The Closet

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Chapter 7

They ended up falling asleep for an hour or so as they watched. Whenever the nurses would come in and check on Elliot they would end up just leaving him because they thought they were rather adorable sleeping all cuddled up like that. Little did the two know that they were slowly becoming the talk of the hospital floor.

When Michael woke up it was to the sound of an alarm blaring and voices yelling in the hall followed by running footsteps. He tried to figure out what it could be from in his sleepy state that he didn’t even notice that the alarm was for their room. The realization hit him quickly when Wilbur, followed by a bunch of nurses, came into the room. One of the nurses took Michael out of the room, despite his protests.

Meanwhile in the room Wilbur was shouting things at the nurses as he assessed the situation. Elliots heart had stopped not long ago and he needed to be resuscitated. Wilbur began cpr as the nurse worked on getting air into his lungs. After a bit of a battle they finally got his heart started again. Wilbur listened to the beat of Elliot’s heart and sighed heavily “we need to observe him closely, I will check his leg for infection and see if that’s the cause of it, if it is we need to hurry and get it cleared before it gets into his bloodstream.” Wilburs words were stern and everybody listened to what he had to say, not even questioning the fact that he had used he as pronouns rather than she. He removed the bandage from what was left of Elliot’s leg and inspected the site carefully, it was red and swollen, as well as warm to the touch. It was a sure sign that an infection was setting in “we need to get an IV drip of antibiotics to help fight the infection and his bandage will need to be changed far more often than it is now.” he said, his voice less stern but still everyone listened. It wasn’t long before a new iv was in Elliot’s arm, this one giving him antibiotics to fight the infection in his leg. Wilbur sighed “alright you guys go back to your previous tasks and someone call his father and inform him but tell him to stay at work, everything is ok now, send Michael back in as well.” he instructed before going into a cupboard to get out things to replace the bandage.

Moments later Michael was walking back into the room. He looked as though he had been crying and trying to hide it. His eyes were red and puffy and his tan skin was slightly damp where the tears had been. He looked scared in that moment, more so than he had this entire time. Michaels fear made him look like his younger self again rather than his true age of 17. “He’s ok Michael..” Wilbur reassured the other, giving him a soft look. He began cleaning Elliots leg as he continued to speak “my theory is that the beginning of the infection was what caused his heart to stop, his body is in a weak state from the trauma it has been through so it is having a harder time fighting off the infection itself.” Wilbur explained.

Michael nodded a bit and walked over to the side of the bed. He took Elliots hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze “is he going to wake up soon?” he asked quietly his voice barely above a whisper. His emotions were starting to get the best of him so he didn’t want to raise his voice too much, afraid that it would break and show how he truly felt.

“I’m not sure yet but if he doesn’t wake up within a few hours we’re going to run a few tests to see if his heart stopping did anything to affect his brain.” Wilbur said as he finished up bandaging Elliots nub. “We called Mr. Trueman but told him not to worry so i’m going to tell you the same thing, don’t worry, we will do everything in our power to make sure he gets that he can show the world who he really is.”

Michael sat down in the chair beside the bed saying nothing. He was trying to hide his emotions and not break down again. He didn’t understand why something so bad had to happen to a person he cared so much about. It was a scary thing to think about, the fact that Elliot could possibly die from this. Wilbur’s face grew softer and he walked over to Michael, placing his hand on his shoulder he gave it a gentle squeeze “He’s going to be alright..” he said softly before sighing and looking at Elliots sleeping frame “I will come back and check in later..find one of the nurses if anything goes wrong and they will page me..” he said before making his way out of the room.

Now left in the room with Elliot, Michael laid his head on the bed and let the tears fall again “you better not die...” he murmured his voice shaky with emotion. He wasn’t sure If the other could hear him or not but he was going to talk either way. “It’s not your have so much left to live for..” he said, squeezing his hand. Even unconscious Elliot’s chest filled with that familiar feeling that still was unknown. Michael felt it too, the connection and emotion between them was strong even now.

This feeling was unfamiliar to Michael and there was a certain calming factor it brought to the whole situation. Eventually his fear started to ease and his sadness settled, but the feeling stayed. Michael wiped the tears from his face and climbed back in the bed beside Elliot and wrapped him in his arms. It didn’t take him long to fall asleep. The events that went on had drained him quite a bit so it was gladly welcomed.

Around 4:00 that afternoon Elliot woke up in quite a bit of pain. He groaned and curled more into Michael who was sleeping still with his arms around him. He didn’t mind it, the feeling was comforting but he couldn’t reach the remote for the bed to hit the nurse button. Elliot decided just to push the one on the side of his bed after a bit of laying there. It lit up but that was about it, before long though he could hear footsteps walk into the room. He looked over at the nurse who walked in “everything hurts...” he mumbled looking extremely tired. The nurse nodded and gave him more pain meds to ease the discomfort he was feeling and asked if he needed anything else before they left. Elliot thought about it and quickly looked at the clock “food maybe...” he said with a shrug he was keeping his voice low so not to disturb Michael. “Specifically grilled cheese if they have it..” The nurse nodded and headed out of the room. When they left Elliot rested his head on Michael’s chest and relaxed as the pain meds took affect. He was comfortable there on the other’s chest, it made him happy to be close to him even if he didn’t realize why exactly, for all he knew it was just because they were friends.

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