The Closet

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Chapter 5

Time passes and Elliot stays silent now. He lost the urge to tell his father about his feelings. The doctor finally came in. He looked at each face in the room before locking his gaze on Elliot “Hello Rose.” he greeted as he began looking over his chart. Elliot grimaced when he was called Rose. He sighed heavily and didn’t respond to the doctor, Yet the doctor continued “I am Dr.Andrew but you can call me Wilbur since we are going to be getting quite acquainted over the next couple of weeks.” he said looking up from the chart now.

Elliot decided to finally speak “hi..” he grumbled staring off in a different direction than the doctor. He was still upset about the fact that his leg was gone. Wilbur raised a brow at the attitude he had received and smiled a bit.

“I can tell your going to be a lovely patient” he chuckled softly, “well Rose we have to discuss prosthetics and physical therapy but that can wait until your in a better mood, but I would like to get you up and out of bed as soon as possible” Wilbur said setting the chart board back in its holder, crossing his arms over his chest. “How about we let your father go home and take a shower and get some rest while me, you and your friend here go on a little walk” he suggested, catching Elliots attention. Wilbur smiled more seeing that before turning to Elliot’s father “as I was just saying why don’t you go home shower, rest, and eat something your child is in good hands.” Wilbur refrained from using the word daughter gauging by the others’ reaction to the feminine name.

Wilbur had experience with patients much like this before so he was just trying to make it easier for Elliot. Elliot’s father nodded and kissed Elliot’s head mumbling a goodbye before walking out of the room. Wilbur looks at Michael then at Elliot “so from the sight of both of your reactions I gauge that Rose isn’t the correct name for you” he said raising a brow in question.

Elliot glances at Michael and he simply nods at him. Elliot let out a breath before finally responding to Wilbur “uh yeah its not name is actually Elliot I just haven’t told very many people yet...but im trans so I actually use he/him pronouns..” he informed studying the doctors face, watching for a reaction whether it was the one he wanted or the opposite. When Wilbur didn’t have much of a reaction at all he got worried.

The reason for lack of reaction was that Wilbur already had his suspicions. After a bit he responded “well Elliot I look forward to being your doctor, but I must be going now I have a meeting im afraid but I will be back in to talk about prosthetics and things around dinner time so be ready for that.” he grinned and winked before heading out of the room. Elliot looked over at Michael who was smiling softly at him.

“I like him already” Michael stated with a chuckle of amusement. Elliot couldn’t help but smile as well.

“I like him too” he said, it was true Elliot did like Wilbur much more now then he first had. The confidence to tell his father was back now but he would wait to do it until he had exactly what he was going to say fully planned out.

Elliot and Michael discussed different ways he could possibly tell his father about it while they waited for him to return. They also discussed school that would be happening tomorrow. Michael told him that he would get the homework and any other work they would get for class in the morning and just come after he grabbed it since Elliot’s father couldn’t get out of work to come stay with him.

When Elliot started to feel a lot of pain the nurse came in and gave him another dose of pain meds which made him extremely tired. It didn’t take very long after that for him to fall asleep. Michael smiled softly seeing Elliot asleep and he brushed his hair off his face before covering him up with a blanket. He would also pick up some more fidjits from his house before coming back just in case Elliot would ever need them. Michael knew a lot about Elliot from over the years from his favorite musical to the recurring nightmare he had about being chased by living trees. Sure he didn’t know everything that Lily did by any means but there has always been something between the two of them. Even if neither of them could admit it to themselves or each other.

There was a worry swimming in the pit of his stomach though, the fact that Lily knew about Elliot being trans put him at risk because Michael knew something that Elliot didn’t. Lily talked shit a lot behind Elliots back and so many times Michael had wanted to tell Elliot about it but he didn’t want to hurt him. Many times when Lily had been talking shit Michael would stand up for Elliot he always had. He was there for Elliot when his mother died, but Lily wasn’t. Michael had always been there for Elliot and that explained a lot about why he was here now.

At some point Michael had dozed off as well, he woke up to a gentle nudge to his shoulder. He stirred and picked his head up off the bed where it had been resting. He blinked a few times to adjust his eyes before looking at Elliot’s father. The man gave a soft smile “come on Michael I will take you need to sleep in your own bed so you can wake up in time to go to school tomorrow...” he said softly so not to disturb Elliot who was still asleep. Michael nodded slowly, still dazed with sleep. He stood up and he and Elliot’s father walked towards the door.

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