The Closet

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Chapter 6

In the car Elliot’s father was quiet for a bit as he drove “thank you..” is the first thing he said after a while. “For both being willing to stay with her tomorrow and just for being there in the first place..i’m not sure why Lily isn’t here but i’m glad she has you right now..” the older man went quiet after that and went back to focusing on the road.

Michael grimaced a bit at the ‘her’ but nodded “Of course I would be here to help you with anything you need Doug.” he said looking over at Elliot’s father. “I can’t tell you what happened between them because it is not my place to say but I will say don’t expect her to be coming to visit..” he said with a heavy sigh as he turned to gaze out the window. “Is it okay if I stop by your house tomorrow and grab some things for them? I know they have a favorite blanket and I was going to grab some of there books to keep them entertained.” Michael said really hoping Elliot’s father hadn’t picked up on the fact that he had avoided saying Rose and using the she/her pronouns for him.

Luckily he didn’t, instead he just nodded. Doug kept his eyes on the road, he looked tired “I will leave the back door unlocked for you..” he said as he pulled into the driveway of Michaels house.

Michael studied Doug for a moment taking in his tired and worried features and smiled sadly “there going to be okay..there the strongest person I know..” he said reassuringly.

The older male sighed and looked over “your a good kid Michael..” he said patting his shoulder “now go on inside and get some sleep i’m not sure if I will see you in the morning or not but thank you again for staying with her” Michael simply nodded and climbed out of the car.

Doug went back to the hospital after going home for a bit. He left the back door unlocked like he had said and grabbed his work stuff before heading back to the hospital.

Day break came a little while after 5 that morning. Michael woke up then so he could get everything done. He showered and got ready grabbing his school bag and an extra bag. He made his way down stairs and grabbed his car keys from the dish beside the door and headed out. His parents were gone by then so he had no one to tell that he was leaving. Michael drove to Elliot’s house and went in the back door.

While up in his room he took some of Elliot’s favorite books off the shelf, his laptop, favorite blanket, headphones, and his spare glasses because the ones he had been wearing broke in the accident. After grabbing everything he headed back to his car, by then it was time he headed to the school to grab everything they would need to do their work in the hospital.

Once at the school he went to each of their classrooms and got the work they needed along with the text books they would need. He spent a bit of time in each classroom explaining that they would still get the work done but not be in class. Most of them seemed to understand, others weren’t as understanding though. Eventually Michael was out of the school and back in his car on the way to the hospital.

Once he arrived at the hospital he looked around the parking lot for Doug’s car, not seeing it he went inside and up to Elliot’s room.

Elliot was awake staring out the hospital window and Wilbur was standing there looking a tad bit annoyed. Michael walked in fully and looked at the two “Is there something wrong?” he asked quietly as he set the stuff down.

Wilbur looked over at him “Elliot here won’t discuss prosthetics with me and he is pretty much refusing to look at me at all but I understand it’s hard for him to take in.” he said shifting a bit. “I will come back later when he is in a better mood, could you try and talk to him? I can tell he likes you.” Wilbur said waiting till he got a slight nod from the other before heading out to go check on other patients.

Once Wilbur was gone Elliot looked over at Michael who gave him a look. Elliot chuckled “I can’t help it he is fun to mess with” Michael rolled his eyes and threw the blanket at Elliot.

“Let the poor man help you for once you ass” Michael laughed a bit and took a seat in the chair right beside the bed.

Elliot laughed and pulled the blanket off his head “fine fine next time he comes in here to talk about the dumb fake legs I will talk to him.” he said with a roll of his eyes. “So besides the boring school work, What else did you bring?” Elliot asked with curious eyes.

Michael smirked softly “now what makes you think I brought you anything else? Hm?” He did his best to keep himself from laughing.

Elliot grinned “well from the fact that you somehow have my favorite blanket I would assume you stopped at my house to grab other things as well” he said chuckling.

Michael was glad to see Elliots spirits lifted. It was a nice change of pace from the last few days. “Hm well let’s see what I have in here then if you think I have stuff for you” he reached into a bag and pulled out a book. It was one of Elliot’s favorites and he knew that for a fact. He watched as Elliots face lit up at the sight of the book and he smiled brightly. Michael handed the book over and reached in again.

Elliot was practically bouncing in his seat now from the mystery that it was. He thought the book was good but when Michael pulled out his laptop he was so much happier. “You grabbed it!” his laptop was one of his most prized possessions. It was covered in stickers with different musical covers and sayings.

Michael handed over the laptop “of course I did, How else are we supposed to watch all our favorite musicals without it?” he laughed a bit before completely emptying everything else he brought along.

It wasn’t long before they were both side by side in the bed watching Hamilton for the millionth time. Musicals had always been their thing, it’s what they initially bonded over. Elliot had his head resting on Michaels broad shoulders and Michael had his head resting atop Elliots.

They would have to get to their work at some point but right now they were just enjoying their time together. Elliot felt the feeling in his chest return but this time he didn’t ignore it he let himself feel it even if he wasn’t sure what the feeling was exactly.

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