quietly studied Michael he found his mind wandering to his own hair. It was still rather long and he felt the urge to cut it flicker through him. It was still rather early so he didn’t want to wake his friend just yet but he couldn’t get the urge to fade so slowly he climbed out of bed and used his crutches to exit the room. He made his way to the nurses station and asked one of his favorite nurses for a little help. The nurse happily obliged and the two got to work.

Michael woke up not long after Elliot had left the room. He stretched and yawned looking around for the other male, confused on where he could be. He shrugged it off after a moment thinking that he had probably just gone to the bathroom or something. He scrolled through his phone as he waited for Elliot to return, when he heard the sound of the crutches come in the door he looked up from his phone. Michael’s heart rate picked up at the sight before him.

Elliot’s hair had been cut down short with the underside shaved and the top short and fluffy. Elliot smiled a bit and looked down at the floor. He hadn’t been nervous to show Michael when he walked in but Michaels starstruck face made him nervous and blushy. He glanced over at Michael through his eyelashes and chewed on his lip. Elliot couldn’t explain why but he wanted Michael to like his new hairstyle very much. Michael’s was one of the only opinions he cared about.

Michael was still surprised by the hair but he eventually shook off his surprise enough to say “y-you look amazing-” he blushed slightly when his voice cracked and looked down at his lap. Michael was embarrassed by his reaction but he couldn’t help how smitten he was with Elliot. He cleared his throat “so that’s where you have been? Cutting your hair” Michael chuckled a bit and got up. Michael had shaken off his nerves now and he seemed calmer.

Elliot lifted his head a bit and looked at Michael with a soft smile “yeah on of the nurses helped me out a bit, do you think dad’s going to like it?” he asked, his face rather hopeful.

“I think your dad will like it just fine, I mean you look incredibly handsome with the short hair I must say.” Michael stated, going completely red after he realized what he had said.

Elliot blushed deeply and the compliment and slowly made his way back to the bed “t-thanks..I mean it’s kind of what I was going for but also I just really wanted it to be short.” he murmured softly and sat down on the edge of the bed. “I’m glad you like it though..I was kind of hoping you would..” Elliot mumbled quietly slightly hoping that Michael didn’t hear because he found it a tad embarrassing.

Michael just grinned because he did in fact hear it. Initially Michael was nervous and awkward but as he got his bearings he was more calm and enjoyed teasing Elliot about things. “Well I do like it very much.” He nodded and chuckled softly. “We don’t have a day off from school today because of the teacher work day or whatever it is, so I was thinking maybe we could convince Wilbur to let us go outside the hospital during lunch and we could have a little picnic.” he suggested. “I can head to the store before and get us something other than hospital food to eat.”

Elliot thought about the suggestion “I like it quite a lot and think it would make a great lunch, we could have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!” he said excitedly after a moment and clapped his hands together. “It will be perfect, and get cheetos at the store too because you know how I like to cheetos on my sandwiches.” he laughed a bit and flopped back on the bed. Elliot winced slightly when he did it, his ribs not being fully healed at that point.

Michael pulled Elliot up so he was standing and held him up “it’s a date then” he said gently, hiding a lot of the passion he wanted to show with those words so that he wouldn’t give away his plan.

Elliot gave Michael a bit of a look. He had his suspicions on what Michael's plan may be but he wasn't for sure if his suspicions were true or not.

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