The Closet

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Chapter 2

They soon reached Chad’s house after picking up Michael and something for Rose to eat. Rose was sitting in the backseat with Michael and the passenger seat was open for Chad and Lily was driving. Rose didn’t mind the positioning too much . He liked Michael just fine and they got along so it wasn’t much of a problem.

When Chad finally came out of the house and got in the car the four got on their way to the theater. Upon arrival they still had a bit of time to spare so they talked about random things that they had done the night before. Rose felt awkward talking about these things like he was playing a part in a movie. He would always do his best to act feminine and say feminine things so he wouldn’t be discovered but it was a struggle sometimes. Rose was grateful when it finally came time to go inside of the theater. He and Michael walked side by side talking about different Broadway shows they wanted to see while Lily and Chad walked behind them whispering about something Rose couldn’t quite hear. It was slightly distracting but he managed to keep the conversation with Michael going. The group was soon inside buying their tickets and snacks before going to the screening room, taking their seats Rose was now sitting in between Lily and Michael and he didn’t mind it one bit. “This movie better be good Lil or you’re buying me something from Circles” he whispered with a soft chuckle before turning to face the large screen in front of them. As the movie began Rose settled into his seat and focused on the screen.

Often times Rose struggled paying attention to things for long periods of time because of his adhd but with the medication he took it lessen the effects of it quite a bit, sitting for an hour and a half though would be difficult without something to fidget with so Michael being the good friend he is brought Rose fidgets wherever they went somewhere together. About half way through the movie Rose was starting to get antsy so he looked over at Michael who was already way ahead of him. He pulled out a few fidget toys from his pocket and held them out for Rose to choose from. Rose chose his favorite, the little roller block. It was a block with gears that he could spin between his fingers. “thanks , you’re the best ″ he smiled at Michael before returning his attention to the screen.

Michael smiled back “your very welcome Rosey..” he whispered before he too returned to the movie. The only people Rose ever let call him Rosey were his dad and Michael and sometimes Lily. He didn’t mind when Michael did it for some reason it made him smile like a fool at times.

When the movie finally ended Rose stood up and stretched popping his back “that was far too long of a movie” he said as he turned to follow Michael out of the row of seats. Next up was the mall.

As the group made there way to the car they resumed the same conversations as last time. Rose and Michael ahead talking about broadway and Lily and Chad behind whispering and laughing about things under their breath. Again it was distracting to Rose and made him want to turn around and tell them to speak up so the entirety of the group could hear what was oh so funny. When they got to the car Rose climbed into the back staring out the window with a deep frown.

Michael climbed in opposite Rose and looked over at him with a raised brow "you doing okay Rose?" he asked, his tone caring and soft.

"I'm fine don't worry" Rose said glancing over at the other with a small soft smile. He returned his gaze out the window as Lily and Chad got in the car. In truth he wouldn't of minded going home right now but he didn't want to miss out on a chance to hang out with Lily so he didn't voice his want.

They were soon driving again the only noise in the car was from the people up front who were talking and laughing again. Rose was scowling out the window, while Michael continued to take glances at him. Michael was concerned why Roses mood had so suddenly dropped but he didn't push for the reason. If Rose didn't want to talk about it Michael wouldn't force him too.

Arriving at the mall Rose was polluted with jealousy. He wanted to be the one joking with Lily and making her laugh, But Chad had to be the one she liked not him.

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